Somebody in the Obama regime called the prime ministerial king of the Jews, one Binyamin Netanyahu, a “chickenshit.” The observation is square on the mark and about damn time.

Netanyahu is way worse than chickenshit. The entire world knows that going in.

That “somebody” in the Obama regime called Bibi a chickenshit is more than chickenshit. Whomever said that should man up and own the remark. I applaud that fact that ANYONE in the Obama regime would FINALLY call a spade a spade refreshing. However, who said it?

There are times when truth is a bitter pill to swallow. For the Obama regimers that’s a certainty.

I’m posting a link here to an article in The Atlantic and written by Jeffrey Goldberg. Goldberg is a dyed-in-the-wool zionist and pseudo-intellectual warmongering suck up and I find the man mostly best to ignore. However, his take on the “chickenshit” remark is enlightening if not informative. You know, from a zionist perspective. Here comes the link with sufficient disclaimer inferred -

Read it or don’t read it. That doesn’t matter in the least. What matters here, the apartheid regime enthroned in Zionist Israel just might find itself isolated and alone on the global stage.

About damn time.

The Israelis are an evil that should be excised from Palestine. Palestine does NOT belong to Israel. Nope. Palestine belongs TO PALESTINIANS! Jeepers, it’s not that hard. Well it’s damn hard for the chickenshit Binyamin Netanyahu and just about all of Netanyahu’s feckless government. Supported by feckless Israelis that put the “Bibi” into Israeli government.

Hmmm, that chickenshit motif is spread far and wide across the illegal confines of pseudo-Israel.

Bibi is chickenshit. HAH! Is that about rich or what. Of course Bibi is one murderous war criminal and Palestinians knew that way before anyone in the Obama regime had that come to “chickenshit” moment.

The “chickenshit” observation fits rather nicely in Halloween week festivities. Trick or “chickenshit”?

In a world of grinding darkness, even the barest glimmering spark of hope shines for miles and miles.


the good the bad

First the good. Here is a link to one of the coolest short vids I’ve had the privilege to watch in a long time. Link -

The European Space Agency is just about ready to attempt a robotic landing on a comet. A comet! Is that about cool or what.

NASA can’t even get supplies to the ISS. Privatized space re-supply lays in a heap of exploded and burned wreckage on a now destroyed launch pad in Virginia. There’s some great video of that fiasco and I’m not going to bother linking to that. It is spectacular. A spectacular failure.

The ESA is in orbit around comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko with the ESA probe Rosetta. The ESA has decided a landing site and will make their attempt in early November 2014.

NASA can’t get into space. Period!

Once upon a time, the US owned space flight. That was a long long time ago in a galactic fantasy that did not see postmodern 9/11 histrionic America coming to hold sway. Of course America’s Air Farce has a super secret unmanned space drone that comes it goes super secret of course. Super secret unmanned Air Farce space drone does not “take” passengers. Or so the ‘leaked’ Air Farce memos to America’s facetious infotainment media concerns have obediently reported.

The ESA landed a probe on a comet. Damn, is that about cool or what.

The ESA produced one way cool video. Damn, is that about cool or what.

The Grand Old Republic of these here United States of America seems unable to whack a jihadi in the wilds of Syraq let alone shake the earthly bonds and touch the face of space. Oh yeah, all those “air strikes” on the ISIL/ISIS jihadis working cannibal mayhem a way out yonder in wasteland Syraq have managed to kill more Syrian civilians than actual ISIL/ISIS jihadi cannibals and doesn’t that just figure. Of course the US is NOT doing body counts on dead ISIL/ISIS jihadis so any and all reporting on dead jihadis and/or Syrian civilians is being calculated by NGO types that have the balls to actually do humanitarian service in a non-declared war zone.


US humanitarian intervention is NOT by any stretch humanitarian. US humanitarian intervention is a Kafkaesque nightmare of convoluted mishmash and propaganda doublespeak designed to keep Obama regime minions out of war crimes tribunals that just might be not too far off.


So there you go. Some way cool good and some hideously pathetic banality that is the daily gruel for election cycle America. Counting down to launch…six…five…four…

Or maybe hurl your lunch. Whatever.




The doctors and nurses that brave the perils of aiding those sick with ebola come back from their heroic assignments and are castigated by knee-jerk politicians that would score points at the expense of human suffering.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m of the opinion that the ebola plague working it’s horror in west Africa is a weaponized form of the disease being field tested. The US is certainly not above working atrocity exactly like the atrocity that is eating west Africa alive.

Think DARPA and CIA.

Most of the doctors and nurses working to save the afflicted in west Africa are in service to our shared humanity courtesy of Médecins Sans Frontières. Doctors Without Borders for those ignorant of the française. I’m one of those. Can’t speak the française and don’t care about speaking the française but, I respect the bejeepers out of MSF. The MSF doctors and nurses go to those icky and under siege places that are generally under a bombing campaign courtesy of US/NATO.

The US/NATO bomb quite cavalierly and with impunity. God I despise that impunity motif. I also despise the notion that it is entirely possible that the ebola plague is a weaponized form of collective punishment for ANY human. I’m also of the opinion that Africa is NOT a goddamn proving ground for US/NATO madness. That’s just me and I concede that.

Sorry, I’m grousing and off topic.

