Let us all bow our heads and give “thanks” for America’s wars of naked aggression. Remembering of course that America’s presidents wage those wars of naked aggression with impunity.

It’s okay you see on account of ‘God blesses America’. No really, “God” does. If one is not about to take my word for the notion, have a hard lookit at America’s money. That good old fashioned currency of the realm. On all of America’s current currency it is printed, “In God We Trust” and the Obama seems to feel a need to invoke and declare, “may God bless America.” All the politicians say that. Meaningless drivel.

Evidently the “God” America trusts in is the ‘god’ of war.

Oh yeah, I am about “thankful” for that.

Let us all bow our heads and give “thanks” that America’s presidents unilaterally endorse the torture of our fellow human beings.

Okay and it might be making a serious stretch of the divine notion that “God” would unilaterally endorse torture. “God” would endorse war but probably not ‘torture’.

Let us all bow our heads and give “thanks” that America’s Gestapo killer cops are murdering young black men. Cause you know, those young black men are really scary and America has Darren Wilson’s word for that. Darren Wilson is a Gestapo killer cop and fully protected by Missouri’s legal system.


Ummm, thanks?

I’ll bet the family of now brutally murdered by cop Michael Brown will hold a uniquely different Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll bet the family of Trayvon Martin will have a Thanksgiving dinner eerily similar to the family of Michael Brown.

George Zimmerman? Watch your back son.

Let us all bow our heads and give “thanks” for an institutionally corrupt America. From the Office of President of the United States of America all the way down to a woefully racist Fergustan, Missouri Police Department AND St. Louis County District Attorney.

Oh hell, it isn’t just the PD Fergustan. Police Departments all across America are woefully brutally and wholly disinterested in rule of law and anything even remotely close to human decency.

Wasn’t it simply special that a killer cop in Cleveland, Ohio would hop out of his Gestapo cruiser and shoot to death a 12-year-old with a toy gun? Oh there is ample viral video of that outrage.

Pull up the viral videos of killer cops in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Or Portland, Oregon. Or Seattle, Washington. Philadelphia? Newark? Los Angeles? Kansas City? How about Boston’s Marathon Martial Law Lockdown/Shelter in Place festival celebrating quisling citizen simpatico with Nazism?

Yes, America has much to be thankful for. Or well, maybe not so much.

America will be serving up a heaping helping of football, nachos, alcohol,  deep-fried turkey, smashed potatoes, and tryptophan overdose with buckets of gravy. Sides of oysters and stuffed olive dressing then a brief timeout for more alcohol and then back to football and feasting.

Michael Brown won’t be celebrating this year. Nor will Trayvon Martin. However, Darren Wilson will celebrate being exonerated for a murder rap.

Happy Thanksgiving Darren Wilson, you murderously evil punk-ass piece of shit. I hope you fucking choke on a turkey bone. Of course it would be inherently better to be tried by a jury of your peers, declared guilty of murder in the first, and then hung by your redneck until dead. However, we shall see how events transpire and unfold as tomorrow grinds into the day after that…

God bless you Lesley McSpadden, you are in our prayers.


sympathy for the devil

America’s el Jefé Obama has “no sympathy” for protest. Okay, Obama was being specific on ‘violent protest’. Whatever.

Obama didn’t have much to say about a murderous cop. That would be Darren Wilson. Wilson, by his own admission, was “a scared little kid.” According to Wilson, “that nigga looked like Hulk Hogan.”

Turns out that Wilson and Michael Brown were on equal terms regarding physical size. Check the nonsense considered by the St. Louis County Grand Jury. St. Louis County Attorney released all the evidence related to Michael Brown’s murder by Darren ‘I’m scared’ Wilson.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch, went a way out of his way to insure that killer cop Darren Wilson would never be indicted for Brown’s murder. That’s how the system works.

Check the public records all across Police State America. Cops murder American citizens just about every day and with very few exceptions, are never charged let alone prosecuted for murder. American communities populated by people of color realize cops killing their own in a staggering disproportion.

So cracker and murderous cop Darren Wilson had the audacity to “interview” on ABCNews and “he’d shoot that kid again if he had the chance.”

Obama will host Darren Wilson at a White House soirée for murderer cops at an upcoming White House Rose Garden Especiale early in December. Obama is, evidently, going to award Wilson with a White House Medal of Appreciation for Killing Niggas.

Damn, that’s just cold. Damn, that’s just Obama being himself. Douche…

Okay so, the residents of Fergustan, Missouri are going to have take the judicial process upon themselves. Citizens Tribunals to hold killer cops to account. Well and fraudulently reckless and biased St. Louis County Prosecutor Bobby ‘white makes right’ McCulloch. Sure, an action such as that might not result in any actual consequences but damn, a Citizens Tribunal would certainly make some eye-popping headlines.

In the very least, Fergustan should turn up the heat on Fergustan’s PD AND Michael Brown’s murderer and that would be Darren ‘I’m scared’ Wilson. Wilson you see, lives in Fergustan, Missouri.

