land of a flaming douchebaguette

America is awash in nuts. Not like those California pistachios or walnuts or whatever. America is awash in psychiatrically challenged ‘celebrity’. Problem is, these goofy freaks refuse to stay on their meds. Ergo, they get media spotlights and the opportunity to prattle and rant and the world is watching. Hell, everybody likes an entertaining freak show.

Hmmm, that doesn’t speak too highly about America in the overall.

Did you know that wounded monsters are even more dangerous than when those monsters aren’t wounded?

Metaphorically speaking of course.

Speaking of nuts, google up this asshat -

Sheriff Richard Mack

Check out what he has to say about the Bundy bullshit and women and children. Okay I’ll make this really simple. See the link -




bombastic misery

The Obama regime in their infinite wisdom has sent US Navy warships to the Black Sea. To be quite specific if not exact, the Navy at the behest of the Obama, sent two yes count them 2 Navy Destroyers to the Black Sea. Military genius. Sure it is. The Obama regime is goading the Russians at just about every turn.

Please to note for those geographically challenged Americans, google up the Black Sea and study the map.

So the Russian response was to have one of their military jets take a cruise over that aforementioned US Navy destroyer and to hear the US lamestream media bitch like spoiled children, you’d think that flyover was some manner of big deal. The US Navy is screwing around in Russia’s backyard. Exactly two US Navy destroyers would last about maybe ten minutes IF the Obama regime’s goading of the Russians turns ugly. I’m not so certain that the crews of those US Navy destroyers would enjoy being the “bait.”

Let’s reverse the scenario here for some editorial hijinx. Let’s say that the Russians have sent several of their warships into Chesapeake Bay just to have a look around and make nice with the Chesapeakeans living ever so snuggly cozy on the shores of Chesapeake Bay and snacking comfortably on crabcakes and whatever else the Chesapeakeans might snack on AND, as the US Obama regime waxes hysterically hysterical about the Russians floating their boats around the Chesapeake, well, that’s a different kind of deal of course. Uncle Cranky the Senator John McCain can be heard screaming from the steps of the US Capitol Building, “nuke Moscow and blast those godless heathens and get their boats out of my Chesapeake Bay.” Probably about pretty dang close enough.

You see it turns out that the Obama is in actual fact one dangerous and malevolent warmongering lunatic. A way back in presidential campaign 2008 and remembering that America had just spent 8 hellish years under the yoke of George W. Bush, Obama seemed like a breath of fresh honesty. That is exactly how our Dear Obozo presented himself.

Holy shit, did America buy a soiled bill of goods or what.

Six years into Obama regime and our world is teetering at the precipice of nuclear World War III. Should the US be stupid enough to engage the Russians in war over coup d’état Ukraine, well, such a war wouldn’t last conventional for long. The US would be getting it’s hubristic ass kicked, Europe would be a burned wasteland, and in a last act of arrogant desperation, the US launches a full nuclear response on the Russians. The Russians being not stupid, respond in kind and now not only Europe is a burned wasteland, so is the US. The wild card in this deck of political lunacy would be the Chinese. Yes, those very same Chinese that the US has been aggravating no end here of late.

Remember back not so long ago and the Chinese snuck into Los Angeles Harbor and launched a missile from one of those Chinese submarines and that act took the US by surprise and American government was incredulous and really didn’t have shit to say about that little stunt. Remember? If not well, google it. Of course whether the news report is still there and not scrubbed from the collective recollection remains one of those unknown knowns that prove to be every so tedious from time to time. However and trust me here, the Chinese did that and the Chinese shook the bejeepers out of US military.

Can you imagine how a day might get fucked up beyond all recognition should nukes come a raining down on the Homeland from Russia and China? Dear Obozo seems hellbent on testing the premise.

Yes, the Obozo is a dumb ass and dangerously so. But then and in actual practice, the Obozo is a mere meat puppet playing his part in the last act of an absurd kabuki oligarch way off Broadway avant garde play. The entire production makes no sense whatsoever and ergo, watching this ill-scripted farce can leave one with a sense of impending doom and a serious case of aggravated frustrations.


cowtopia – wish you were here?

