don’t shoot the piano player part two

Gosh, another cop was shot unto death. Gunned down in blue blood. Happened in the far north of Illinois. Here’s link to pertinent details –

In “other” really important news, pedophile Josh the Duggar sister raper is missing. If luck or karma has anything to do with pedophile Josh’s disappearance, he’s been fitted with concrete boots and is resting comfortably feeding the fish at the bottom of Lake Elmdale. That’s in Arkansas.

Did you know that Arkansas is where Bubba Clinton and all the little Clinton spawn are from? It is a cultural given that there are numerous abnormalities concerning Arkansas. Clinton is just the tip of one inbred iceberg. However and I concede that the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever eaten was in Arkansas.

An Arizona K-9 cop beat up his service dog. Evidently it wasn’t enough for Arizona K-9 cop to beat up suspects so Arizona K-9 cop took out his man-rage on the dog. Here’s a link to blue bravado –

K-9 cop is a punk and his service dog should be allowed to bite his “partner.”

Cop was shot and killed. Really? Gosh, can’t imagine why that might have happened.

Michael Brown might have a good idea. Eric Garner might have a good idea. Freddie Gray might have a good idea.

Then there’s the case of Carlos Mercado who was allowed to die of insulin shock while spending time at New York’s favorite dungeon Riker’s Island.

We have us a ‘situation’ developing in the good old US of AmeriKKKa and brutality will be met with brutality. Gosh, another cop was shot unto death. Yeah, that’s tough…




I like September. That’s just me. The first day of September would signal that summer is on the wane. Temperatures should moderate a bit and I think that’s a good thing.

September brings my wife’s birthday.

September brings the autumnal equinox. Humanity only gets two of the equinoxes in a year. That’s all. Spring equinox then a fall equinox. Which is entirely more desirable than say a summer solstice or a winter’s solstice. Too freaking hot or too freaking cold.

Moderating temperatures bring relief. Moderating temperatures will not bring relief from the bombastic onslaught of “the Donald.” Nor will moderating temperatures bring a war crimes tribunal that might hold ‘dickwad’ Cheney to account.

I think that a war crimes tribunal with ‘dickwad’ Cheney as star prosecuted criminal would moderate the ancillary violence that our shared humanity faces each and every day ever since the hell days of September 11, 2001. September 11, 2001 began our current descent into global war of terror insanity and ‘dickwad’ Cheney is to blame.

The Bushco cabal figures they’ve weathered the prosecutorial storm and therefore are home free. I suppose that we shall see what we shall see…


penis finger

Did you know that “America” loves Dick Cheney? Liz Cheney is certain of the notion and might be about the only dumb ass to say so. See the link –

You’ll of course remember the Dark Lord of Bushco. Ordered the downing of United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Ordered the CIA to torture Afghans unto death. Ordered his obedient minion George the Bush to wage an illegal war of naked aggression on the sovereign nation of Iraq a way back in 2003.

The supreme lord of political evil is back and pedaling a new book. Written with (by?) his ignoramus of a daughter Lizzie. Isn’t Lizzie the cowhand? No wait, that’d be Mary. Hmmm, that’s hardly relevant to being the scion of a living breathing war criminal.

I think it would be a fair conclusion to conjecture that a majority of Americans would prefer to see ‘dick’ held to account and before a war crimes tribunal. Along with Buckaroo Bush, Condo Rice, Colon Powell, Dummy Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Feith, and the entire Bushco cabal.

It is world’s of abysmal that an “accounting” has yet to held. el Jefé the Obama could have and should have held these evil fucks to account. With the full force of American legalese. The laws necessary to do exactly that are on the books already. BUT, president feckless couldn’t or wouldn’t be bothered and handed prosecutions of the Bushco criminals off to Eric ‘fast and furious’ Holder and Holder went flaccid on the whole affair. I wonder if Holder is comfortable being remembered as worse than Uncle Tom…

I suppose we just might never know. Pity that.


the cost of a pound of flesh

Did you know that human flesh has value? Well human flesh does have value.

Not anything high-minded or “spiritual.” Hell no way.

Actual bottom line cash on the barrelhead value.

Body parts, harvested human skin, and fetal tissue. The medical conglomerates are not making lampshades out of human skin. However, the medics are recovering the human frame.

There’s an icky aspect to organ donation that no one ever talks about. Donate an organ so some hospital organ transplant team can make the hospital serious bank. Organ transplants are not cheap. Organ transplants are not even reasonably priced.

Someone happens to cack in a hospital and the Frankenstein recovery team moves in at the speed of decaying humanity. Nurse von Vulture creeps up politely to a grieving family and inquires if the deceased is ripe for harvest. Sign here and done is done. With respect of course.

The entire protocol is unseemly if not outright bullshit.

I worked in a teaching hospital and I know firsthand. It’s the darkside of modern miraculous medicine. Grab a corpse when the opportunity presents itself.

You thought that abortion clinics gave an aborted fetus a noble or human burial? An aborted fetus has a surprising sticker value. Coveted by medical researchers all across these here American plains of medical horror.

Research baby, must go on and don’t question the cost or where research “material” might come from. Or whom.

Yeah, it’s almost unmentionable. Unspeakably horrible and yet, every day in America the harvest continues.

