no big deal

According to el Presidenté Barack Hussein Obama, “Israel has the right to defend itself.” You’ll of course remember Obama, he would be America’s el Jefé?

Israel has the right to defend itself. From? Oh wait, those icky bottle rocket launching Hamas “terrorista” types.

Hamas doesn’t have an air force. Hamas doesn’t have the unequivocal support of an American war machine. Hamas doesn’t have the effeminate equivocatory support of an Israeli occupied US Congress.

Nope. Hamas has NADA! Hamas does have the courage of their convictions. Hamas does have moral authority. Hamas IS the legally elected government in Gaza. Gaza is now a pounded senseless ghetto.

Israel has no right to wage a war of naked aggression on the civilian population of Gaza. The genocide being wrought on Gaza by the Nazi Israelis is as illegitimate as it is immoral and war criminal. Period. Israel’s crimes against Palestinian humanity flies in the face of the Geneva Convention, the UN Charter, and basic human decency.

The silence that exudes from deep inside the Beltway Babylon is inhuman. How in the fuck does el Jefé give cover to the murderous Israelis and then have a quiet dinner with the First Family. I could imagine that dinner in the White House is one quiet affair. The Obama girls, Golda and Yentl, have to be up to speed on global affairs. They’d have to look at one another and know that their old man is a straight up coldly immoral monster that sanctions the slaughter of girls just like Golda and Yentl. I wonder if el Jefé told the Obama daughters that “Israel has the right to defend itself even when that Israeli defense is wanton and callous genocide.”

America is become a tedious and cavalier wasteland of self-satisfied cowards. Cowards that hide behind a banal canard such as “Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Hamas demands that Israel lift the blockade on Gaza that has existed for years. Hamas’ request is wholly legitimate. Israel’s response is to rain white phosphorus death on Gaza. Bomb Palestinian schools, hospitals, homes, playgrounds, neighborhoods, and any thing human or otherwise that moves.

“Israel has the right to defend itself.”


The global community stands condemned and shamefully so for standing on the sidelines watching Israel commit flagrant war crimes on Gaza’s people. Egregious crimes against humanity. The murder of women, children, and families.

Israel now has the right to be dragged kicking and screaming “you’re all aunty Semites” to the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

I fully understand that will not now nor ever happen. The global community is that feckless. American government is that feckless.

Welcome to our brave new world of emasculate cowardice. Justice is a notion for a bygone era and these are the days of a global war of terrorism that finds nation/states are the single biggest purveyors of murderous terrorism.


mambo jamboree

Those pesky darn Russians are up to no good. Again. Well, according to Obama regime.

You see and according to the superfluous goons that infest ‘Obama klan’, the Russians have unilaterally withdrawn from the 1987 INF Treaty. “This is a very serious matter.” Thus spake an unnamed Obama regime ‘spokesperson’.

1987’s INF would be the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Negotiated between Raygun Ronnie and Mikhail Gorbachev. Raygun Ronnie is dead. Mikhail Gorbachev is the last of the big time Soviet Union “Premiers.” The last commie standing. Wow and go figure.

“This treaty contributes to the security of our allies and to regional security in Europe and in the Far East,” added unnamed official.

It is worlds of curious that “unnamed official” made no mention of coup d’état Ukraine. You see, that little US devised cock up created the current civil crisis that plagues eastern Ukraine at present.

Anyway, the ‘Rooskies’ have gone to ground on 1987’s INF and all of sudden that is some manner of bad thing.

Can you say grasping at straws?

1987’s INF is passé. Only relevant to the extent that the Obama regime is working double overtime to paint the Russians as the bad guys here and our shared Planet Earth’s moderately sentient inhabitants are shaking their collective heads in utter astonishment at the brazen incredulity of Obama. You see the Obama regime simply can’t understand that our shared Planet Earth’s population no longer is buying the bullshit that Obama is selling.

Yes it is a pity that our world has finally come to the conclusion that America is a land on the rocks. As in crashed and foundering.

It most likely will not be too much longer and Vlad Putin’s Russia will call out el Jefé the presidential gangster and instruct the fool, pointedly, to put up or shut up. That is as it should be.