One last little anecdotal observation on Obama -

The “president” is one staggering if not dumb ass hypocrite. Obama can’t wrap his head around the outrage that seethes in Fergustan. Should some cracker-ass murderer cop pop a cap in one of the presidential spawn thereby ending Natasha’s or Malia’s life, well, I’ll bet President ‘no sympathy’ Obama will find some empathy for Michael Brown’s mother.

God bless you Mother and I mean you NO disrespect.

No justice NO peace!



Grand Jury says – “no charges.”

I’m not shocked.

I’m not surprised.

Cops kill with impunity. So it goes.

Cops are judge, jury, and executioner.

Why would America need a judicial system?

America does not need a judicial system.

Banal kabuki bullshit.

Barack ‘el Jefé’ Obama says “protest in peace.”

Hmmm, wasn’t Obama’s kid executed by cops in Fergustan. Wasn’t Obama on the receiving end of same old is same old.

Piss off el Jefé.

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights…

The right to life without fear of being executed by cop.

And to my Brothers and Sisters being harassed, brutalized, and murdered by political pigs in Fergustan -

Don’t burn down the Pizza Hut or Dotty’s Fine Fabrics, hell no way. Burn down the courthouse and the police station. Burn down the mayor’s house and hit that fucker where he lives. Same applies to the chief of Fergustan’s pigs.


It’s not that hard to figure out. Don’t let the likes of Gov. Tricky ‘jay’ Nixon dictate the terms of protest. Nor try to repress your righteous anger. Simply put -

No justice no peace!


why oh why

Barack ‘el Jefé’ Obama is, on the sly of course, keeping American combat troops in Afghaniscam. You know, after Obama maintained and rather adamantly that “he” was pulling American troops out of America’s longest bloodiest interminable quagmire ever. The American war criminal mistake Vietnam doesn’t even warrant a harsh silver medal second place.


Why would Obama do an about face and have to change up the quagmire scenario? I mean besides all the obvious reasons. You know, keeping the military/industrial complex satiated, keeping the war profiteers in the Imperial US Senate satiated, an absolute cavalier arrogance about the “sanctity” of human life, and of course narco-profitability.


Did you know that heroin is the refined end product of Afghan opium? Well that heroin sure as hell is. On an unrelated and completely irrelevant note, Afghan heroin is about the world’s purest if not most powerful heroin. Ever. More powerful than the China White heroin that poured from the Golden Triangle a way back in the days of Nam.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that addiction was fueling our global economy. Well addiction certainly is. Heroin addiction is a win-win for those CIA types and military officers looking to pad their retirement portfolios and political psychophants that ejaculate all over themselves when blessed with an envelope filled with freshly laundered and untraceable narco profits. See the current roster of Imperial US Senators for the current listing of all those turning bank over Afghan heroin.

Then there is the prison/incarceration/recividism postulate.

Obama is NOT keeping America’s combat legions in the wilds of Afghaniscam to make war on the Taliban. The entire population of this Island Earth is already fully up to speed on the abysmal failure of America’s war on the people of Afghaniscam. 13 years and counting. Trillions of taxpayer dollars and more on the way. Cooked warmly in a spoon then pulled gently inside a syringe fitted snugly with a 28 ga. needle and mainlined veinous for that simplistic relief that is American madness.

It becomes problematic when the ‘jones’ sets in. Addiction requires an endless feeding. For no other reason than to keep the dope sickness at bay.

The government of the United States of America is addicted to war and Afghan heroin. Trust me here, the madness is not about to end anytime soon. So as with all viciously addicted addicts, there MUST be an intervention. A serious and consequential intervention. The addict can head to rehab OR the addict will die. There is no gray area here nor middle ground. The war addict will drag anyone and everyone down with them unless there is an effective intervention.

A clock is ticking here and I may have highlighted that aspect prior to today’s highlighting. Possibly…


pennies and pounds

The White House Rose Garden May 2014 -

President Obama states, “the American military will have no combat role in Afghanistan next year (2015), and missions for the 9,800 troops remaining in the country will be limited to training Afghan forces and to hunting the remnants of Al Qaeda.”

Fast forward to November 2014 and -

American troops will have a direct role in fighting in the war-ravaged country for at least another year. American forces will carry out missions against the Taliban, other militant groups threatening American troops or the Afghan government, and obviously this is a broader mission than the president described to the American public back in May. Sourced to several administration, military, and congressional officials with knowledge of the decision. The new authorization also allows American jets, bombers, and drones to support Afghan troops on combat missions.

Obama’s “decision” to mission creep the quagmire Afghaniscam was initially “secret” and now the war criminal cat is out of the White House bag.

The endless grinder grinds on. Global War of Terror Upgrade 2.0. el Jefé the Obama is one lying son-of-a-bitch. But I think we knew that already…Page_1


Gen. David ‘wanna touch my man medal’ Petraeus is on the stump urging employers to hire returning veterans. Military veterans. Please to see the link that highlights Davy’s stumpage -

Okay and at this point please insert wild and thunderous applause and email kudos directly to Gen. Davy. Sorry, I couldn’t find a direct email address for Herr Generalissimo.

