In a supreme act of feckless capitulation to the Israelis, the Obama regime is going to release convicted traitor and spy Jonathan Pollard.

It needs to be noted that Pollard SHOULD have been stood in front of a firing squad and introduced to a bullet up close and personal. Pollard, being an American, was convicted of spying on America for the Israelis.

You see the Obama regime is bending over backwards trying to get the Zionist regime to lay off their criticism of the recently concluded terms of agreement with Iran which the Zionists have been kvetching about histrionically. The Obama regime should tell the Israelis to fuck off. Of course were the Obama to do that, well, Congress would collapse in a spasm of come apart that would be of historic proportion.

The Obama regime is adamant in their denial of releasing Pollard to win Israeli approval of the Iran deal. Yeah yeah sure sure.

THE US DOESN’T NEED ISRAEL’S APPROVAL FOR A GODDAMN THING! I’m not having any luck convincing the sycophants inside the Beltway Babylon on that aspect of novelty.

On an unrelated note, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) on Tuesday evening filed a “motion to vacate the chair.” Ummm, that’s the chair belonging to Speaker of the House John Boehner. There has never been a successful removal of any sitting Speaker of the House. It should be noted that it is exceedingly funny to watch Republicans trying to eat one another alive. I’m of the opinion that the Congress needs to bring back dueling. On that National Mall of course.

Then we come to the tale of Walter Palmer. Palmer having killed the pride of Zimbabwe, and that would be Cecil the Lion, for sport. FOR SPORT!

Walter Palmer is a dentist that works in Bloomington, Minnesota. His dental practice is known as River Bluffs Dental. Of course now it’ll have to be called Lion Killer Dentistry. The gutless Palmer bribed some pitiful loser to bait the lion out of Hwange National Park, so Palmer could shoot the lion and take it’s head. The lion also lost it’s skin.

Judas H. Priest! The Obama is bad but Walter Palmer should be beaten about the face and neck in full public display with a brick and then deported to Zimbabwe to face the full fury of Zimbabwean justice. With serious prison time for ‘sport’.

What an asshole! Oh wait, that would apply to Obama and Walter the lion killer.



There are some that hit the clock and spend their day doing ‘activism’ stuff. Day ends hit the clock one more time, hit the watering hole, and home with the family. Nifty work IF one can get it.

There are others that idle away their days in deep dank and dark dungeons for speaking truth to the power elite. For speaking truth to power… For speaking truth…

For acts of political defiance that meet acts of political repression, a bullet makes a lousy stipend. Of course that bullet is handsomely engraved with the intended targets name. Or maybe that act of political defiance is met with a Hellfire missile fired from a US drone. Courtesy of el Jefé the Obama. Obama likes sneaky-ass bombing campaigns. The Obama doesn’t have to get his hands bloodied.

There are some that work the K Street circuit and lobby for war, torture, acts of indecent brutality, and rake in mountains of cash.

There are some that stand their ground in the face of a determined military junta that will not now nor ever give the people an even break.

I know why their veiled smiles are a thinly disguised façade of suffering.

Nobel Piece Prices and U2 accolades are bestowed on unworthy presidents and prime ministerial kings, not on ragtag rabble that upend a royal apple cart.


tick tock

The last week of July 2015 begins with a ‘bang’ or possibly a whimper. It would seem that the Republican field of candidates running for POTUS are whimpering long and loudly. According to Lindsey Graham, the Donald is a meany and doesn’t play fair. Donald Trump is the most exciting thing to happen to Republicans since H. Ross Perot. According to the Trump, “guns are not the problem” and Trump was referring to the crazy freak that shot up a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. Trump doesn’t ever bother with guns, the Donald has “people” for that.

el Jefé the Obama is in Africa doing the ‘roots’ thing.

Binyamin Netanyahu’s ziongelical lover, one Mikey Huckabee, is “alarmed” and hurling Nazi innuendo in at least sixteen different directions over the recently concluded Iran/USNATO/P5+1 deal that validated the glaringly obvious. The glaringly obvious being that Iran has been in complete compliance with the terms and language of the NPT and now that the world has agreed that yes indeed Iran is okey-dokey, well, Pastor Huck is convinced that el Jefé will help send ‘Jews’ to the “ovens.” Huckabee is out of his freaking mind. His ‘religion’ has clouded his thinking.

By the by, the UN has signed off on the terms of the Iran deal and the Euros are lining up to convince Iran that the Euros were Iran’s friends all along. Sure they were. Which by the incidentally by, is where the point of all this is going.

Please to read Pepe Escobar’s latest brilliance on global crises and here’s the link –

Mr. Escobar has his finger on the pulse of eurasia AND he’s one world class journalist.

Sadly, the US had world class journalists. Once. However, they all died or sold out or moved to Slovenia or Costa Rica or Dubai.