The Bunkerville brouhaha is winding down with a swirl of disingenuous inaccuracy and self-serving speculation as to whom won what or IF whomever won anything at all. Luckily there was no loss of human life. This time.

The heavily armed “militia” pals of Cliven Bundy are making their way back to wherever it was they came from and they can rest comfortably in the knowledge that the federales have added each and every last one of them to those ‘watch lists’ that are kept so faithfully by the federales. I’d be willing to bet that the crackers hadn’t thought about that.

Point of order here – thinking back to the various protest actions that have occurred all across these here United States of Hypocrisy ever since oh say the Bushco regime’s headlong plunge into wars of naked aggression and the abject torture of Muslim souls for kicks, not one American bothered to come to the protest actions armed. Heavily armed or otherwise. Not a one. Not a way back when the Bushco terrorists were planning on genocide Iraq, not the protests during the interim, not the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and not protests that happen now. Granted, there aren’t many protests these days. You see, the Bushco wars were bad and the Obama wars are good. Just you ask the Professor Juan ‘juanito’ Cole for his quisling perspective on all things Obama war criminal.

Cliven Bundy is laughing his idiot ass off all the way to Cattle Bank America and trust me, Bundy would not care if human life was lost protecting his wormy cattle. Those wormy cattle are grazing on public land by the by. Without Bundy’s having the appropriate BLM grazing permits. Wow, that’s the root of Bunkerville problems in the first place. You see, Bundy figures in his ever so curiously convoluted manner that he is ABOVE having to obtain BLM grazing permits.

That relevant fact gets lost in the hype and quasi-oath keeping histrionics washing all over the debate about the BLM and poor poor persecuted Cliven Bundy. Whatever. Mr. Obstinate Bundy ran afoul of federal law and that’s his fault. Bundy’s being afoul of federal law is the singular issue here. However that point is no longer important or relevant.

So let us pose a scenario using the cracker militia well armed response to idiocy. There are Mexican Americans in, oh say Phoenix, Arizona and, they decide they’ll hold a ‘protest march’ protesting the racist abuse heaped on Mexican Americans by the Warlord Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopastan and, those decent law abiding Mexican Americans will show up to that protest armed to the teeth. AK-47′s and Bushmasters and Glocks and S&W .357′s strapped on neatly at the hip all in full view of a Phoenix public. Those law abiding Mexican Americans are exercising their 2nd Amendment right to open carry and protect themselves from policestate abuse that the Warlord Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopastan is notorious for. After all, it is those Mexican Americans right to carry heat to a protest. Certainly is. However,

the Warlord Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopastan and the media and just about every last Arizona politician will commence to screaming holy bejeepers what is up with that and blood will be shed. For certain. You see, it would never be allowed for law abiding Mexican Americans to open carry firearms to a protest in Arizona anywhere. However those law abiding Mexican Americans would certainly be within their 2nd Amendment right to do so.

Trust me, law abiding Mexican Americans have no desire to provoke their own demise at the hands of the Warlord Sheriff Joe Arpaio for any reason let alone carrying, openly and legally of course, firearms. Mexican Americans are way to intelligent for that. However, Bundy’s militia cracker firearm packing reactionaries are NOT that smart.

Hmmm, pandering for effect? Nah, I’d doubt that Cliven Bundy is that smart. Or maybe he is.


arduous challenges

Big breaking news? Dateline Bunkerville, Nevada and the Cliven Bundy’s are safe. For now. The heavily armed crackers that had rushed to Bunkerville to show their solidarity and support for Cliven Bundy are safe. For now. The BLM has eased up and backed their federal presence off to a “safer distance” and are in a temporary stand down mode. For now. The Cliven Bundy’s are shouting joyous shouts of “we won” and are jubilant. For now.

