It really is Friday. I checked the old Gregorian calendar, twice, and sure enough it’s Friday the 22nd day of August 2014 and that is Arizonastan Standard Time. We don’t do no daylight savings time. Not out here.

Uncle Cranky the Senator John ‘throbbing vein’ McCain gave a speech on Thursday the 21st day of August 2014 in Phoenix. Phoenix is das kapitol of Arizonastan.

Uncle Cranky was in full Geritol fueled raving form and given that Uncle Cranky was speechifying for Arizonastan mayors, well, Uncle Cranky pulled out all the red meat stops.

Top of the Uncle Cranky list was ISIL/ISIS jihadi headhunters. Why those icky dang ISIL/ISIS BASTARDS!

It is worlds of curious that not so long ago Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny boy was sharing human sushi with the same jihadi lunatics in Syria. That was back when the ISIL/ISIS jihadi freaks were calling themselves the Free Syrian Army Cannibals Brigade. Uncle Cranky was jumping up and down demanding that the US arm, train, equip, and fund those jihadi fucks and the US did exactly that. At a fine CIA training facility established in Jordan. Oh yeah.

The question hangs delicately spinning in an ambiguous breeze, when might the media whores ask the question. Of course the question is “where in hell did the ISIL/ISIS jihadi headhunters get all that fancy armament and equipment and the training to use it effectively?”

Ummm, ABCBSCNNBCMSNBC? Are you going to ask the question? Of Uncle Cranky? Of SecDef Chucky? Of SecState Feckless? Of el Jefé the Obama?

Don’t anyone hold their breath waiting on the obvious. The dummies will not now nor ever ask that question of a feckless and self serving functionary Washington. Those behind the Beltway assholes that work genocide, torture, and way worse than that all around our Planet Earth.

You think that the Obama was livid while pontificating about ISIL/ISIS jihadis beheading a “personal friend” of el Jefé? Just watch President Slick suck his teeth should our fawning journalism whores get around to the business of ACTUAL journalism and put the pressing questions to the Obama.

That might happen. Of course on that mystical and future day, hell will summarily freeze over and pigs shall take to sprouting wings and fly holding patterns over downtown Jerusalem simply to piss off Jews.

Yeah I throw the Jew motif in there on account of Israeli Likud Jews are genociding Palestinians in Gaza AGAIN! 

It’s okay world, nothing to see there of course. Get on about your business OR AG Eric ‘fast and furious’ Holder just might sick the Fergustan, Missouri Gestapo on all your asses and you certainly wouldn’t want that now would you…

‘Flies all green and buzzing in that dungeon of despair…’


pigs so many different ones

 Officer Ray Albers of the St. Ann Police Department which is within the confines of St. Louis County, Missouri, you’re the trophy pig for Thursday the 21st day of August 2014. Albers is a piece of work oh yes he is.

See the link and judge for yourself -


Credit for the Albers antics goes to Caleb over at U.S. Hypocrisy. Caleb broke that news first. I piled on the bandwagon late and must make amends for not mentioning Caleb’s work in the first place. Also, today is Thursday and NOT Friday and so, I’ve GOT to quit trying to edit while I’m drinking beer and watching the local news.


Now for a quick change of pace. The Obama is pissed off. Oh yeah, el Jefé has got his hackles all standing on end. Why you might inquire? Because the al-CIAda mujāhidūn Free Syrian Army Cannibals Brigade ISIL/ISIS lunatics beheaded an American journalist. Thus spake el Jefé -

“ISIS speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just God would stand for what they did yesterday, and for what they do every single day. ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings.” Powerful preachifying no doubt.

I find it curious that the journo guy who got whacked just kneeled there passive. Oh yeah there’s video of that mess on Youboob. Figures. I’m thinking some asshole wants to cut my head off, well, I’m not about to just kneel there waiting for jihadi prick to commence to cutting vital arterial supply lines. I’d be up running and screaming bloody fucking murder. That’s just me. I’m not there and I don’t know what the fuck. However, I’m not about to kneel in passivity.

The production seemed oddly staged.

Nonetheless Obama is livid. Obama’s lividity is for dramatic effect. He sent more boots into Iraq. Surprise!

Now for some perspective, the mujāhidūn came into existence at the behest of Ronny RayGun and the CIA. A way back in the Afghaniscam Vol. 1 subtitled The Ultimate Demise of the Soviet Union. The rag-tag Afghan Taliban was given an unholy birth and thereby al-Qaida was risen like a CIA Phoenix in resplendent glory. Ronny RayGun praised the Afghan ‘freedom fighters’ and all things Afghaniscam were calm for years. And then and then, our world’s ultimate bad guy terrorista madman and ever so elusive “architect of malevolence” Usama bin Ladin came to the forefront and not even Bubba Clinton was able to cack bin Ladin. It is worlds of curious that Usama bin Ladin was all pals with that Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood  guy that gave the Egyptians shivering fits. Ayman al-Zawahirithat’s the guy. al-Zawahiri is a doctor. Bottom line would be that Ayman al-Zawahiri is a ghost. Egypt’s last legitimately elected president was Muslim Brotherhood and now you might understand why President Morsi is in an Egyptian prison and no longer President of Egypt. General Anwar el-Sisi has no legitimacy as Egypt’s president.

