means justifiable

“As soon as people decided that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy.”…Christopher Dawson

The Free Syrian Army Cannibals and John McCain Brigade went off the reservation and turned all icky. Murderously so.

I mean damn, the US spent millions of taxpayer dollars arming, training, and fostering the jihadi darlings and those jihadi darlings went all rogue and uncontrollable and that uncontrollability did NOT sit well with America’s mad bomber el presidenté Obama. Now the Oh-bomber has to do some Bush work and gather unto Himself a ‘coalition’ of those willing to do the bidding of the US/NATO.

Obama has even managed to sign on some “Arab nations” that will for the foreseeable future, remain unnamed. The ‘Arab nations’ will remain anonymous so as to ensure that those Arab monarchies aren’t overthrown. By pissed off Muslim/Arab peoples.

Evidently Muslims take a dim view of the US/NATO slaughtering Arab people. Well and Palestinian people. Well and people in general.

Gosh, is that about a backwards view of things really important to US/NATO or what.

America’s mad bomber el presidenté Obama has yet to “reveal” to the American people how he intends to kill those icky dang jihadi bastards. Or whether the Obama will seek any manner of “legal and/or Constitutional cover” for his “war” on ISIL/ISIS.

Of course none of that hardly matters. What American president bothers with legal cover when those American presidents commence to killing people OUTSIDE the confines of the contiguous United States of America? Nary a damn one of the war criminal freaks bother with legal cover. American presidents are blessed with comprehensive impunity. Congress is not about to do their Constitutional responsibility and hold a sitting American president to account. Hell no way in hell. Congress hasn’t the balls for doing what’s right. Or Constitutional. Or anything close to human decency.

I mean Congress did try to impeach Bubba Clinton for Clinton’s seducing that Lewinski intern into giving Bubba felatio. Presidents getting head in the Oval Office is worlds of different from genocide and/or wholesale human slaughter. I mean, priorities people. What’s really important here?

President Bubba gets him some head and that’s important. Presidents Buckaroo Bush and mad bomber Obama killing Muslims is NOT important. Any Muslims killed by Bubba were superseded by Clinton’s getting Monica to do the ‘go down on the presidential schlong’ routine.

Obviously Bubba’s means were an impeachable offense as he got intern head but, genocide on Muslims is justifiable. The single raison d’être being 9/11/01 the day that changed everything and compelled America to shed any pretension of human morality.

That was a mere 13 years ago. Time and tides will change everything. Well that and a subtly nuanced propaganda campaign.

The end will justify any means necessary.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”…Sir John Dalberg-Acton



rode to nowhere

It doesn’t matter what the American people might have to say about war. Those that wage war aren’t listening.

That would be el Jefé the mad bombing president of the Untied States of America. The industrial war machinery funding US Congress. Lamestream media whores courtesy of ABCBSNBCNNMSNBC and of course FauxNews. The New York Times/WashingtonWhorePost/TimeandTimeagain/ChristianScientificMonitoring and of course the Boston Gestapo Cheerleading Globe. There are numerous ‘other’ candidates that could qualify to get a listing. I’m tired of retreading the obvious.

It doesn’t matter.


The American people are woefully distracted.

It is glaringly obvious that war, torture, horror, madness, brutal slaughter, lying politicians, and world class corruption are insignificant issues.

It doesn’t matter.

None of it matters.

The very latest “polling numbers” conjured up by Ticky Tacky Polling and the Wall Street Journalistic Propaganda Concern would “indicate” that the American people are overwhelmingly in support of whatever the polling concerns would skew their numbers to produce polling trends that endorse the status quo.

It doesn’t matter.

None of it matters.

Not the innocent men, women, and children that are about to die, no, they don’t matter.

We are trapped inside a global war of terror endless feedback loop that is meaningless, pointless, and bizarre.

It doesn’t matter.

I’m going outside to smoke.

None of it matters.


barack obama’s cavalcade of carnage!

According to Obama’s White House and White House press secretary Josh Earnest issuing the verdict, the United States of America is at “war” with the ISIL/ISIS jihadi damnably icky bastards.

That’s right.

In some miraculous convocation of a joint session of Congress and the Obama speaking before this miraculous convocation of a joint Congress and laying out his particulars for war, Congress miraculously gave the Obama a constitutional two thumbs up and and an ‘atta boy go get ‘em’ which in actual fact, DID NOT HAPPEN!

