presidential portraiture

America’s el Jefé is off to Hawaii for X-mas vacation. Isn’t that special? Well of course that’s special. The beleaguered American taxpayer foots el Jefé’s tab every time. Yes, that’s extra special.

One might not be inclined to worry too much about the beleaguered American taxpayer. The beleaguered American taxpayer is clueless.




For a while anyway.

One can only scream and spit vitriol for so long.

No one “important” is listening.

No one “important” cares.

Not in the inner circles of ‘powerbroker AmeriKKKa’.

- – -

I wonder how the torturers feel?

Do the torturers sleep well at night?

Do the torturers have unsettling dreams of being tortured?

The torturers have certainly inflicted an inordinate amount of human suffering.

How might it feel to be made to believe one is drowning? While being chained to a torture table.

Do the drone warriors ever wonder about the children they kill without mercy or remorse?

Probably not.

Damn, that’s not normal.

Of course the entire notion of “empathy” took flight from the human experience a very long time ago.

- – -

I think, for a while anyway, I’m going to remain silent. What the fuck could possibly be left to be said?

Merry Christmas everyone.

“For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government shall be upon His shoulder.
And His name shall be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”…

from the toe-tapping little ditty ‘Messiah’ composed in 1741 by George Frideric Handel. Oh yeah and the Book of Isaiah chapter 9.

Prince of Peace? Yeah, whatever…

Humanity has brutally killed the ‘princes of peace’ for thousands of years.

So if “the government will be upon His shoulder”, well, might that mean atrocity, crimes against humanity, and torture are inspired by “God?”

What the fuck ever.




weirder than your usual weird

Quick, somebody needs to contact the Secret Service. No, really…

You see, and t’was probably those evil doers from CIA, have switched up “THE” Obama. Invasion Of The Presidential Body Snatchers?

That’s got to be the reason. Nothing else would make any sense and especially given the last six years of el Jefé’s feckless administration. Six years of emasculate ineptitude. Yawn…

Obama is lifting 55+ years of cold war seriousity and establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Say what…???

No way.

Yes way.

What the fuck?!?

Ronny RayGun started spinning in his grave and his spinning was actually recorded on seismographs all up and down the San Andreas Fault. Upon receiving the news of Obama’s rapprochement with Cuba of course.

I started out this fine day with my usual jaded perspective and expected to be able to cynically wander aimlessly through the day and wise ass in postmodern fashion and wow, I did not see the Cuba thing coming. Go figure.

Uncle Tom Obama actually surprised me and I applaud his efforts. Did not see that coming…

Now, is Obama off the hook for all the other ugly ass stupidity that is the hallmark of Obama regime? Nope.

Of course deep inside the Beltway Babylon, all the creaking old cold war warriors are sucking, if not gasping for, oxygen. Senator Demagogue Rubio (Retarded-Florida), was apoplectic. Uncle Cranky the Senator John ‘dementia’ McCain while blustering wildly about Obama’s “capitulation to thugs and goddamn Communists”, actually inhaled his lower dentures and had to be rushed from the floor of the Imperial US Senate and given a high colonic and a fresh set of clackers.

I love it when Uncle Cranky gets all indignant. What a buffoon. Uncle Cranky the Senator John ‘dementia’ McCain to this very day, refuses to take questions about his hanging with the Free Syrian Army Cannibals Brigade while eating raw human sushi in the outback Syria. McCain is a dumb ass if he is anything. McCain refuses to take questions about his “stay” at the Hanoi Hilton. That’s a touchy subject for Uncle Collaborator.

The United States is going to build an Embassy in La Habańa, Cuba. Wow… did not see that coming.

We are living in some postmodern screwy ass times. Mass murdering jihadis one day, torturing renditioned and illegally detained Mooselims the next day, enabling coup d’état Ukraine day after that, and then wham bam thank you Ma’am and we are good with the Cubans. Not Mark Cuban. The Cuban people will need be very wary of the corrupting influence of anything AmeriKKKan.

In finish we should probably quote Marge Shott, “well, there you go.”


tipping point

The horror our world endures on a daily basis has reached the point of untenable. Atrocity, political bastardy, disingenuous buffoonery, diplomatic hypocrisy, torture, and wars of naked aggression. I’m simply pointing out the everyday workings of the US Congress. Congress has gone on X-mas break so, everyone breath easy.

Judas H. Priest…

Babylon-On-The-Potomac, that’d be Washington, D.C., being at the center of barbaric genocide and various ‘other’ crimes against humanity stumbles along killing with impunity and acts of official torture that are mere foreplay for an ejaculating Dick Cheney. The stains on Cheney’s suits are a bit hard to conceal.

“Official” media concerns genuflect if/and/or/when Cheney graces their news programs with his evil presence.

Judas H. Priest…

Cheney is a war criminal and US media concerns give the arrogantly evil son-of-a-bitch airtime. You see, Cheney likes torture and Cheney especially likes it when some hapless bastard gets tortured by CIA chumps that obediently torture on command.

Nazis did shit like that. Torture and worse upon command. The Nazis had to face Nuremberg. War Crimes tribunal.

Of course the US government isn’t like Third Reich Nazis. Hardly at all.

