There will be killing today.

There was killing yesterday.

There will be killing tomorrow.

Just like clockwork.

Innocents die regardless of their deserving death or otherwise.

Men, women, children, it does not matter.

There is killing for the sake of killing.

Just like clockwork.

No rhyme to it.

No reason for it.

No justification whatsoever.

Tick tock a game is locked…


global intifada

The ruling political elite simply do not get it. People are pissed off. Righteously pissed off. Murderously pissed off.

It happens.

The ruling political elite aren’t listening to the everyday cries of people suffering. Much of that suffering is under a yoke that is smashed down on regular people by the ruling political elite.

The haves are entitled and the have nots are entitled to suck it up and watch the upper crusters wallow in obscene excess.

Of course the ruling political elite, anytime they’re challenged or shot dead or threatened or mocked, throw up their standard canard of ‘lone wolf terrorism’. That’s supposed to calm the churning waters and regular citizens are supposed to go home and be obedient. All the while cursing those ‘lone wolf terroristas’ for mucking up the status quo.

That’s the way things are in these our postmodern days of that absurd “global war of terror.” 9/11/01 changed everything and you’d better embrace the dogma or ELSE!


What banal bullshit.

What that means in a nutshell is, don’t question the designs of your betters and obediently support whatever insane and war criminal atrocity worked in your name or not.

Canada is reeling on account of ‘lone wolf terrorism’. Pity that. Feel ever so badly for Canada. Poor Canada.

How a come we never hear about the suffering of Palestinians in the terms used to express outrage at “a shoot out in Ottawa’s Parliament?” Gunman went ballistic. Gunman is dead. I’d bet that Canada’s Homeland Security did NOT see or have up-to-speed intel on that lone wolf act of terrorism.

Dude was murderously pissed off.

Wow, go figure.

Probably too bad that the US military didn’t air drop massive amounts of off-the-shelf weaponry onto the killing fields of Ottawa. Dude could have geared up and really shot lights out.

Oh yes and dead Canadian shooter was a recent “convert” to Islam. You see, that’s the convenient being put into play as per usual.

Killer dude was “Mooselim!”

Dang icky cannibal ISIL/ISIS jihadi terroristas or dang icky cannibal lone wolf Canadian terroristas or Los Angelinos ‘off-the-reservation’ lone wolf cop turned cop killer and so lather, rinse, then repeat and then lather,  rinse then repeat, and then…

I’d bet money that Canada’s Stephen Harper shit his trousers when shots rang out in Canada’s Parliament. You see the gunman/terrorist made it damn close to Harper’s offices. Dude missed it by that much. Oh yes and Canada’s Harper is a hardcore zionist. Of course that would have absolutely nothing to do with lone wolf terrorista Mooselim gunman going postal in Canada’s Parliament.

This is just the beginning. The worn thin fabric of postmodern civilization is tearing and coming apart at the seams. People are pissed off and rightly so.

Rise up people and do what you feel must be done. Go not silent into a bleak plastic future. Start a fire, kick tires, and if you get the chance to work grief on the politically upper crusted, go for it. The political upper crusted would order your death, in cavalier fashion, with NO regard to human decency.


exoskeletal stupidity or, obama’s minions

The Obama regime air drops weapons onto the wilds of Syraq and those weapons mysteriously find their way into the hands of the ever so double nasty cannibal ISIL/ISIS jihadis.

Judas H. Priest.

The Obama regime did NOT think that dumb ass plan through to any logical conclusion.

Hmmm, that would leave el Jefé acting like a rank amateur. Of course all the little Obama minions are worse than amateur. Psychopants for certain.

I am not criticizing America’s current Surgeon General. Wow, was that about an existential leap of logic or what.

Rear Admiral (RADM) Boris D. Lushniak, M.D., M.P.H., is the Acting United States Surgeon General. You see Lushniak is “acting” Surgeon General of these United States on account of the Imperial US Senate can’t find a consensus among all the petty and corrupt asshat senators to ‘confirm’ Obama’s SG nominee. Obama had to make a “recess appointment.”