Oh crap, I’ve digressed like a big dog. Sorry about that.

Obama is all bent out of shape and is using the murder of an American journalist to serve his presidential desires to bomb Muslims and kill indiscriminately. That is what American presidents do.

ISIL/ISIS is a “cancer that needs to be exercised.” According to Obama.  I think that Obama meant to say excised.  That would make better linguistic if not grammatical sense.

Oh yeah back to the Gestapo pig. Officer Ray Albers is now viral famous for pointing his military assault weapon at protesting citizens in Fergustan, Missouri and informing protesting civilians, “I’m going to fucking shoot you!” Not just once but several times and all of it caught on cellphone video and posted to social media.

Now for the connecting point between Obama’s raving and civil unrest in Fergustan, Missouri. Obama was not livid about Palestinians being genocided by Likud Jews in Gaza. Obama was not livid about American black citizens being ethnically cleansed in Fergustan, Missouri. Obama was livid about an American journalist being murdered by jihadis that got their weaponry and training from the CIA and now it turns out that American Spec/Op spooky boys had pulled off a rescue op about a month ago and that came up a crapper.

It is perfectly acceptable at this point to scream loudly – WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?

Next time US media cranks up the propaganda about those ISIL/ISIS jihadis, have a good hard look at the vehicles they’re driving and the weaponry they’re using.

Just about any number of arms used by the ISIL/ISIS assholes are the exact same weapons being used on the streets of Fergustan, Missouri. Wow, is that about curious or what.





Disproportional use of excessive force. Overwhelming and murderous. Paramilitarized Gestapo on the hunt. Hunting for the black man. Hunting for the black woman. Hunting for the functionary media grunts that are dispatched to remote nondescript wastelands like Fergustan, Missouri.

Upper crust and the ruling elite of Fergustan, Missouri are outraged that the world gets to see their bigotry. You see Fergustan, Missouri is predominately black. Upper crust and the ruling elite of Fergustan, Missouri are white. The Fergustan Gestapo are predominately white. So when the bullets hit the black guy, well, predominately black Fergustan knows what is up with that. Upper crust and the ruling elite of Fergustan can’t for the life of them figure out what all the fuss is about. They’ve been about the business of repressing Jim Crow for years and years. That’s the way it’s always been in Fergustan.

“We’re going to stand up to them. We’re not going to let them defeat us,” Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Uncle Tom Johnson, who’s in charge of security in Ferguson, said Tuesday night. “If they come, they can come, but we’re going to stand up to them.” 

Capt. Uncle Tom is referring to “out of towners” that are making Fergustan look ever so badly before the world’s increasingly intense scrutiny. You see it falls to Capt. Uncle Tom Johnson to build the bridge between an outraged Fergustan black community and at the same time cover for the murderous white Gestapo of Fergustan. Capt. Uncle Tom Johnson is trapped between human dignity and sucking political ass to keep his job.

I wonder if Capt. Uncle Tom swallows? Oh gosh, that might be rude of me. Oh well.

I didn’t read anything further from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes after he got manhandled by Fergustan’s Gestapo. I don’t know, maybe Hayes liked playing ‘inmate-guard’. Ask any reputable raftee what that might be.

So AG Eric ‘fast and furious’ Holder is to be in Fergustan, Missouri the 20th day of August 2014. Oh wow and according to that old Gregorian nonsense, that’d be today. Get ‘em AG Slick.

AG Eric ‘fast and furious’ Holder will be making an appearance in Fergustan to reassure the world that el Jefé Obama has his finger on the pulse of all things civil unrest. Any reader can rest assured that the Fergustan Gestapo will have cleared the perimeter of any and all malcontents that might not have a “good word” to speak on behalf of the Fergustan Gestapo. Well and kudos galore for Capt. Uncle Tom Johnson. Johnson’s been keeping the peace. Which is in actual fact, establishing a solid Gestapo defense of Fergustan PD headquarters. The freaks set up .50 caliber machine guns around Gestapo headquarters.

Disproportional paramilitarized Gestapo and the minority white folk of Fergustan, Missouri can sleep easy tonight. Rest in peace cracker freaks.


blah blah… blah blah

I understand the passions and the anger…”

Thus spake el Jefé on Monday the 18th day of August 2014. That’s according to Gregorian calendar reckoning. Yeah but what’s the ‘star date’?

Obama prattles presidential on the “unrest” in Ferguson, Missouri. Guess who el Jefé is sending to Ferguson? Hold on to your butts cause this is hysterically funny. AG Eric ‘fast and furious’ Holder. Yup, the Obama is sending in his fixer. Holder is presidentially charged to fiddle fart around for a while on the taxpayer dime and then exonerate the murderous pigs of Ferguson and that will be that.

Darren Wilson has been identified as the pig that shot Michael Brown six times and INSURED that Michael Brown is no longer relevant to these our postmodern days of official terrorism. Hmmm, state sponsored terrorism is murder. Wow, go figure.