It is worlds of curious part two that the Russians don’t bitch whine and complain about all the weapons of mass destruction devised by the US. Probably an ancillary point but and/or maybe, it might be relevant. Maybe. Possibly. Whatever.

America’s el Jefé is one world class dumb ass and that much needs no debate whatsoever.


kill the beast it’s wounded

A way back in the day as the Nam raged and draftee Americans were coming home in body bags, US military kept up the pretense of “winning the war.” We all know now that was such treasonous and deceitful bullshit that when the Nam came to it’s illogical conclusion, the draft was ended and amnesty was granted to young Americans that had bolted for parts overseas so as not to have to kill or be killed.

Of course the Nam wound down and gruesomely so. Cambodia was bombed mercilessly and Laos was bombed mercilessly, Henry the K made any number of “secret” deals with the North Vietnamese and as the last bombs were falling over Cambodia and Laos, the US made for the exits Saigon. The military notion is lovingly called “BUG OUT!”

In all actuality, the US has never recovered from that debacle. Vietnam turns out was a quagmire of historically evil proportion and the US never got over it. So many war crimes and crimes against humanity and NO goddamn accountability. None and not any.

So here we are in the early years of the twenty first century and we find the US quagmired AGAIN in Asia. Afghanistan to be quite precise. The US has been at “war” with the Taliban since what, October of 2001? I do believe that is about absolutely correct. Quagmire or stalement or foreign policy disaster, whatever. The US is stuck and has not got a clue as to the extrication motif. Troubling no doubt. For the Obozo regime and not so much for me.

If one has been following the “official” Beltway program, there was and still is the Afghaniscam,  the Iraq War Vol. 2 Genocide on Iraqis the Mission Accomplished Version, drone warfare on Pakistan/Yemen/Somalia, and of course that ever so intrepid Humanitarian Intervention Libya. That little number cost Libya their civilization and whatever passed for normal under the ‘accursed’ Muammar Qaddafi. Of course we can’t forget the US suppling butchering hardware to the Free Syrian Army Cannibals Brigade. That’s turned out extra special for sure.

And then there’s coup d’état Ukraine. That’s the current crisis hysteria that has behind the Beltway all knickers in knots. Of course you’ve got the Israeli genocide on the Gaza Ghetto but that’s no big deal. The entire US Congress has signed off on that crime against humanity so, it’s good.

The Obozo regime maintains that the Russians shot down Malaysia Flight MH17. Pro-Russian separatists waging civil war in eastern Ukraine shot down MH17. Vlad Putin himself shot down MH17 with his bare hands using a surface to air missile battery. Usama bin Ladin shot down MH17 in an act of defiant resurrective defiance that has el Jefé the Obozo so cheesed off that he actually bitch-slapped SecDef Chucky for telling tall tales about the demise of Usama. Damn terroristas simply will NOT stay dead and dumped into the Indian Ocean.

The bottom line would be that whatever bullshit line the Obozo regime is vomiting forth in feeble attempts to sway public opinion and a very reluctant European Union, is going about nowhere at the speed of dust.

IF the Obozo really wanted to crank up a war with Russia he should just call out the Russian and quit acting like such a flaccid punk. The Obozo will get the US slaughtered and that’s a given. Hell, the US military has been unable to deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Were the US to tangle with the Russians, it will be an entirely different dynamic. You see, Europe is caught square in the middle of any US/Russian confrontation. The US is spread thread bare thin. Hmmm, I smell a dose of karma just over the horizon. I really would not like to see the US crank up a war with Russia. But, chips will fall where they are tossed. Maybe the Obozo will mount a war horse and lead the charge on Crimea. Can you say remember the Light Brigade?


silent sunday

There simply are not enough words to paint color on the horror our world faces on this here 27th Day of July 2014. Sunday. The high and wholly “day of rest.” Yeah whatever.

Genocide on the Gaza Ghetto continues unabated. Fuck Israel.

Madness rages in eastern Ukraine and Russia is NOT to blame. That Vlad Putin hasn’t unloaded on Kiev is testament to the world class patience of the man.

Hubris and abject bullshit flows from inside the Beltway and Obozo regime.

Today is a day of silence.