Gov. Chris ‘tub-o-guts’ Christie and Gov. Andy ‘fingers’ Cuomo have taken it upon their ever so gracious selves to quarantine health care workers coming back from west Africa where those doctors and nurses were aiding ebola victims.

Don’t get me wrong here, ebola is one deadly and dangerous disease. Weaponized and/or otherwise. However…

It becomes worlds of tyrannical and wildly histrionic to play political games at the expense of those doing the dangerous work of caring for fellow humans.

Being in west Africa and working under the conditions that the MSF doctors and nurses work under is grueling in and of itself. Then to come home for a break and get ordered into quarantine by a fat fucking pig like old ‘guts’ Christie or junior Cuomo so these two corrupt fuckers can score political points? BULLSHIT!

All that those two need do is google up the CDC website and every last thing those two assholes need to know is right there in cyber black and white. Dangers, risks, procedures, cause, and effects. You see, Christie and Cuomo are without excuse. They’re pandering to the lowest common hysterical denominator. Working up the twitchy homefolks so votes can be garnered and positions staked out and weaselly reactionary hypocrisy can be made to pay off.

Of course there is much of the current ebola hysteria to be placed at the clay feets of Obama’s “ebola czar.” Obama’s “ebola czar” is a lawyer. Lawyers tend to be as useless as teats on a boar hog. Did you know that Harvey Levin is a lawyer? Well he certainly is and seems proud to let you know about that. Think TMZ. Even still more irrelevant American trite and thoroughly useless distraction.

Uh-oh, digressed. Again. Sorry.

The doctors and nurses fighting the front lines of ebola Africa need a heroes welcome home and NOT an order to be quarantined. Those doctors and nurses KNOW FULL WELL what protection protocols need to be followed. Governors Fat Ass Christie and Junior Cuomo wouldn’t know a litmus stick from a needle stick to save their highly politicized asses. However, they’ll not worry about human decency or human rights as long as there are political points to be scored and voters persuaded to head to the polls in support of one fat ass dummy or one smarmy frat boy from Ciudad Albany, Nueva York.

Excuse me, I need a run outside and spit…

For distance.



Huzzah to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Just about the last moral beacon and sane voice left on this here North American continent. That would to include the entirety of North America.

Please to see the link -

What we have left in America, beside the voice of Dr. Roberts, would be clowns at the controls of American government. It really does not matter nor is there much difference between democraps or republicons. Both political parties are mere extensions of the one actual ruling political party in America, the War Party. NeoCons or Ziongelicals or War Profiteers, label these treasonous swine however you’d like. The “movers and shakers” are ubiquitous in service to Israel and THAT is treason.

Seems that news of Jeb Bush deciding to “run” for president has entered the ‘cycle’. Oh goody, another Bushco criminal. Republicon establishment… yawn…

Jebby just might invite Condolezza Rice to be his Veep. Oh goody, another Bushco war criminal.

The failings of American political establishment are glaringly obvious. Of course, one might by necessity need to be paying attention. The Great American Sheeple have a really short attention span.

Non existent? Oh hell, who cares…

Postmodern 9/11/01 global war of terrorism America is fractalized and disjointed. Red State vs Blue State Right vs Left paradigm and all of that bullshit is more distraction without meaning. Or relevance.

To think that Vladimir Putin has more to offer our miserably suffering world than ANYTHING el Jefé Obama could offer is sad. Sad from an American perspective. Current American geo-political incarnation offers our miserably suffering world torture, drone assassinations, bombing campaigns, bombast, duplicity, crap on a crusted crisp, and at best American “exceptional” offerings are banal if not sorely lacking in decency. Human decency.

To think that most of American historians find that Harry Truman’s nuclear atrocity on Japan was a ‘godsend’. The fire bombing of Dresden was humanitarian intervention at it’s hypocritical finest.

Should our postmodern miserably suffering world at some future point pull that global head out of that global ass, the US/NATO will be in for some much deserved blowback. As in a war crimes tribunal that would leave the Nuremberg Tribunal pale in comparison.

One can only hope… Pray? Whatever…



rule |ro͞ol|
1- one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere: the rules of the game were understood.
• a principle that operates within a particular sphere of knowledge, describing or prescribing what is possible or allowable: except in cases of presidential impunity.
• a code of practice and discipline for a religious order or community: see Israeli apartheid.
• control of or dominion over an area or people: see Israeli occupation of Palestine.
• (the rule) the normal or customary state of things: see Israeli war crimes committed on Gaza.

verbwith obj. ] 

exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people). see Israeli impunity.

Of course, “rules” do not apply except where it has been preliminarily established that rules may or may not apply unless agreed to by all parties involved or assumed to be applicable under ‘terms of previous agreements’ that may or may not hold “force of law” OR none of the above can be inferred to be relevant.

And or… whatever -



surreal existentialism

Or whatever.

If one is about the business of ONLY killing “bad” people, well, there you go.

Would a Palestinian-American (age of 14) throwing rocks at the Israeli Occupation Authority in Jerusalem, be deserving of death?

Existential threat.

Sure sure.




There will be killing today.

There was killing yesterday.

There will be killing tomorrow.

Just like clockwork.

Innocents die regardless of their deserving death or otherwise.

Men, women, children, it does not matter.

There is killing for the sake of killing.

Just like clockwork.

No rhyme to it.

No reason for it.

No justification whatsoever.

Tick tock a game is locked…