So on account of Lushniak’s being merely an ‘acting Surgeon General of these United States’, the man is incapable of providing “counsel” to el Jefé on all things medical. You know like ebola or influenza epidemics or outbreaks of legionnaires’ disease or juvenile outbreaks of enterovirus D68 which has actually killed more Americans than has ebola. Way more Americans and of those Americans killed by enterovirus D68, just about all those deaths are children. Children of course do not count in things vitally important to ebola hysteria and/or air dropping US weaponry onto the killing fields of Syraq.

So on account of Lushniak’s being “unconfirmed and a recess appointment”, well, that is why Obama had to select a carpetbagging lawyer to be America’s ebola czar.

That being said, there is still no rational explanation why the Obama dummies are air dropping weapons onto the wilds of jihadi Syraq.

There is no rational explanation for just about anything the Obama dummies do on any subject or any level of national interaction with other nations.

It comes down to a cold hard fact that Obama regime used an ebola scare as distraction. Distract the sheeple away from Obama regime’s miserable failures like Libya or Yemen or Iraq or Syria or Iran or causes and concerns of Palestinians or the murderous mess that coup d’état Ukraine has turned out to be. Oh yes, Ukraine is one proletarian disaster. Especially so for eastern Ukrainians. With winter bearing down on the northern latitudes, the notion of neo-Nazis thugs ensconced in Kiev and giving Russia grief at the behest of US/NATO, well, Ukrainian hell might just freeze over. One more ringing cock up for el Jefé and his band of merry party hacks and assorted other treasonous vermin that could not care less about human decency.

I used to think that the Bushco klan was about as dastardly a band of cutthroat brigands to have come down a pike in a long while. Damn if the Obama klan hasn’t outshined the Bushco regime in sheer bristling arrogant hubris and human indifference.

Despicable Obama and his duplicitous minions, here is the first in a now beginning series of political portraiture -


Addendum to ‘raining rain’

Please to see this link -

I hate to say I told you so but, wait…

No I don’t, I love every vindicating minute.


I’m heading outside to dance the joyous vindication dance with some prancing, shouts of ‘huzzah’ and a snigger or two for effect. Jesus, the Obama regime is straight up brutally fucking stupid!


Oh yes and I’ve added a link to ‘The Vineyard of the Saker’. Damn fine blog and packed full of relevance for our massively confused propaganda nursed and spoonfed American media lite world.



raining rain

Genius, absolute Obama regime genius.

What genius might that be? Well I’m glad you asked.

The Obama regime is raining weaponry on Syraq. Weaponry for Kurdish fighters fighting those ever so gaddanged icky oh yes double cannibal icky ISIL/ISIS jihadi irritants. Air dropping pallets filled with US grade Mooselim killing weapons.

Wow, is that about brilliant or what.

Please to see the link -

So anyone wandering the wilds of Syraq on/around/or/near Kobani just might stumble onto US military weaponry laying on the ground replete with all the necessary ammo and field manuals, in the language of the Kurds, that highlight the necessary ways and means of making weaponry and ammo lethal. Any time it rains it rains weapons from heaven.

Air dropping military hardware.

Into a region of the world that is a bonfire of hubristic vanity.

Good God Ahmighty…

Whomever the stupid son-of-a-bitch working for Obama regime is that thought this idea up, should be summarily frog-marched onto the National Mall and beaten about the face and neck with a brick.

Mr. and Mrs. Plain American living out their hard-scrabble lives anywhere outside the important centers of really important American genius stuff might just be asking themselves, “why is America dropping weapons on the deserts of Syraq?”

Anyone still wondering where in hell the ISIL/ISIS jihadis were getting all that whiz-bangy US military hardware need look no further than the air dropping of weapons unto the barren desert-scapes of Syraq. Not counting of course all the weaponry that a Paul Bremer dismissed Iraq National Army took with them when they were all dismissed. By the Viceroy Bremer way back in the day. Then of course there’s all that CIA fancy weaponry that gets supplied at the CIA’s very own jihadi training facility in Jordan. You know, the Jordan that is officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan? Yes, that Jordan.