What the fuck is there left to say?


that disingenuous education

The Obozo regime is back to rendering histrionic accusations about Russia and Russian “adventurism” in Ukraine. Of course the Obozo regime offers no actual or verifiable intel regarding their accusations. Wow, is that about curious or what.

The State Department’s girly-girl that is woefully inept, made the accusation on Friday the 25th day of July 2014, that Russia had “invaded Ukraine.” That ridiculous remark was made by Marie Harf who is actually even more stupid than Jen Psaki. Psaki has been keeping a pronounced low profile ever since the dumb ass couldn’t, when pressed by “journalists”, highlight ONE US foreign policy success.

RUSSIA INVADED UKRAINE! Details will follow at some future time when relevant details are found.

In hopes of resurrecting an already beaten dead horse, the Obozo regime trotted out “THE” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. Oh yeah, here come the ‘big guns’. Dempsey maintains that Russia is firing on the Ukraine from Russia and there was even really impressive video showing Russian missile barrages being unleashed on Ukraine. Herr Generalissimo did NOT offer any substantive proof that the “video footage” was genuine or even credible. Herr Generalissimo went to great lengths to avoid making an actual “military assessment.” Curious. Oh yes and that fancy video footage was being run on CBSNews. Scott Pelley put on his best ‘paternal’ face to put credence to Dempsey’s prattle.

Here’s the bottom line. Should the Russians decide to dust Ukraine, Ukraine will be dusted faster than you can sing ‘Back to the USSR’. It is worlds of curious that the Obozo regime has failed to mention the collapse of the oligarch regime they (Obozo regime) installed in Kiev. Oh yeah, Ratso Yatsenyuk formerly the Prime Minister of Ukraine tossed in his towel and called it quits. Ukraine Parliament in Kiev voted a “no-confidence” motion on Petro Poroshenko’s illegitimate government and a full blown riot broke out in the Ukraine Parliament. American media concerns left that little breaking news nugget unmentioned. Can’t be a mucking up a half-assed propaganda campaign with a trivial nuisance like fact.

One more time it’s game, set, and match Putin. I’m thinking that Russia and Vladimir Putin who is the President of the Russian Federation, have had enough of US/NATO screwing around. Should the Russians decide to unload on the Ukraine, there is not shit the US or NATO will do about that. The idiot oligarch puppets acting all butch in Kiev have slaughtered more eastern Ukrainians than Israel has slaughtered Palestinians in the Gaza Ghetto. That’s some serious murder there boy.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey knows full well that US military is not up to tangling with the Russians. Let us hope that Dempsey has convinced the Obozo of the facts on the ground and the inescapable notion that Ukraine is not worth the life of even one American grunt.


free-falling in oblivion

Long Beach, California – 80 year old Tom Greer shot a woman burglar that had broke into Greer’s home along with her boyfriend. The pair attacked Greer and Greer managed to break free from the attack, grab his pistolé, and proceeded to shoot the woman burglar. Woman’s boyfriend got away. A neighbor is quoted as saying that he’d heard the man as saying, “feets don’t fail me now…”

The woman burglar had pleaded with Greer not to shoot her as, she was pregnant. The woman burglar is dead. The woman told Greer that she was pregnant and Greer maintains, “I shot her anyway.”

No charges have been filed against 80 year old Tom Greer. Late breaking LA news details the dead woman burglar as 28 year old Andrea Miller of Long Beach. Dead burglar woman’s boyfriend accomplice, one 26 year old Gus Adams also of Long Beach, is under arrest by Long Beach PD. Adams is being held on charges of murder and residential robbery. His bail is set at one million dollars and that is USD.

43 year old Eric Garner gets a chokehold from NYPD on Staten Island that terminated Garner’s life. You see Garner was selling untaxed individual cigarettes known as “loosies” out in the wilds of Staten Island. Selling ‘loosie’ cigarettes in New York will get you a death sentence from NYPD Gestapo executioners. Damn that seems harsh. In New York, the sale of untaxed individual cigarettes is “a seemingly quality-of-life offense.” I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Wednesday afternoon, the State of Arizona executed a man for a double homicide that happened twenty five years ago and that execution took an hour and 57 minutes.

