political kabuki

Please don’t be confused by the inaction on Patriot Act and ancillary trappings of state security surveillance by Congress. It’s all for show. Typical dog and pony sleight-of-hand. Rand Paul will blather while Ted Cruz counter-obfuscates and John McCain will bluster in pro forma fits of histrionic subterfuge.

The NSA is NOT powering down and policestate Amerika will reenforce it’s stranglehold on America’s delusions of “freedom.”

el Jefé the Obama is weeping crocodile tears of worry and concern that Amerika will be in the dark, unable to maintain that ‘cutting edge intel’ over jihadi terroristas.

Obama is trapped in the circle-jerk mentality of inside the Beltway.

Wait, “trapped” would be a disingenuous description. Obama is inside the Beltway by choice.

Damn, that would mean el Jefé’s machinations are willful and by design.

If anyone “willfully” murders innocents wherever they might be, isn’t that murder in the first?

Anyway, come about next Sunday night the Congress will have mysteriously and wondrously passed any and all legislation pertinent to NSA and Patriot Act sedition. Come next Monday morning praises will ring across Babylon-On-The-Potomac and existing NSA and Patriot Act niceties will remain intact.

Or possibly el Jefé will re-authorize all the necessary NSA and Patriot Act crap-o-la by “executive action” and members of Congress will praise the precedent as ‘good for Amerika’.

So don’t believe the bullshit kids, it’s a trick.


outsider demographics

I’m old and outside the “prime demographics” that media polling concerns use exclusively.

I one-day-at-a-timed myself right out of contention.

Damn I hate being excluded. Which is the reason for all the whining I’ve put up in the past few days.

You see, I inquired of CBSNews if I could be included in their polling of Americans about political bullshit.


I’m not a “prime demographic.”

Hell, I would have willingly conceded to CBSNews that I am indeed past prime. However, I’m still standing and I’m still standing with attitude.

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have told CBSNews that I thought Scott Pelley was more probable than not, sniffing little girls bicycle seats.

You see, I don’t have any boundaries and I tend to smart ass way more than is socially permissible. But hey, that’s just me. Being a world class smart ass is a life long ambition.

It isn’t my fault that Pelley is sniffing little girls bicycle seats. I’m not judging Pelley. Different strokes for peculiar folks. Of course and it is a given that CBSNews doesn’t want to hear differing points of view. CBSNews needs to keep the propaganda dogma pure and unchallenged.

Okay so, CBSNews polling indicates that Hillary Clinton leads all “other” Republicon potential candidates by a “wide margin.” Did CBSNews polling take into account Tubularsock’s candidacy? Did they?? No the fuckers did NOT!

You see Mr Tubularsock’s running for the ‘office of el Jefé USA’ does not fit into CBSNews polling parameters and confuses the screaming bejesus out of the pollsters. We should all take a moment and feel badly for the propaganda pollsters. Ahh, jeepers…

Fuck that. The media freaks have not a clue as to what the American people feel about anything or any issue. Point in case, I would not vote for Hillary Clinton if the sanctimonious twitchy bitch were up for dog catcher. The Democraps are seriously going to crown the Madame Clinton heir apparent? The stupid fucks can’t figure out why they lost the last national election cycle. Democraps. Republicons. Jesus H. Christ, America deserves better than the two-party screw job.

Oh gosh and sorry, my opinion is meaningless. I’m not a prime demographic.



codger nabbit

old codgers get to “contribute.”

whatever old codgers decide is “attributable.”

to our social “condition.”

if it weren’t for the old codgers, the young’uns wouldn’t be here.

so if you happen to drop in to see what condition the “condition” is in, well, the condition would be “conditional.”

any and all ‘situations’ would be of course, situational.

any unconditional surrenders are situational and hope for conditional situations would be ill advised.

thank you and thank you very much…


p.s. –

i have penned a definitive iconography for codger terms and usage. it is available from habańero press. it is a pricey tome but, what isn’t pricey these days.


orwellian synchronicity

I was born January 20, 1950. Yeah, I am an old fart.

Eric Arthur Blair, who used the pen name George Orwell, died January 21, 1950.

Wholly synchronicity, I did not know that fact until just a brief moment in time ago. I googled it. George Orwell that is.

It is a well established social paradigm that Orwell’s ‘1984’ was NOT written to be an user’s guide.

However it turns out that our postmodern 9/11/01 global war of terror world is eerily 1984-ish.