The White House gofer Josh Earnest is speaking entirely out of his ass. Parsing a flatulent breeze so to speak.

You’ll remember the ISIL/ISIS damnably icky bastard jihadis as the very anti Bashar al-Assad insurgents created, armed, funded, and trained by CIA. Oh yeah.

ONLY the United States Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war on any nation and/or entity on this here Island Earth.

None of that matters in our postmodern 9/11/01 global war of terror world. None of it. America’s Constitution is null and void. The United States Congress, both the House and the Imperial Senate, are null and void. As in comprehensively irrelevant.

Dear Leader Obama gets to do whatever in hell his murderous black little heart desires and can kill whomever the fuck his black little heart desires to kill with absolute impunity.

I think that sucks. Large.

Congress is of course wholly irrelevant. To anything. The House and the Imperial US Senate are starkly feckless and only relevant when it comes to endorsing Israel and sending the Zionist regime American taxpayer money.


So innocent men are going to die. Innocent women are going to die. Innocent children are going to die. For the simple reason that Barack Hussein Obama has decided to “war” on Syraq. Without ANY  legal cover whatsoever. No congressional resolution, no mandate from the UN, and certainly without the consent of the American people. None of that matters. Not to el Jefé.

Son of a bitch, this presidential madness is ever so annoying. Irritating. Fucking ridiculous.

Did you happen to catch the inane performance of Uncle Cranky the Senator John ‘slapnut’ McCain in the well of the Imperial US Senate? Uncle Cranky was in rare form. Uncle Cranky wants war goddamn it and he’ll have that war now thank you. I keep hoping that Uncle Cranky will finally and at last blow that vein in his forehead that throbs so prominently when he’s on a bombast and the stupid old fool will stroke out.

It’s good to have a dream.

There is an additional ‘dream’ at play here, a dream that Obama might come to his senses and end his global provocation madness.

I fully understand and concede that isn’t about to happen. This here United States of America is caught up in fever pitch war hysteria. Just you ask ABCBSCNNBCMSNBC and the media whores will respond with a ringing endorsement of Obama war and should there be any doubters out there in the American hinterlands, well, they would be unAmerican and simply rude for not supporting that ‘global war of terror’.

What bullshit…


the bullshit is strong with this one

““We carry on because as Americans we do not give into fear. Ever.”… el Jefé Barack Hussein Obama

His Preeminence was speaking at a 9/11/01 memorial at the Pentagon on 9/11/14. Which just so happens to be the day after el Jefé preached it large to the American people. You see, el Jefé is going after the monsters that the CIA created at the behest of Congress and the seditious fucks that gave us the original 9/11/01 in the first place. Oh yes and, 9/11/01 was not the work of Usama bin Laden nor al-CIAda. Wow, that’s about a shocker there boy. Not.

Americans may not in fact give into fear. However, Americans will give into baldfaced bullshit in a New York minute. Especially when that bullshit is poured steamy hot on a national wound that holds no rational explanation. Americans can be ever so gullible.

You see, Americans are easily distracted. Bright lights and whirly special effects and fireworks and loud noises and hyper histrionic government propaganda will work each and every time.

Americans are not exactly a discerning people. Thinking a matter through to it’s logical conclusion is hard work and leaves most Americans with a headache. Then those headached Americans will have to run to their doctors for a renewed prescription for Percocet and that prescribed Percocet brings momentary relief and monumental problems for later. Dealing with problems later rather than sooner is the American way.

Obama has offered no details on his pending renewed war on Syraq. Obama probably has NO details to offer. Obama will be relying on Herr Generalissimo Dempsey to slow walk his Highness through the waging war motif.

America can thank it’s lucky stars that we have obsequious Herr Generalissimos like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey. Doesn’t really matter what the hell happens in Syraq or anywhere else for that matter. Dempsey is short time. Besides, Dempsey is not now nor in any near future about to strap on a pair of combat boots and get his ass bloodied. CJCS’s can do that.

So besides the fact that any US war on Syraq will need a congressional declaration of war, inside the Beltway will bloviate, pontificate, and then scream loudly from the bowels of the Imperial US Senate “give us blood!” Buckets filled with the blood of innocents.