I understand the passions and the anger…”


The Obama understands nothing. Wait, Obama understands how to use drones armed with Hellfire missiles to murder Muslims in their sleep. Obama understands how to arm those insane Likud Jews that work genocide on Palestinians. Obama understands how to arm those really insane ISIL/ISIS terrorists that work mass murder in Syria and Iraq. Well and Lebanon. Uncle Cranky the Senator John ‘fucking nuts’ McCain needs to take a bow right about now. Obama understands how to pull off coup d’état Ukraine that has killed thousands of eastern Ukrainians.

Obama does NOT understand the massive military response by Ferguson Gestapo that fuels the unrest. What the fuck is up with that? Evidently Ferguson, Missouri is eerily similar to ‘conditions on ground’ in Kabul. Hmmm, Ferguson officialdom thinks that the protesting citizens of Ferguson are Taliban insurgents. I wonder if our “genius” el Jefé understands the repercussions here. Oh wait, AG Eric ‘fast and furious’ Holder will be on scene to set the record straight.


Ferguson, Missouri is only the beginning. Gestapo America. Where were the ‘armed paramilitary piggies’ when Cliven Bundy went apeshit in Bunkerville, Nevada? Those crazy-assed crackers were packing AR-15’s and threatening real violence. However and it needs to be noted, those crazy-assed crackers were all to lunatic, white. Protesters in Ferguson are mostly citizens of color. None of them are packing heat or threatening violence. The looting that has occurred in Ferguson may not be associated with protesting citizens. Hmmm, maybe AG ‘fast and furious’ will investigate that. Sure he will.



the mysterious nature of mysteries

America’s el Jefé Obama is returning to Babylon-On-The-Potomac from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. According to USAToday, el Jefé returned to the Babylon on Sunday. That would be “officially” and for the Gregorian calendar addicted, the 17th day of August 2014.

Why the Obama returned to ground zero of American hubris remains a closely guarded “eyes only” state secret. That’s seriously no shit. If you’re not in the “loop”, well, you don’t need to know.


Obama’s mysterious return to Babylon has the staff of USAToday and the Washington Pist absolutely stumped. Go figure.

(the typo may, or may not, have been intentional)

It isn’t like there’s much going on.

Let’s see, we’ve got us a pending World War III hanging delicately in the balance courtesy of coup d’état Ukraine and we’ll all have Vichy Nuland to thank for that freaking mess.

Iraq’s humanitarian debacle turns out isn’t about much. However the US is “all in” and one might think that the ‘movers and shakers’ would know better. You’d think.

Hmmm, maybe the Obama regime could make nice with Bashar al-Assad and pull off one of those classic military pincer moves and cut the ISIL/ISIS terrorista jihadis off at their goddamn knees. That would make sense. Okay and so, that plan is off the table for obvious reasons. You know, it makes sense.

The lunatic and butchering Israelis are still chomping at their bit to genocide Gaza and Palestinians once and for all. Seems that the US is suffering a severe case of hindsight retrospection and is taking serious international heat for that unconditional support and cover for the war criminal Likud Jews.

Obama got blindsided and “surprised” that the US is supplying the weaponry and munitions necessary for Israeli genocide on Palestinians and damn, why didn’t someone tell him about that.

That Obama is a bullshitter for sure.

Then el Jefé is faced with the outrage that is Gestapo murder in Ferguson, Missouri. I’m not certain what Obama figures he can do about that. The Ferguson, Missouri Gestapo are out of control. The bastards shot that Brown kid six times. For walking down the middle of a Ferguson, Missouri street.

Jeepers that seems harsh. Don’t mostly normal law enforcement types just issue a jaywalking ticket for strolling down the road? Oh yes and “allegations” of strong armed robbery by young Brown are allegations and that’s all that is. Seems more than convenient that the Ferguson, Missouri Gestapo can spit up any damn allegation they can imagine now. The Brown kid sure as hell can’t defend himself.

Evidently the Obama has “tasked” AG Eric Holder to ‘investigate’ Brown’s murder. That’s rich. Can we all say coverup? Cop kills kid and cop walks away scot free.

It seems that the Governor of Missouri, one Dumb Ass Deluxe, ordered a mandatory curfew for Ferguson. Yeah, that’ll work and calm things judicially.





It’s everywhere. Mindless, senseless, insipid, disingenuous, and genocidal murder.

Governments do it, mercenaries working for government do it, states do it, cities do it, and then there’s the ‘cops’.

What’s going on? What’s really going on?

Authority would punish me for what reason? Because I disagree with murder? Because I disagree with war? Wars?

Israel works genocidal apartheid on Palestinians and that is NOT acceptable.

The US works genocidal insanity on Iraq and that is NOT acceptable.

The US works coup d’état Ukraine thereby unleashing oligarch Nazis that would murder indiscriminately and that is NOT acceptable.

Of course and there’s Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Boston, and now Ferguson, Missouri.

Murderers aren’t held to account and that is NOT acceptable.

I’m not prattling on about everyday and ordinary street punks that kill. They generally get held to account.

Enough is enough.