Turns out that Mr. Blair (George Orwell) was more prophetic than Nostradamus.

Did you know that Nostradamus, was a French apothecary? Did you know that Nostradamus’ buddies liked to call him ‘Stoney’? Nosty liked to play with the pharmaceuticals. A way back when, pharmaceuticals were anyone’s game. A way back when, the village blacksmith served as the neighborhood orthopedic surgeon.

Hammer and tong baby every time.

With Nostradamus being an “apothecary” it’s no wonder that he had ‘visions’. Dude was tinkering with mushrooms. The purple mushrooms served up quite nicely in the French style.

Julia Child was hip to those ‘French’ mushrooms.

Sorry, I digress.

So I got here and the very next day Orwell left this plane of existential convolution. I’m almost certain that I shouldn’t personalize that. It is curious though. It’s almost prophetically serendipitous.

Ewww, is that deep or what. “Prophetically serendipitous.”

HAH! Some days I really crack me up…


men with nets

The warlord sheriff of Maricopastan, one Joe Arpaio, needs cash.

You see the warlord sheriff of Maricopastan, one Joe Arpaio, has run up a considerable lawyers tab having to defend his warlordiness in state and federal courts for any number of illegal transgressions. You see one more time the warlord sheriff of Maricopastan, one Joe Arpaio, figures he is a law unto himself and he gets confused when brought to heel by the legal process.

Yes, Arizona actually has a legal process.

Yes Arizona’s legal process is a bit draconian, more than a little unjust, mostly geared to white justice, confused, contradictory, outrageous, and flamingly stupid. But, Arizona’s legal process requires that even a dickwad like sheriff Joe pay his own tab.

Sidestep and take a breath…

The drought in Texas is officially over. The rice cake state of California is making plans to “sue Texas” over water that obviously must have been meant for California and not Texas. All that water falling on Texas will wind up in the Gulf of Mexico and we all know how California and Texas feel about Mexicans.

Arizona holds some festering ill will towards Mexico but hell, it’s not raining in Arizona. Not yet anyway. However, monsoon hasn’t actually cranked up yet and this year’s monsoon might just be a doozer. A wet doozer of course.

El Niño is being forecast by NOAA as potentially record setting.


It rains, it doesn’t rain. What the hell is anyone supposed to do about the rain?

I think if it rains, well, bless the rain. If it doesn’t rain…

bottled water?

Backtrack to original stream –

Anyway, the warlord sheriff of Maricopastan, one Joe Arpaio, would really appreciate it if “folk” would send money. To sheriff Joe. He’s having some trouble staying afloat and keeping his salivating legal beagles from slapping liens on sheriff Joe’s way spiffy Fountain Hills homestead. For non payment of legal bills.

Did you know that sheriff Joe named his way spiffy Fountain Hills homestead, el Casa del Gulag?

Poor warlord sheriff of Maricopastan Joe Arpaio.

Fuck off and die Joe. Sooner would be appreciably better than later.

🎶 Hey Joe, where you going with that civil contempt citation in your hand?



Let us pause and offer thanks to the Empire’s legions vast.

Thanks all you warrior types for volunteering yourselves to get blasted to bloody stumps and/or even worse.

Your sacrifice has saved the Empire from the brown barbarians that would jihadi all over those corrupt Amerikan infidels.

Amerika’s corporate overlords can sleep comfy cozy in their beds at night on account of your being desperate enough to sign on.

Be all that you can be and army strong of one and keeping the world safe from…


Hmmm, who in hell keeps our world safe from the Amerikans?

All you warrior types swallowed that Amerikan Kool-Aid and be glad it wasn’t the Kool-Aid served up in Jonestown. Wait, maybe that warrior Kool-Aid was damn close to the authentic…

Brave legionaries and not quite quick enough to realize that you’ve been suckered.

The legionaries come home to a grateful nation that summarily ignores your service. Grumbles viciously at having to cover the costs of your physical damage. Politicians parade like strutting peacocks proudly proclaiming how “appreciative” they are and now the homeland is safe. The politicians do NOT get themselves bloodied. That’s for the chumps.

I can guarantee any and all of Amerika’s military damaged or worse than damaged, Lloyd Blankfein could NOT care less about your missing limbs, cognitive function, ruined lives, and your contribution to that ‘grate’ Amerikan dream.

But that’s okay, we all know “our” legionaries love giving their best to enrich venal scum like Jamie Dimon or fill in the CEO name tag.

So on Memorial Day 2015, a grateful nation would say –