After the Imperial Senators have received those buckets filled with the blood of innocents, they’ll designate their high priest of demagoguery, that’d be Uncle Cranky the Senator John ‘slapnuts’ McCain, to splash that innocent blood all over the altar to the God of War that the Senators keep close to the Imperial US Senate Chambers.

Criminy, this is like déjà vu all over again.


be afraid be very afraid

An “extreme” solar storm is heading towards our precious Planet Earth. Yup. According to, it’s a two-bagger. CME ejected on September 9th and one horrendous CMA ejected on September 10th.

Oh yes and by the by, CME is ‘coronal mass ejection’. That’s when our sun burps and ejects solar material into our spatial neighborhood. You know, like solar hot plasma and gamma radiation and x-ray overload and particles that travel fast enough to fry your eyes IF you happen to be staring directly at the sun. When the CME hits our atmosphere.

Here’s a modest hint, don’t be staring at the sun. Here’s a link to scientifically relevant details -

For the hysterical perspective, here’s another link -

This incoming two-bagger solar storm is going to “blast” away our atmosphere, fry your eyes, boil away our oceans, give you one nasty sunburn, melt the polar icecaps, turn water to dust, and leave us all at the mercy of Barack Obama. Damn, we simply can’t catch a break.

Oh yeah and, on the eve of anniversary 9/11/01 el Jefé announced he’s going to “bomb Syria.”


I’m certain that el Jefé’s pronouncement of “bombing Syria” escaped notice. By folk that consider such egregious statements as germane. Should el Jefé “bomb Syria” that would be an act of war. Which of course would be illegal according to international law. Not that any American president gives any credence to international law. International law applies to every other nation on our Planet but, NOT to these here United States of America. America is above international law.

Obama is going after the ISIL/ISIS Free Syrian Army Cannibals and John McCain Brigade. The very jihadis brought to life by, you guessed it, the US. Armed, monied, and trained by the CIA working out of their very special training facility housed in Jordan.

It’s been modus operandi for the US to create the monsters that’ll need to be eradicated later. Keeps the war profiteers raking in the profits.

Thirteen years of that ever so annoying “global war of terror” and not a damn thing to show for that endless quagmire of inanity but staggering national debt.

Obama made a point of reassuring America that he’s not about to put ‘boots on the ground Syraq’. Nope. Then Obama let America know that he’s sending an additional 475 troops, that would be 950 pair of boots by the by, on top of the 1600 troops Obama has already “ordered” into Syraq.

That little obfuscation is loving known as “mission creep.”

Herr Generalissimo Dempsey will next week, demand an additional “battalion” for the Syraq and it’ll take six months and THEN we’ll have us mission accomplished.

Again and this time’s for reals.

Whomever runs the US Treasury will then declare that all and additional “war funding” will need to be ‘off the books’ as there isn’t any money in the US Treasury to fund anymore war. Congress will jump on that notion like a horny dog and run up war debt like the Congress was funding Israel.

About now I think that I’m partial to the two-bagger CME blasting Planet Earth into stand still status. You see that CME is going to knock all the satellites off the felt like a clean opening break in a game of 8 ball. No satellites and every last function on our Planet will come to a grinding halt. That would to include el Jefé’s plan to war on Syria.

A brief moment of prayer -

Oh God, please hit the Planet with that two-bagger CME and knock the warmongering freaks into silence. We really need a break from all the horror and insanity that our politicians are hellbent on inflicting on the very Earth that, rumor has it, You created.


Please to see the following graphic. I had me some fun with this one.


institutional victims

Naynay Janay Rice is a victim. Ray ‘tko’ Rice is a victim. Fans of the “NFL” are victims. The victims are the victim.

Ray ‘tko’ Rice punched out his “bitch” and that is so prototypically American as to be cliché. American women are punched and worse than merely punched every damn day. The violence is culturally rooted in bottom line and basic American psyche. America is about violence and always has been. Should anyone be surprised?

Cops gun down Americans every day all across these here United States of America for no reason whatsoever. Cops have guns and can use those guns indiscriminately and with total impunity. Hell, American government wades into Third World nations with guns a blazing and it’s no big deal.