Pitiful or disgraceful or





traction no traction

NASA has found an “earth-like planet” and the whiz kids at NASA are giddy. Kepler-452b, orbits a yellow G2-type star and therefore the discovery is a big deal. As soon as NASA figures out a way to travel faster than the speed of light, well, NASA-nauts will be off for parts unknown. Kepler-452b is a mere 1,400 light years away in the constellation Cygnus. By the by, one single light year is 5.88 trillion miles. In distance. You can do the math. 1,400 times 5.88 trillion. Kepler-452b isn’t even close. It really doesn’t matter what Kepler-452b may or may not be. We the human species will never know. Don’t get me wrong here, NASA’s discovery is some cool science. Irrelevant science but pretty dang cool nonetheless. It’s almost like NASA is dangling a carrot on a stick schtick. Distracting people from the harsh day to day brutality that is life in postmodern global war of terror twenty first century world. NASA announces they’ve found an earth-like planet and every last human on Planet Earth must take NASA’s word for that. Who in hell is going to disprove NASA? It isn’t like NASA can put people into space. NASA can’t. The space shuttle is mothballed and done is done. NASA must rely on the Russians to get to the ISS. For that reason all by itself is reason enough for the US to quit poking at and pissing off the Russians over stupid shit like Ukraine. The Ukraine is almost like arguing about who has street cred in Compton. Here’s a link to NASA’s big “announcement” – Anyway, more meaningless news that seems to promise ‘hope’ while delivering absolutely nothing. NASA provides hope that there is “life out there” while there is hard evidence that there is for the most part, no hope for life right here at home. With ‘home’ being the Planet Earth. We the human species wandering ‘this Island Earth’ are at the mercy of idiot politicians with those idiot politicians having command and control of weaponry that could exterminate ALL life on our Planet in about twenty minutes. It seems oddly ironic that peace on Earth is more than 20,000 light years away from becoming reality. Kepler-452b is taunting our species at a mere 1,400 light years… Yeah, Planet Earth has all it’s priorities in order. Sure we do. Page_1

you can’t fix stupid part two

A 43-year-old Mississippi woman visiting Yellowstone National Park decided it’d be a really good idea to take a selfie with a bison that was just standing there. About six yards distance.

It should be noted that the American bison, or buffalo, is one freakishly large animal. About the size of a luxury freezer. A bison can move faster than any human on the Planet can get out of it’s way. Bison are notorious for having an in general bad attitude. They’re bison and they can do that. They’re bison and they OWN Yellowstone National Park. Oh yes they do.

Anyway, the dumb ass woman from Mississippi got to experience Yellowstone National Park up close and personal. You see, bison really don’t like having their pictures taken without giving permission first. It is advisable to ask any bison’s permission before attempting any selfie. Of course one does take considerable risk by asking a bison it’s opinion on any given subject.

Here is the link to one screamingly funny vacation adventure –

You see, the Mississippi tourista was warned by any number of people standing sort of close to where the woman was being stupid and given that the Park location of bison incident was very near Old Faithful, well, you just had to know things would turn out badly.

Things did turn out quite badly for Mississippi tourista. Mississippi tourista got to experience being launched into space by bison. Being launched into space by bison is completely different than being launched into space by NASA or, oh say, the Russians.

You see the Russians can still launch people into space and NASA, well, can’t.

The Mississippi tourista survived being launched into space by bison. Which with all things being considered, the woman is damn lucky. Bison tend to finish off their launches of any human with aforementioned human being trampled by one pissed off bison.

One time the wife and myself were driving a fine Yellowstone National Park road and there’s this bull bison walking down the middle of the road we were driving along. The bison was not about to surrender his share of the middle of the road. It is his National Park by the by. Anyway, I slow crawl our CRV to the far right side of one narrow Yellowstone road and creep very slowly past Mr. Buffalo. As we drive by and I’ve got the window down so I can capture the buffalo with the Nikon, well, the bison is giving me the bison evil eye. I mean, I’m in the CRV and looking this bison square in the eye. At this point I’m having second and then third thoughts about having the window down. Goddamn those animals are huge. Our close encounter of the buffalo kind passed without incident. Lucky me. As for the dummy from Mississippi taking selfies of bison in the Old Faithful basin, the woman will probably never forget her vacation to Yellowstone. Or her encounter with the bison. She’ll be picking bison hair out of her ass for months.

Don’t do it people. While in Yellowstone National Park, respect the flora and the fauna. The Yellowstone fauna can literally kill you or leave you praying for death on a good day. Yellowstone National Park is NOT a petting zoo. Yellowstone National Park is wild America the way wild America was meant to be.

I would have loved to see the bison give Mississippi tourista lady the pitch. After all, pictures are worth a thousand words. In the very least, a hearty laugh for sure.




Another day in Paradise. Nothing’s changed.

The demagogues prattle, politicians blather, innocents die, and the war profiteers make bank. Serious bank.

Did you know that Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘stumbles’ McCain earns gigantic war profits? As does the Donald. That’s curiously ironic. However this is war profiteering America and turning profit IS the bottom line. No war no profit and our gracious Imperial US Senators know that for a fact. From Lamar Alexander to Ron Wyden, all US Senators fatten their portfolios on war profiteering.

War profiteering and of course those nifty corporate stipends that find their way into senatorial desks used by US Senators. War profiteering is actually different than say the cash filled envelopes provided discreetly by AIPAC.

AIPAC is the think tank functionary used almost exclusively by Zionists and assorted Israel firsters that cheer and ejaculate all over themselves every time Binyamin Netanyahu slaughters Palestinians.

Of course Netanyahu wants to slaughter Iranians but, old Bibi is being kept in check sort of.

For now.

Sort of.

That’s the way of our world for a humpday Wednesday the 22nd day of July 2015 and will be almost if not exactly the same come Thor’sday the 23rd.

Jeepers, we are stuck in a rut for sure…