Good Lord Ahmighty…

The Obama regime has become so infantile that Obama regime is now a global threat to our Planet’s security. Air dropping weapons? From a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. That is one gigantic aircraft. The C-17 is so large that it really should NOT be able to fly. Screwy looking damn aircraft and that’s no joke. The C-17 will hold a shitload of military weaponry.

Isn’t that just a really nifty idea?

Well actually, no it’s not. Air dropping weaponry out into nothing is insane.

Hmmm, we might just have us a leitmotif…

The utterly sad and profoundly sorry state of US policy affairs and there is not one half rational politician to be had anywhere near the confines of inside the Beltway that has anything to offer our world that might be better than Obama regime’s campaign of mindless bombing and air dropping weaponry.

America’s two political parties have miserably failed ‘we the American people’ and they need to be held to account and punished for their treason. I’m thinking that firing squads would work nicely…


ē – boh – lah – lah

The Pentagon will create a 30-person team of medical experts that could quickly leap into any American region if new ebola cases emerge in the United States. The military would provide support for civilian doctors who lack proficiency in fighting the deadly virus. The ebola response troops will go into battle fully equipped and ready to engage any opposition to US military presence in infected areas.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the Pentagon’s Northern Command, which has a primary focus on protecting homeland security, to send this new team to Fort Sam Houston in Texas for high-level preparations to respond to any additional hemorrhagic outbreaks beyond the three confirmed in the country.

Okay America, you’re in for a penny and now you’re in for a pounding.


tzar, no tzarina

Ronald A. “Ron” Klain is an American lawyer and political operative best known for serving as Chief of Staff to two Vice Presidents – Al Gore and Joseph Biden. He is an influential Democratic Party insider.

Klain is the guy that el Jefé has named to be the ‘ebola tzar’. Or as fashion in Babylon-On-The-Potomac would dictate, “czar.” Media reports made no mention of a “tzarina.”

Klain is a lawyer. Not a medical doctor, not a laboratory clinician, not a virologist, not so much as a clinical phlebotomist. Klain is a freaking lawyer. Made “czar” by the Obama for no other reason than to provide legal cover for the Obama regime’s fuck ups as an ebola epidemic grabs a stranglehold on an unsuspecting America.

czar noun 

tsar |zär(t)sär(also czar or tzarnoun

1- an emperor of Russia before 1917: Tsar Nicholas II.• a South Slav ruler in former times, esp. one reigning over Serbia in the 14th century.

(often czar) [ usu. with adj. or noun modifier ] 

a person appointed by government to advise on and coordinate policy in a particular area

ebola (ēˈbōlə) noun

Ebola virus disease, formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a severe often fatal illness in humans.

The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission.

The average EVD case fatality rate is around 50%. Case fatality rates have varied from 25% to 90% in past outbreaks.

Klain the ebola czar is gonna save America. Sure he is.

Was Klain the guy supplying cocaine to Biden’s boy Hunter? Hmmm…

In other curious “big breaking news” – ISIL/ISIS cannibal jihadis are in command and control of fighter jets.  See the link -

Holy histrionic hype and crap-o-la, the Syraq narrative gets even still more convoluted by the minute. JET JOCKEY JIHADIS!

For some grounded and realistic perspective, see this link -

Exactly all and that is to include ALL of this current jihadi bullshit nightmare is owned and was given life by Bushco. That’s to mean the regime of George W. Bush and his pseudo liege lord Dark Cheney. The Viceroy Paul Bremer, that summarily dismissed an entire standing Iraq Army a way back in May of 2003, is our culprit that these days is more than ghost from responsible culpability.

Yes, Obama is fucking up a mess that was fucked up going in. That is how American presidents do their job. They fuck shit up worse than the shit was fucked up in the first place.

Ebola czar/tzar, criminy, is that about stupid or what…

Doesn’t America have an “official” Surgeon General? I mean, that is an actually medical doctor?

Lawyers instead of doctors and idiocy as presidential leadership, oh yeah, America is armpit deep in serious trouble.