you say it’s your birthday

Happy birthday to Abe.

Abe Lincoln of course.

It’s true. Today is Abe Lincoln’s birthday and had the man not been shot in the head, well, he’d be 207 years old today. Provided of course Mr. Lincoln hadn’t died of natural causes or some other social anomaly.

In prototypical amerikan fashion, ‘real’ amerikans should go out and buy a new car or furniture or whatever useless crap is on sale at the IKEA.

I think IKEA is out of Sweden. Nothing speaks volumes about dead amerikan presidents like crap from Sweden.

There’re dead women in Walmart parking lots. Yup. Here’s the curiously bizarre link –

Woman had been dead inside her car in a Salinas, California Walmart parking lot for months. That figures.

The Walmart brain-trust is currently working on an advertising scheme that will encourage amerikans to shop Walmart and have a safe place to cack all in one shopping experience.

Shop til you drop!

Happy birthday Abe. Oh yes and by the way, you’ll NOT recognize the place. Amerika has changed a bit since you took that bullet to the head…



no particular point

With no particular point to make nor ax to grind (not today anyway) nor any issue pending, well, it’s Thursday and February is almost half over. Almost.

Did you know that on top of the billions and billions of galaxies astronomers have discovered, astronomers announced recently they’ve discovered “hundreds” more galaxies.  Yup. Here’s the link –

We are not alone.

There is not one human anywhere on this Island Earth that will ever get to visit a one of those galaxies. We are trapped on our shared Planet as humanity mucks up the only home we have.

graffica –


transitional tuesday

It’s the Chinese year of the monkey.

Golly, that seems ironic.

You know, on account of the amerika holding that ever so cloying quadrennial POTUS thing.

That quadrennial POTUS thing is mostly smoke and mirrors anyway.

Don’t believe the hype my friends, it’s all a trick.

Nothing is really going to change.

Cops will continue to execute Black children, Congress will continue to waste everyone’s time and money, the Afghaniscam will quagmire on and on, Syria will continue to burn as will Libya Yemen and Somalia, the amerika will threaten China and Russia, and at some point Madeline Albright will crawl back under the bridge she crawled out from under to ‘champion’ Killary Clinton.

Here’s a Chinese year of the monkey prediction for upcoming later this year –

The Regunlicans will nominate Mitt Rmoney as their candidate for POTUS. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and the fat man in the bathtub will have cancelled one another out in a cross-spitting debate riot of horrendous proportion and the Regunlicans will have nowhere else to turn.

The Democraps will nominate John Kerry. Clinton and Sanders will get into a world class bitch fight in South Carolina where Sanders will scratch Clinton’s eyes out and stomp a mudhole in her chest. Sanders will be summarily arrested for being a dickwad. Bubba Clinton will then be free to finally marry Monica Lewinski and Bubba will purchase a new blue dress for Ms. Monica.

Amerika’s el Jefé Barack Hussein Obomber will announce that he’s taking the position as ‘official House Nigro’ for Goldman Sacks the Wall Street Greed Emporium.  That is probably not so much a prediction as an eventuality.

With 2016 being the Chinese year of the monkey, things will get rather jungle-like and chaotic. Besides, the dang monkeys have those crazy little monkey hands and the monkeys are always grabbing at stuff and being annoying. Almost like the Donald Trump…


honorable men and…

There are still a few honorable men and women in the amerika.

Not so very many but a few.

Men and women that aren’t trying to lie their way into your wallet.

Men and women that aren’t prostituting their way into some elected public office.

Men that aren’t beating the women in their lives.

Women that aren’t putting up with being beaten.

Men that are forthright and women that are forthright.

Men and women that aren’t trying to jam their particular brand of religion down your throat or trying to shame another amerikan into joining on to whatever god-accursed campaign of intolerance that might be vogue at the moment.

There is not ONE honorable man or woman in the campaign running for POTUS.

Not one.

The Donald is quoted as saying that “amerika needs to behead the jihadis.” I think I could support that doofus notion IF amerika first beheads it’s war criminals and lying politicians and Wall Street corporate banker whores and the babbling heads of the flame-stream media and oh yeah, Alec Baldwin. God, that man is annoying.

There are, luckily, constitutional prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment. Amerika probably needs a constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual politician. Or just cut their goddamn heads off before they get the chance to get started. A uniquely messy notion and I can concede that from the git.

Anyway, honorable men and women. These days it seems that honorable men and women are as scarce as hen’s teeth.

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super bullshit sunday

It’s here!

The highest of amerikan high holy days.

Amerikan mothers will offer up their babies to the gods of football. (amerikan football of course)

Amerikan children will dance and sing with reckless abandon waiting, with almost breathless anticipation for their time to shine.

Groan men will wail and gnash their teeth in anxious expectation that they’ve covered the ‘spread’.

Full military regalia is on display…

Mooselims in locations all around our shared Planet Earth will be carpet bombed mercilessly…

Africans living in the darkest spots on the dark continent will be shot dead for affiliations with al-Shabaab and/or Boko Haram. You see, one African man’s freedom fighter is another Amerikan man’s “terrorist.”

Afghans will be tortured as will truth, justice, and the amerikan way…

Mountains of money will be earned by the NFL and no, the ‘players’ don’t get in on the action…

Beer will be swilled…

Chili con queso will be ingested by the ton…

Amerikans will be glued to their 97 inch slim-screens…

God will be seated in the divine ‘sky box’ to cheer on the “kickoff.”

Are you ready for some footsball?



Jeb the under-Bush is having some difficulty with his run for the POTUS spot.

Evidently, Jeb being the brother of a war criminal is acting as a drag on his “campaign” and Jeb had to call in his mommy to save his ass.

This all transpired in New Hampshire while the clock ticks away the grueling minutes to the Tuesday primary.

You see New Hampshire will hold a primary election on this Tuesday the next and Jeb the under-Bush can’t get his own supporters, all three of them, to applaud after Jeb delivers one of his stirringly insipid speeches.

In New Hampshire, the burning bush does not speak with the “voice of god.”

Anyway, Jeb had to call up Babs Bush to come and inform the denizens of New Hampshire that in fact Jeb is okie-dokie and better than Donald Trump.

You’ll of course remember Babs Bush. Amerika’s original “enabling mother.”

“Mother do you think he’ll drop the bomb…”

see link –

That’s about a ringing endorsement there boy.

“Mommy, they’re being mean to me…”

It is a sad state of affairs for ‘we the amerikan sheeple’. Neither the Democraps nor the Regunlicans can offer up candidates that are worth more than fish guts.

All those in the running for amerika’s ‘executive prize’ are slimy, smarmy, corrupt, and lying sons-of-bitches unworthy of whatever attention is paid to them by the flame-stream media punditry.

I think the next POTUS should be Kofi Annan. I know that Mr. Kofi is not amerikan but neither is Ted ‘the canadian’ Cruz. At least Mr. Kofi is an honorable man and that can’t be said about Killary Clinton. That’s just me and I don’t count for a damn thing.

I’m comfortable with that.

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