Violence is leitmotif and as American as NASCAR. Race cars and dead drivers. Violence is as American as would be the PGA. The former Mrs. Tiger Woods took a nine iron to Tiger’s head and nary a cross word was spit into social spheres. Yes, violence is America’s leitmotif.

Violence in schools. Violence on television. Mindless violence with endless gratuitous sex. America is not merely infatuated with violence, America embraces violence as a twisted lover.

Go to the movies and some clown packing serious heat opens fire and Americans die. No biggie.

Children head off to school and some clown packing serious heat opens fire at school and children die. No biggie.

Head to the mall and some clown packing serious heat opens fire and shoppers literally shop till they’re shot dead. No biggie.

Wives get the bejesus pounded out of them and one more time, no biggie. Wives REFUSE to press the necessary assault complaints and say it with me now, no biggie.

America’s mad bomber president rains hellish death on Afghan men, women, and children, NO BIGGIE FOR SURE! Same would apply to anywhere Africa and/or Syraq of course.


Naynay Janay Rice is whining a streak as, her fat NFL meal ticket has been declared null and void. Ray ‘tko’ Rice is out of a job and that extraordinarily large NFL paycheck.

Maybe Dr. Phil can take Naynay Janay under his wing and get the lady up to speed on what happens when homeboy comes home without the money. Remember of course, Naynay Janay is a “victim.”

Naynay Janay is a dumb ass for not pressing charges at the time that Ray ‘tko’ Rice knocked her stupid ass out.

Oh wait, Ray ‘tko’ Rice was a “NFL” star. He won a “Super Bowl.” Whatever. Was Ray ‘tko’ Rice wearing his “Super Bowl” ring when he sucker punched his “bitch?”

That of course is meaningless.

Turns out that America is the victim. The victim of institutional corruption that is eating our nation from the inside out. NFL’s Roger Goodell is clueless about Ray ‘tko’ Rice’s violence on his “bitch.”


Oh yes and one more subtle reminder, el Jefé the Obama does NOT need congressional approval to bomb Syraq. Nope. You see el Jefé is above constitutional law and Congress and Obama operates under that goddamn ‘impunity’ motif.

Violence and NFL violence on the “bitch”, it’s the American way.




The spilled viscera of the human spirit stains the landscape in Syraq. Lebanon. Yemen. Libya. All across the great expanse of Africa. Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Balkans and Ukraine. Sri Lanka and Arthur C. Clarke would be stunned.

Then there is the obscenity that is Palestine. Palestinians are NOT obscene. Well except for abu Mazen. What a feckless if not insufferable prick. Palestine is one of our world’s longest running rapes ever. The Palestinian people are raped daily. By an inherently hideous soulless Israeli apartheid madness.

How might the human spirit blossom in a world so obsessed with brutality? Torturous insanity. Politically evil men that would sell their mommies for a buck. Politically evil men that would pimp out their daughters and do routinely. Squander their sons for material gain.

Raise up a child and then harvest that child for profit.

How uniquely American. You see, the business of America is war profiteering. War is the health of American Empire. America does war with a sick pathology that masks itself in “exceptionalism.”

The purveyors of war’s misery operate freely within the confines of ‘inside the Beltway’ and are celebrated as “pundits.”

The madness that America holds dear is astonishingly surreal. We are of course, operating under postmodern global war of terrorism rules courtesy of September 11, 2001 the day that changed everything. Which just so happens, anniversary day is Thursday hence. Thirteen years. It didn’t take thirteen years to hold the World War II war criminals to account.

How pathetic is that?

But considering that America executes it’s own children on the streets of Fergustan, Missouri or the streets of Sanford, Florida, or south side Chicago, or Long Island, New York, or Seattle, or San Francisco, or Compton, California, or just about anytown America, well, the viscera of the human spirit is spilled simply because.

America loves it’s violence. Embraces that violence with a vengeance. Media bombards the American experience with violence and celebrates the most violent offenders as NFL heroes.

The human spirit is now an endangered species. Quite possibly more endangered than whales or elephants or tigers.

The human spirit should conform or be obliterated by US/NATO. The human spirit may yet be obliterated by US/NATO simply because the US/NATO kills with impunity.

I really detest that impunity notion. On general principles and because the impunity notion reeks of American exceptionalism.