Evidently it has eluded the deep thinking reactionaries that the federales were taking note of every last cracker that showed up in Bunkerville armed and ready to get dangerous. The heavily armed cracker militias will head home heady and jubilant that they showed the feds and they showed ‘em good. For now. The Bundy’s are now alone and on their own. Safe. For now.

Can you imagine the reaction from the feds had those Occupy Wall Street folks showed up on Wall Street armed like the goofs that showed up in solidarity with Bundy?

Please remember and this is the IMPORTANT PART, Cliven Bundy refused to obtain his legally required grazing permits and had refused for years. You see Cliven Bundy is entitled to graze his cattle any goddamn where Cliven Bundy decides he can graze his cattle.

Believe it people, this is not over. Not for Cliven Bundy and not for all his heavily armed cracker pals that showed up ready to rumble with the feds. Cliven Bundy and his nineteenth century mentality are a problem. Our world is no longer part and or parcel of the nineteenth century. However Bundy figures that on account of his family having been “on that land” from time immemorial or sometime around the Mormon settlement of Utah, Nevada, most of Arizona, and a large swath of California, Bundy is entitled to rape that Mohave Desert to his black hearts content. Cattle will tear up a desert landscape like you wouldn’t believe. Cattle will tear up a desert landscape far worse than the wild horses that roam the west in their very limited numbers. These days and for now.

Utah ranchers are preparing to horsenap wild horses off BLM land because the wild horses interfere with cattle grazing. It never occurs to the Utah ranchers that the wild horses were there long before the Mormons and the cattle ranchers moved in on Great Basin Desert land and Mojave Desert land and Sonora Desert land. But Mormons and cattle ranchers are “entitled” to rape that desert land, well, because. Because they’re crackers and heavily armed. Should those dumb ass Utah ranchers try to horsenap wild horses off BLM land, there’ll be another dust up and possibly a stand off with or without violence.

I should probably make the disclaimer here – I am a dyed in the wool wild horse fanatic. I have spent hours upon hours watching those magnificent critters. They bring a joy to my soul that not much else in this here postmodern global war of terror world can offer. I have been to the lands that Bundy claims he has the right to graze his cattle on. I have been to the lands that Utah ranchers are fixing to horsenap the wild horses off of. I have seen with my own eyes the rape and plunder done to the desert landscape by cattle and/or sheep and the fault lies squarely on the BLM. The BLM allows this carnage and environmental rape and their cavalier attitude is disgraceful.

I understand Bundy’s frustration with BLM and I share his frustration. However, that’s where Bundy and myself part company and perspective. As for those heavily armed crackers from Montana and Florida (Florida?) you’ve got nothing coming except a visit from the feds at some not so distant future and you’ll get to explain yourselves to federal authorities and you might want to remember that these are the same federal authorities that assassinate AMERICANS without cause and believe it, you’ve given the federal authorities cause. Why in hell do you think the freaks keep Guantanamo open?

This will end badly for everyone concerned. This will end badly for those not concerned but figure they’ve a right to stick their noses into a cause célèbre because there’s political points to be made. Gained? Whatever. Screams and cries of “state’s rights” are ringing in stirring reverberation all around the west. Google up America’s Constitution and read for yourselves what our Constitution states clearly about “state’s rights.”


curiosity kills cats

When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable. Or something like that and is attributed to JFK.

America is crawling a slow crawl towards civil war. That is assuredly coming to pass.

The Bundy brouhaha Bunkerville, Nevada. It is much ado about nothing. The situation is NOT reason to spark civil war in America.

Bunkerville, Nevada is a quaint little berg about one good spit southwest of Mesquite, Nevada. Hunkers quietly along what is loving known as the Arizona Strip. The Arizona Strip is a quasi-geographically confused non-linear word association trademarked marketing ploy. Nestled amidst the cottonwoods and mesquite trees along the banks of the Virgin River. It is also a polygamist bastion for renegade Mormons and other dummies that live life unto themselves. Good on them.

Cliven Bundy is one of those. Infamous rancher type that tends to flaunt the BLM and federales in general. Good on him.