Human life has very little real value in postmodern America. Human remains? Now we’re talking bank.


wistfully wishing

Here we are at the last Friday in August 2015. We’ll not see another Friday in August 2015 ever. I mean, think about that. Or not. Thinking tends to leave Americans confused.

So on the last Friday in August 2015, I wish that America could get through one freaking day without any murders on live television. I wish that the Trump-nut could shut his pie hole just for today. I fully understand that the Trump-nut is incapable of keeping quiet for any length of time.

I wish that Ben Carson wouldn’t wax stupid about his “war on what’s inside a woman.” Jesus, what the fuck does that even mean? I think that apart for that uterus motif, a woman’s guts are fairly similar to any man’s guts. Here’s a link for some relevance –

I wish that the hackers that hacked the Ashley Madison site would just publish their findings for all the world to read in fairly simplistic terms. C’mon guys I heartily endorse your hack but damn, some of us are techo-retarded and we need to be lead by the freaking hand. What the hell is the “dark web?”

I wish that el Jefé the Obama would have grilled Mitch Landrieu about “progress” in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. All the important Orleanians that suffered loss after Katrina seem to have made out just fine. The Ninth Ward is written off as ‘expendable’.

I wish that all the feckless Israel first US congresspersons would resign their seats in the US Congress, renounce their American citizenship, and make permanent ‘aliyah’ to Israel and quit wasting the American peoples time and money. I mean, their treasonous duplicity is getting hard to tolerate.

I fully understand, one more time, that I may have wandered to the old wishing well one too many times.

Here’s a little last Friday in August 2015 artistic graffica –



don’t shoot the piano player

Murder on live television. Is that about American or what.

Remember back in the day when Bush the First went genocidal on Saddam Hussein and Iraq? CNN was there and captured all the thrilling pyrotechnics first hand. War in primetime. Damn, that was riveting entertainment for sure. Burned dead babies and ‘stormin’ Norman the General.

America thrives on violence. War violence and gun violence and elevator violence. Hey Ray? Have you had to punch the bitch of late? Bench clearing brawl at the ball game. Lunch time violence at the local restaurant. Violence on the freeways, theaters, schools, and Bridgewater Plaza in Virginia.

Riveting and right to social media. Isn’t that why social media is available to every last crank that waddles these here amber waves of grain? Shoot somebody and post it directly to YouBoob. Crazy freaks do it, jihadis do it, the CIA does it but you’ll not get to see that vid on account of it’s been redacted. “EYES ONLY!”

Half a dozen “former” FBI authorities working for the infotainment concerns get to earn their keep waxing profusely about meaningless twaddle.

“Fool’s got a gun and there’s really not much can be done.” Wow that’s concise if not erudite eloquence spit cavalierly by ‘authority’.

Come this Sunday, the “faithful” might want to wear body armor while attending the church of their choice. You see the church deacon’s been dicking the congregation’s organist and “pastor” found out and cast out the dicking deacon and dicking deacon is coming back for his pastoral revenge on preacher and dicking deacon is packing heat. Serious AR-15 heat with the extendo clip that holds a pocket full of shells. That will be perfectly acceptable as America’s 2nd Amendment is “inspired” by God. 15 members of the congregation will get all the blood-splattering violence dutifully recorded on their iPhones and uploaded to social media faster than Sister Gabriella can bleed her life out on the church concrete.

Violence. America. Guns. Blood. DEATH!

I find it curious that the Trump-nut didn’t have shit to say about gun violence in Virginia. However it was a female reporter that forfeited her life and we all know how the Trump-nut feels about female reporters.


bat crap crazy

Did you catch the exchange between the Donald and the Univisión guy? Jorge Ramos, of Univisión, is a world class journalist and polls way better numbers among his constituents than the Donald. You see the Donald is mired in bombastic white guy America and evidently missed the memo that the world has moved on. The Donald channels his inner Benito Mussolini. Here’s a link to Trump being his prototypical chump self –

Even still more Republican campaign lunacy, Jebby the Younger than George, marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by praising the FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina’s carnage and posed for pixures with “Brownie.” No shit. Here’s the link –

Why in hell Jeb Bush would want to regurgitate the feckless FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina by praising ex FEMA director Michael D. Brown is a wholly mysterious faux pas. New Orleans is still “recovering” from the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and FEMA’s worthless efforts to make matters worse.

It should be fully understood that ‘white’ New Orleans faired far better than did black New Orleans. White New Orleans is risen from hurricane destruction and isn’t that what’s really important.

I could suppose that ‘brownies’ have a significant longer shelf life than common sense might dictate.

Yes, Republican “candidates” running for the office of POTUS 2016 are straight up bat crap crazy and possibly worse than criminally insane. Jeb Bush is brother to a genuine and bona fide war criminal. Guilt by familial association should be grounds for an indictment of crimes against humanity.

As for Trump, well, the Donald is a media feeding frenzy and that is quintessential American politics. Clouds of smoke, broken mirrors, rabid dogs, one trick ponies, and not a goddamn shred of substance. The thrice bankrupt casino mogul can act. Sort of but, Trump is not on the same stage as say, Ronnie RayGun.