I’m taking a break. It’s time for a rethink, rework, redesign, and down time.

Change is after all, about the only constant in our postmodern existential struggle.

On the heels of a “super blood eclipsed full moon” it’s glaringly obvious that ‘change’ is in the air. Or near-earth space anyway.


Super blood eclipsed full moons would help to explain the Donald.

Maybe or not.




bizarre swarm of beez

Cultural Amerika is in trouble.

That’s not a surprise. That’s not even shocking. Or news.

Amerika does have celebrity. Celebrity is worth about squat.

Considering that Amerika is locked in a ‘zero-sum game’, well, there you go. For zero-sum specifics, google it. The term ‘zero-sum’.

Amerika doesn’t contribute much to our global condition these days. Not anything positive or life affirming.

Amerika contributes death on a grandiose scale. Outrageous torture and an arrogant pretension that errors on the side of amoral banality.

Amerika is good at amoral banality.

Well there you go my fellow Amerikans. Look up from your iWatch distractions and be proud.


dot matrix

take the red pill, take the blue pill, take any damn pill you might find handy.

it doesn’t matter.

we are all trapped inside a matrix.

isn’t that a bitch?

of course it’s a bitch and it’s a by design bitch.

jeepers, how stupid is that.

however –

when one is trapped inside a matrix

and freely so

one might not necessarily even so much as notice.

jeepers, how pathetically stupid is that?


blow shit up – receive nobel piece price

The Pope is in Amerika. Wow. The Pope gave a speech before a joint session of Congress. Wow. The Pope’s speech went right over the heads of the self important members of Congress. Figures.

By the by, the Pope’s speech to Congress was addressed to the Amerikan people and not to members of Congress.

Yes, I watched the Pope’s speech. Historic and there is very little doubt about that.

I like this Pope and nope, I am not Catholic.

Vlad Putin is in Amerika. Wow. Xi Jinping is in Amerika. Wow.

It’s General Assembly Week at the United Nations in New York City. There are global movers, shakers, war criminals, psychophants, gophers, poseurs, and pretenders to thrones wherever in the NYC for GAW@UNNYC. You see, New York City is where the United Nations is headquartered. I think the UN would be better off in say Geneva, Switzerland but that’s just me. I’m sure that New Yorkers simply adore playing host to diplomatic delegations from every dang backwater berg on this Island Earth. You see diplomats enjoy diplomatic immunity and are therefore free to act as stupid as their black little diplomatic hearts can imagine. With immunity, go figure.

The Pope will pontificate to the UN on Friday. Say, that’s today. The Pope will then head to Philly for a cheesesteak and mass for sadly pathetic fans of the Philadelphia Eagles. You see the Eagles will need pontifical intervention to finish out an already lost season. The Philadelphia Eagles are actually worse than, oh say, the Washington Redskins. You see the Washington Redskins lost the Thursday night football game with the New York football Giants. Yes, that is biblically prophetic.

Did you know that Roger Goodell, who just so happens to be the “official” NFL commissioner, tried to get an ‘audience’ with the Pope and the Pope told Goodell to “piss off,  get yourself right with the Paraclete of Kaborka, and leave me alone.” I like this Pope for any number of reasons that are purely personal.

The Paraclete of Kaborka, that’s funny all by itself.

I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near New York City. The commute would be an absolute nightmare.


we hold the hate to be self-evident

Amerika hates itself.

Oh yeah, that’s an obvious revelation for sure.

The ‘land of beacon democrazy’ is awash in profane corruption. War crimes. Crimes against humanity. Greed. Excess. Self-absorbed arrogance. Shockingly retarded ignorance. Republicans hate Democrats. Democrats hate being called out for their war profiteering. White cops hate black civilians and kill them with blanket impunity. Black Lives Matter only to Blacks that haven’t been brutally executed by cops. The Donald hates FauxNews.

The Donald’s continued media onslaught proves that stupidity reigns supreme within the confines of the 24 hour news cycle.

Amerika’s poor hate Amerika’s rich and envy the rich being rich. Amerika’s rich hate the existence of Amerika’s poor.

Amerika’s evangelical christian taliklan hate Muslims, gays, lesbians, Bruce Jenner, the Supreme Court, Barack Hussein Obama, Catholics, Pope Francis, Jesuits, Amerika’s poor, being reminded of the Sermon on the Mount as delivered by Jesus, having to be civilized Amerikans, and Mormons. Just you ask Pastor Mike Huckabee if he finds Mormons to be ‘christian’. I seriously doubt you’d get a truthful answer from Pastor Mike. He’s in the Republican mix for that ever so elusive nomination nod for 2016.

It should be noted that Amerika’s evangelical christian taliklan are wholly irrelevant and unchristian.

All the divisive rhetoric and bipartisan obfuscation is by design. Well of course it’s by design. Amerika’s ruling elite understand the notion of ‘divide and conquer’. The Amerikan people are conquered. Compliant, obedient, unquestioning, incurious, clueless, hapless, and happy as clams to be so. Amerikan clams clamped tightly within self-serving shells and suspicious as suspicious can be.

Did you know that there are Muslims out there? In the Amerika. Oh yeah, it’s true. Muslims doing very Muslim things and how can any Amerikan trust the FBI to keep tabs on all the Muslims. Why there just might be more Muslims in Amerika than Mexicans. I mean, there might be.


Every last white northern European immigrant to Amerika should right now at this very minute be AFRAID!!!

Amerikans hate being afraid and Amerikans are too goddamn stupid to understand why they should hate being afraid.

One thing is certain, America is in serious decline and the Empire’s Legion Vast will be unable to do much about that decline. I don’t know, maybe the Obama should carpet bomb Texas. Texans would more than likely hate that but, I think it would be fun to watch. I think that Obama should carpet bomb Irving, Texas first.



uncle ben’s pork farts

Seventh Day Adventist and Republican candidate for the GOP’s nomination for POTUS 2016, one Ben Carson, is scarred senseless by Muslims. I mean, Carson literally has taken leave of his senses and understanding of basic American civics. That is to include America’s Constitution.

Carson is playing out his part in Republican pandering to the worst of disaffected America. With disaffected Americans being unable to see the bullshit for all the hyped bullshit that fills the media cacophony on any given day.

Republican psychophants prattle on and on about Mexicans being illegally in America, gays, lesbians, Bruce Jenner, smoke, mirrors, social obfuscation, and Muslims being automatically categorized as “jihadi.” Of course and according to 7th Day Uncle Ben, Muslims aren’t christian and therefore are not “entitled” to constitutional recognitions. Christians of course are constitutionally sacrosanct and therefore superior.

What the fuck ever.

The postmodern Pharisee and Sadducee branch of hypocritical christianity are spiritually aglow and wholly enamored of themselves and are comprehensively unable to pull splinters out of their own eyes before passing ‘judgments’ on everyone else.

By the by, the Constitution of these United States of America makes absolutely NO mention of ‘christianity’ Seventh Day Adventist and/or otherwise.

The sanctimonious evangelical taliklan christians need to get over themselves and come to grips with the notion that America has moved into the 21st century.

Ben Carson sit down and SHUT THE FUCK UP! What an insufferable hypocrite…