Here’s the deal. Bundy refuses to obtain BLM grazing permits for his open ranged cattle. Any rancher or cattleman with half a grasp on sentient existence knows that they’ve got to have BLM grazing permits if they want to run their cattle on open public land. Land under the authority of the BLM or Forest Service. Whatever. Bundy figures he’s above the rules governing grazing permits. He is not by the by.

Much of Nevada is under BLM authority. So is Utah. That is a given and common knowledge. I’m not a champion of the BLM. They suck but my conclusions are not the same as Bundy’s. I support the BLM’s decision to have the ranchers and cattlemen obtain grazing permits. Cattle rape the desert. That is true. Grazing permits are in actual fact quite inexpensive. Well, Bundy is using the “grazing permit” motif for his insane rationale to spark a civil war. Bundy maintains that “he’s grandfathered in” to the desert he uses to graze his cattle. That is bullshit. There’s NO being grandfathered in to use open public land to graze cattle. Gots to have that aforementioned grazing permit. Anyway, Bundy has been at odds with the BLM for years over his refusal to obtain grazing permits. Problematic in all of this is the BLM’s decision to ignore Bundy. For years they’ve ignored Bundy and that was that. Well now it’s an issue and here’s why.

Bundy was grazing his non-permitted cattle on land he’s always grazed his cattle on and the BLM decided in their “infinite wisdom” to confiscate his cattle. BLM can do that. Bundy has been given ample warning by BLM that confiscation would happen and Bundy in his obstinate defiance of BLM authority stood slack jawed and whining a streak when the BLM came and confiscated his cattle. Bundy is now screaming about ‘range war’. Whatever.

Now, the BLM maintains their confiscating Bundy’s cattle is about protecting the endangered desert tortoise. That is bullshit by the by as, the BLM does not now nor EVER give a hypocritical concern about the desert tortoise. The BLM HAD a desert tortoise protection project going and then they abandoned the desert tortoise and will allow the tortoise to go extinct as the BLM can’t afford to protect the tortoise any longer. Outrageous oh yes that is outrageous and is one of the minor reasons I despise the BLM. Hypocrisy as range management modality is straight up bullshit.  But that’s the BLM raison d’état for putting the squeeze on Cliven Bundy.

There is a protected desert tortoise study area tucked away rather discreetly along the Utah, Nevada, Arizona borderlands and the area is posted as “protected” and is allegedly used for “study” but, any actual environmental work remains clouded/shrouded in mystery. I’ve been there and I know.

Okay and so, the BLM confiscated Bundy’s cattle and Bundy went ballistic. When BLM gets grilled by the media as to why BLM ganked Bundy’s cattle, well, BLM offers up the desert tortoise crap-o-la as prima facia reason numero uno and that’s supposed to make everyone happy. The desert tortoise has absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

You see, the BLM has been selling fracking permits to various and assorted fracking concerns and those fracking permits are one lucrative affair. The BLM has been selling those fracking permits all up and down the eastern edge of Nevada and western Utah. A way out there where the deer and the antelope keep well out of sight as crackers like Bundy tend to shoot them critters for sport. THAT is why the BLM confiscated Bundy’s cattle and on account of Bundy’s being in serious arrears to BLM and owes massive amounts of cash to BLM for grazing permits and court costs and fines and stuff like that there AND because the BLM is about to sell fracking permits to those aforementioned fracking concerns for the lands that Bundy had been using, well fait accompli. Bundy set the stage for his ultimate demise for being a dumb ass. Simple as that. Had Bundy obtained those easily obtained grazing permits this would be an entirely different issue AND Bundy would have standing in a court of law. Bundy would of course lose his fight with the BLM and that’s a given but, he’d have legal standing. Bundy has NO legal standing as it all stands now and will lose his cattle, his ranch, and probably the lives of his many children and militia “friends.”

The federales will gun those crackers down for sport. Hell, the federales might just drone Bundy and company. Bundy lives damn close to predator drone central which is run out of Nellis AirForce Base. Just over the hill from where Bundy thinks he can roam so freely and graze his cattle without permit.