Hire veterans first and regular Americans that may have been searching, for years, for any half decent job can piss off. According to Gen. ‘man medal’.

Now for some perspective, America’s all Empire military is all volunteer. The meat heads sign on to serve America’s illegal wars of naked aggression. Following illegal orders to maim, murder, torture, and render asunder Mooselims. On account of 9/11/01. America’s endless global war of terrorism is all about 9/11/01.


Here is the adulterous Gen. Davy ‘man medal’ Petraeus out in the backcountry wilds of America pressing small business owners and other corporate concerns to hire those veterans. The “veterans” are special of course. The “veterans” are protecting Americans from Afghans, Iraqis, Yemenis, Libyans, Somalians, Syrians, and probably Chechens, Uzbeks, and slapnut Israeli settlers.

Maybe we should include Canadians, Mexicans, Aleuts, Mayans, and every last living soul in Venezuela. Those Venezuelans are especially icky. DID YOU HEAR THAT LES BLOUGH? America’s got a suspicious eye on Venezuelans and Les Blough.


Herr Generalissimo of the 4 Stars Davy ‘wanna touch it?’ Petraeus isn’t exactly a fitting poster boy for cheerleading hiring programs for returning veterans. Petraeus besides being a mass murdering psychopath, the man is a skirt freak, adulterer, and notorious reprobate.

As for Herr Generalissimo Petraeus’ adultery, google up Paula Broadwell . Ms. Paula actually wanted to see Davy’s ‘man medal’ in the flesh. Oh… ick!

However and for all those Americans of the brain dead persuasion, worship Davy Petraeus at your own risk. Gen. ‘man medal’ would sacrifice your children and not bat an eyelash. You see Herr Generalissimo was going to “win” in Afghaniscam and then he didn’t. Petraeus DID get a whole load of all volunteer Americans blasted to PTSD nirvana and isn’t that how the American Experience is supposed to work?

Well of course it is.


wow, go figure

“Our nation is a nation of immigrants. More than any other country, our strength comes from our own immigrant heritage and our capacity to welcome those from other lands. No free and prosperous nation can by itself accommodate all those who seek a better life or flee persecution. We must share this responsibility with other countries.

The bipartisan select commission which reported this spring concluded that the Cuban influx to Florida made the United States sharply aware of the need for more effective immigration policies and the need for legislation to support those policies.

For these reasons, I asked the Attorney General last March to chair a Task Force on Immigration and Refugee Policy. We discussed the matter when President Lopez Portillo visited me last month, and we have carefully considered the views of our Mexican friends. In addition, the Attorney General has consulted with those concerned in Congress and in affected States and localities and with interested members of the public.

The Attorney General is undertaking administrative actions and submitting to Congress, on behalf of the administration, a legislative package, based on eight principles. These principles are designed to preserve our tradition of accepting foreigners to our shores, but to accept them in a controlled and orderly fashion:

We shall continue America’s tradition as a land that welcomes peoples from other countries. We shall also, with other countries, continue to share in the responsibility of welcoming and resettling those who flee oppression.
At the same time, we must ensure adequate legal authority to establish control over immigration: to enable us, when sudden influxes of foreigners occur, to decide to whom we grant the status of refugee or asylee; to improve our border control; to expedite (consistent with fair procedures and our Constitution) return of those coming here illegally; to strengthen enforcement of our fair labor standards and laws; and to penalize those who would knowingly encourage violation of our laws. The steps we take to further these objectives, however, must also be consistent with our values of individual privacy and freedom.
We have a special relationship with our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Our immigration policy should reflect this relationship.
We must also recognize that both the United States and Mexico have historically benefited from Mexicans obtaining employment in the United States. A number of our States have special labor needs, and we should take these into account.
Illegal immigrants in considerable numbers have become productive members of our society and are a basic part of our work force. Those who have established equities in the United States should be recognized and accorded legal status. At the same time, in so doing, we must not encourage illegal immigration.
We shall strive to distribute fairly, among the various localities of this country, the impacts of our national immigration and refugee policy, and we shall improve the capability of those agencies of the Federal Government which deal with these matters.
We shall seek new ways to integrate refugees into our society without nurturing their dependence on welfare.
Finally, we recognize that immigration and refugee problems require international solutions. We will seek greater international cooperation in the resettlement of refugees and, in the Caribbean Basin, international cooperation to assist accelerated economic development to reduce motivations for illegal immigration.
Immigration and refugee policy is an important part of our past and fundamental to our national interest. With the help of the Congress and the American people, we will work towards a new and realistic immigration policy, a policy that will be fair to our own citizens while it opens the door of opportunity for those who seek a new life in America.”… President Ronnie RayGun July 30, 1981

Damn, you might get the impression that Obama ganked RayGun’s speech from a way back in the day. So and in conclusion -

Sen. Itchy McConnell and Rep. John Boner, SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! You feckless demagogues! Goddamn, how stupid are you two?