Turns out contrary to all the bluster and ad hominem attacks on Vlad Putin and Russia by the Obama regime, US intelligence concerns will adamantly admit that Russia had NOTHING to do with the downing of Malaysia Flight MH17. Damn, that’s about a shocker there boy.

Turns out Israel will not reign in their genocidal rampage on the Gaza Ghetto and will keep killing Palestinians until the last Hamas freedom fighter is buried under piles of building rubble and the Imperial US Senate voted unanimously in favor of Israel’s war criminal genocide.

An Air Algerie is shot down over Mali and the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with that. The Obama regime is spitting rubber nickels out of spite.

Our world is coming unhinged. There is very little hope and there is very little that passes as ‘leadership’ in our postmodern under siege world. Death is a daily occurrence just about anywhere. Police brutality is become the norm.  A woman burglar pleads for her life after being caught cold, well of course she feels remorse now, but dude “shoots her anyway.”

Welcome to our depraved new world order. But don’t panic and not just yet. There is surely more excitement to come right around the bend…


executing human decency

The State of Arizona “executed” a convict on Wednesday the 23rd day of July 2014. Joseph Rudolph Wood was executed for one hour and 57 minutes. That’s how long it took for inmate Wood to be put to death by lethal injection. Turns out Arizona’s “lethal injection” execution motif is not worth more than fish guts.

Make no mistake, Joseph Rudolph Wood was a coldblooded murderer. Having killed his ex-girlfriend and the girl’s father in cold blood. Wood committed the murders in Tucson, Arizona back in 1989. Twenty five years ago.

Well time, the tides, and a visit to the executioner wait for no convicted man. However lethal injection is not necessarily an easy exit from this here mortal coil and considering that Wood is strapped to a jailhouse gurney while undergoing execution by lethal injection, taking two hours to die is torturously horrific.

Arizona prison officials could have stripped Wood naked and staked him to the ground out in the prison yard and let the sun do the State’s execution business. That would have been faster and certainly more humane.

Arizona Governor Jan ‘lame duck’ Graham maintains that “Arizona executed Wood in a lawful manner and that’s all that is important.” Graham didn’t have shit to say about Wood’s torture.

Now in a sick if not psycho-dramatic twist, the surviving members of the people Wood’s murdered back 25 years ago had this to say, “why didn’t Arizona give him (Wood) Drano?”


That crude remark was made by one Richard Brown who is married to one Jeanne Brown who was the sister and daughter of the people Wood murdered. 25 years ago.

Evidently Richard Brown didn’t feel that Wood suffered enough while being tortured/executed.

You see, the Brown’s have waited 25 years for their justice. 25 years have eaten their souls. The Brown’s are now totally bereft of human decency and any compassion or the milk of human kindness had curdled long ago. That’s how Arizona’s legal system works. Wood didn’t suffer enough. I watched Brown make his pronouncement with a profound sadness. I can’t imagine what the people went through but, I’m thinking that forgiveness would have left them less scarred than the Brown’s are today.

Maybe the State of Arizona should have let the Brown’s execute Wood. With a garrote maybe. Or a box cutter. The State of Arizona lets the Brown’s execute Wood and then the State of Arizona can prosecute the Brown’s for murder. The process continues ad infinitum far into an Arizona Dark Ages future and Arizona has a ‘growth industry’ for tomorrow.

Maybe Arizona could start executing prisoners by digging pits out in the prison yard and then they bury a condemned prisoner up to their neck in the Arizona dirt and cover the inmate’s head in honey and let the ants do the State’s dirty work. That would be cost efficient.

From an economic perspective, Arizona should probably return to using the guillotine. Quick and conceptual for sure. Arizona could sell tickets to watch executed heads roll and that would be a boon for Arizona. There are any number of Arizonans that would gladly fork over whatever the State would ask for a ringside seat. Arizona could lottery the right to pull the switch that drops the old guillotine blade. Arizona is about profit if Arizona is about anything.

Okay and what say America, are you up for a visit to the land of the Grand Canyon? Come on out and have a lookit at real angry crackers and bloodthirsty victims of a legal system that has failed those that are left behind whatever godawful crime is a waiting right around the next bend…