Okay, that’s about it in a nutshell. It is bullshit, egregious bullshit, and damn stupid for Bundy and his pals to think they can win in a scrap with the federales OR spark American Civil War Volume 2. Bundy and company get violent and martial law will be slapped all along the Arizona Strip and we’ll all get to see how Bundy and company fair against battle-hardened US military types. There’s frackable oil under them desert tortoise environmentally sensitive lands and the cattle won’t fair well nor will the desert tortoise nor the Bundys and the BLM will fair quite profitably. Pretty dang fracked up and I concede that.


ghosts and other corruptions

How’s your bank statement look these days? Got enough stashed cash to wither an emergency? Got enough cash to buy grub for your kids? Put shoes on their growing little feets? Clothes?

Gas for the family cruiser is about $3.57 a gallon and that is a national average. Diesel fuel is about a buck more per gallon. Yeah Bubba, get right out there and fire up the big truck and run ‘er up the hill. Just for kicks. I am talking about real US currency and not the pansy plastic crap. That ‘charge it’ nonsense will come back and bite you seriously in the end.

America is running a staggering national debt of about $117 trillion dollars. That’s an imaginary number of course. Any number more than about 15 billion is imaginary. Of course the US military can piss away several billion dollars on any afternoon and that’s before quitting time.

There are several actual discrepancies if not outright arguments about what exactly is the US national debt. America’s self-serving government would maintain that the national debt is manageable. Yeah yeah sure it is. Then if you get about asking economists and there are some economists that are actually honest about the entire charade and they’ll site numbers that are fiscally credible yet massively unbelievable. Check with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts as he is about one legitimate and seasoned in the fiscal know kind of guy. Yes I admit to some name dropping there.

America is one shaky if not wobbly house of credit cards and the institutional foundation is corrupt and rotted to a crumbling infrastructural fault. However, America’s Congress can always manage to cough up several billion of your tax dollars to give to Israel or the illegitimate Ukraine government or the wacky al-CIAda Free Syrian Army Cannibals Brigade or Warlord T’kunga B’wappah who is loyally serving the US military deep in the dark heart of occupation Africa. Yes, darkest Africa is under military occupation by the US. Speaking of Africa, watch out for that ebola stuff. That will kill you dead.

America’s über-wealthy haven’t much to worry about. Not yet. The über-wealthy still feel safe and will for the foreseeable future. They can afford to buy “protection” for security services that will serve them faithfully as long as the checks clear. Well up to and until the legions vast realize that they are being played as expendable fools and that should change the dynamic for sure.

However should the US find itself dug into one serious scrap with the Russians and America’s ‘Army Strong’ delusion comes to a flaming end, the great American Empire’s Legions will need to be replenished with bodies. Your body and even the über-wealthy will have to put some of that “privileged” skin into the game and dang, you’ll hear the cries of “why me” ringing off the columns of heaven.

All that could happen rather quickly by the by. Coup d’état Ukraine is turning out to be one unplanned if not unmitigated disaster for US/NATO and the bully boys of illegitimate Ukraine just might be squaring off with those well seasoned Spetsnaz troops sooner rather than the planned later. Damn, don’t you just hate it when subterfuge doesn’t go the way CIA decided it’d go? Oh yes and, Victoria Nuland is still and “officially” MIA. That’d be ghost for us regular folk that have to pay the piper for the actions of a douche like Nuland. The regular Ukrainian folk will get to pay the piper on their end and that piper will want payment in blood. Did you know that Russian Spetsnaz troops are seriously bad ass? Not even Navy Seal Team Six butch boys want a tangle with the Spetsnaz.

Anyway, America is broke and by extension that would mean that regular Americans that foot all the goddamn bills run up by our glorious government are broke. Problem is, there will NOT be any bailout for regular Americans. However, you will get a tax bill that says you’re expected to pay up. Lemme see here, feed the kids OR pay the government…