really freaking stupid

Today’s very brief raving is in tribute to Judge Roy Moore. Judge Moore is one stupid asshole.

The stupidity epidemic that has a stranglehold on America has reached critical mass.

Americans are really fucking stupid and the stupidity spreads throughout the nation.

To be moderately kind, if I can be so grandiose, maybe Americans are just grown really fucking lazy.




what it isn’t

Do you ever wonder what, exactly, it is that America does these days?

I mean besides war and torture and crimes against humanity and hubris and institutional corruption and being safe haven for wanton war criminals. Oh and I forgot being the tampon for Israel. Damn, that part really sucks. Absorbs?

Give it about a month and our world is going to find out that CIA assassinated Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov. The CIA does shit like that.

Give it about another month and coup d’état Ukraine will be a thoroughly failed state and the US will be responsible for that.

Can we feed Victoria Nuland to the ISIL/ISIS/FreeSyrianArmyCannibalsBrigade? The bleeding mess that is failing Ukraine is going to need a scapegoat. I’d bet that the maniac jihadis would relish the opportunity to have at Victoria Nuland. Maybe we could feed the freaks Nancy Grace to sweeten the pot.

I think it perfectly acceptable to put the blame for a failed coup d’état Ukraine on Victoria Nuland. That way el Jefé the Obama could “save face” and not have to ‘splain how the Ukraine disaster went south.

You see Empire Amerikana’s presidents never have to pay the piper for their world class fuck ups. Even when millions and millions of innocents have paid the ultimate price for Amerikan presidents being murderously stupid.

You know like how remarkably “well” the Afghaniscam turned out or Iraq or Yemen or Libya or Somalia or Diego Garcia Island. Diego Garcia Island is where the CIA runs an off-the-books torture chamber. Well and keeps the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

You know, these days that great experiment in democracy exercised by America seems a woeful failure. America sure as hell is NOT a democracy. America isn’t even a representative republic. Not any more.

Remember back when Ben Franklin said that “we’ve given you a Republic IF you can keep it.” I paraphrase of course.

The American people couldn’t keep the Republic. What America has these days is a rotting oligarchy that skirts the fascist fringe.

Oh well. “They” won’t actually let you feed a grotesque and treasonous bitch like Victoria Nuland to the jihadi cannibals. So there you go…



Please to note – Binyamin Netanyahu makes a claim that he speaks for all jews.

Damn, that has got to suck for jews.

Netanyahu’s prattle to a pseudo-joint session of America’s Congress was a straight up fucking disgrace. The stupid prick merely reiterated the same crap he’s been running on our world for about the last twenty years. Boring.

Israelis wonder why they’re “isolated” in the global community. Well, duh…

Apologies to S. Foster and a one and a two –

The Beltway jewboys sing this song

Judah, judah

The Beltway’s money trail to AIPAC is five mile long

Oh the judah day.

Goyim run all night,

Goyim run all day,

They’ll bet your money on a Bibi apartheid rag,

Somebody slap John Boehner.

Oh the long frilled senator with his hand in the bag,

Judah, judah

Lives in a mud hole and sucks Bibi dick,

Oh the judah day.

Goyim run all night,

Goyim run all day,

They bet your money on a war with Iran,

Get your affairs in order.

I went to Jerusalem to pray at the Mosque,

Judah, judah

Somebody blinked and let the jews rush in,

Oh the judah day.

Goyim run all night,

Goyim run all day,

They bet your money on a war with Iran,

Your kids are about to die.

End of musical codex.

Fuck you John Boehner. Fuck you Binyamin Netanyahu.

Dear Israel:

Get your sorry asses out of Palestine, PALESTINE DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU!!!


spuds and nuggets

Binyamin Netanyahu was received with a messiah’s welcome at the AIPAC soirée on Monday the 2nd day of March 2015. Speaker of the House Johnny Boner was hunkered behind the AIPAC podium while Netanyahu delivered his Sermon on the Monday to the AIPAC faithful. You see Boner was busy fellating the prime ministerial king of all jews while Netanyahu delivered his verbiage to the zionists.

You see, Speaker Boner is a bit of an Israel first stooge and thoroughly enamored with Bibi. Boner SHOULD be about the business of the American people but, the Boner is working an Israeli-centric agenda and so it goes.

Speaker Boner has really over played his gavel as Speaker. See the link –

I had to do some digging to get the quote from Baker. For some reason, Baker’s appearance on CBS Face the Nation and what he had to say has been buried.

Anyway, the mad apartheid king of all jews will deliver his ridiculous if not hysterical babble to that “joint session” of Congress on this fine evening and ‘Bibi’ will prattle the same bullshit he’s been spewing for years and years. Iran is six months away from dropping a nuclear weapon on Israel. Bibi has run that crap for well over twenty years.

Congress will hang on every word, ejaculate upon command by Bibi, swoon, poltroon, collect their AIPAC dividends, offer up thunderous applause, turn the blind eye to Israeli crimes against Palestinian humanity, and it will be just another day in congressional session deep inside the Beltway.

You see, enabling blood-crazed Israelis is what the United States Congress was created to do.

Okay, please to excuse me for just a second. I’ve got to exit out the backdoor to spit. For distance…



“They” pledge allegiance to the bombs of the United States of America.

Bombs dropped indiscriminately on whomever has fallen out of favor, Empire. Mostly those “bombs” fall on brown people.

To the Republic which sucks life from Planet Earth,

one Nation under the God of War, homogenized, industrialized, propagandized, and

liberty for the monied elite.

There is no justice for all.

Of course there’s ‘special’ justice for the upper crust and cops that kill because they can.

No justice no peace and what, exactly, is that supposed to mean?

There is no justice and there sure as hell is no peace.

There is no justice for regular folk whether black folk or brown folk or homeless folk or the children of homeless folk.

From sea to rising shining sea, it’s just another day in paradise.

Or whatever…