Judas H. Priest…

In point of fact, US government is WORSE than Third Reich Nazis. AmeriKKKa is “supposed” to know better. Having signed on to the Geneva Convention and all of the Convention’s formats and reworking. AmeriKKKa is an original signatory to the creation of the United Nations. Read the UN’s original charter. Read the Geneva Convention. Read the US laws that forbid torture and wars of naked aggression.

Judas H. Priest and evidently none of that applies to Cheney nor any of the Bush regime’s war criminal minions. I’m not about to do another listing of that collection of treasonous fucks.

Problem would be, the Obama regime is absolutely no better than the Bush war criminals. Congress is not about to hold anyone to account and especially not themselves. The feckless and corrupt members of Congress are as guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity as would be Hans the last minion Nazi that was held to account at Nuremberg.

I suppose that the AmeriKKKan people are left to go vigilante on the war criminals. Hell, that’s what “Oath Keepers” did in Fergustan, Missouri. Armed vigilantism. I am not advocating ‘armed vigilantism’. Unarmed vigilantism, yes.

Harass the Bush regime war criminals and place them under citizens arrest. Harass the Obama regime war criminals and place them under citizens arrest.

Judas H. Priest, I know that’s not going to work and would more than likely get decent American citizens arrested by the Gestapo. Such actions would make for some interesting primetime viewing. No doubt.

I suppose it’s good to have a dream. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and look what that dream got Dr. King…


in your guts, you know he’s nuts

Not Barry Goldwater. Not even Ronny RayGun. Maybe the aforementioned were a weensy bit delusional.

Buckaroo Bush wasn’t nuts. Nope. Buckaroo was straight up stupid. Stupid can almost be lovable. Almost. However genocide tends to take the ‘lovable’ out of the equation.

Dick ‘wad’ Cheney is insane. Psycho-pathologically insane. War criminally sociopathic and wholly drenched in the blood of innocents.

If you spend the time and listen to Cheney, and you’ll have to suck it up just a bit while listening to Cheney, the fool actually believes he’s in the right. That is goddamn scary.

13+ years have came and murdered millions of souls since that fateful day. You know the day.

Remember remember that day in September…

Remember when Dick ‘wad’ Cheney ordered the US military to shoot down a commercial airliner over the wastelands of Pennsylvania? Oh yes he did. Cheney is that rank of a murderous freak.

The “official” dogma about ‘Flight 93′ is a flight of fantasy that defies human logic. The “official” dogma about 9/11/01 is a defining miscarriage of human reasoning that defies human imagination.

It is a given that Dick ‘wad’ Cheney defies the imagination that defines the notion of “human.”

The vile arrogance that is Dick ‘wad’ Cheney MUST be held to account. Justice demands nothing less. The millions of humans that have suffered, been tortured, and ended up dead on account of Dick ‘wad’ Cheney demand nothing less.

If the US can’t muster the political will to do what is the right thing regarding Dick ‘wad’ Cheney, well, the US will very soon be relegated to the dustbin of wasted enterprise.

The US hasn’t really held much in the way of political will for quite some time now. Well except the ‘will’ to wage wars of naked aggression and torture souls that happen to run afoul of CIA.

Hmmm, we are more than likely straight up screwed…


disgraceland dysfunctionality

The singularly most evil man to be found ANYWHERE on Planet Earth and that would be Dick ‘wad’ Cheney, was effusing pontifically on the Sunday “news talk shows” and damn, why in hell would the brainiacs of ABCBSNBCNNMSNBC news programming give Cheney air time?

Short answer would be, mainline AmeriKKKan journalism is comfortably in bed with war criminals and acceptably comfortable with crimes against humanity.

Yeah, Empire AmeriKKKa is flushed down a fascist rat hole so deep there is no ‘right of return’.

Cheney has no apologies for torture worked by the CIA.

Cheney said the CIA “very carefully avoided” torturing detainees during interrogations. How the fuck would Cheney “know” that? Cheney dug his hole deeper and then deeper.

“All of the torture that was authorized by the president (George W. Bush) was, in effect, blessed by the Justice Department opinion that we could go forward with torture without, in fact, committing torture.”

It is perfectly acceptable right about now to scratch one’s head and utter, under one’s breath of course, what the fuck?

And then and then…

On CNN’s ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’, John Yoo, a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General lawyer who helped write the memos from which the CIA drew legal justification for it’s torture program said, “the CIA may have gone too far.”

Oh yeah,” too far”? Yoo just blinked and is at this very minute seeking immunity from prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity in exchange for his “testimony” in any upcoming war crimes tribunal that might happen to coalesce .

Hang on everybody cause this just gets better by the goddamn minute.

Chuck Todd (NBC media whore) pressed Cheney on the CIA’s use of the practice known as “rectal hydration,” asking the former vice president whether he considered that torture.

Let’s be clear on the notion, “rectal hydration” is where the torturer jams a garden hose up the ass of whomever is being tortured and cranks on the water and the result is enema hydraulics.

Cheney acknowledged the practice was employed. That little nugget is admissible in a war crimes tribunal. Cheney qualified his admission of course with a weak ass “I believe that was done for medical reasons.” Yeah, one might understand why Cheney would want to “qualify” that stupid admission.

Cheney’s claim was rejected earlier this week by Intelligence Committee chairwoman Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California citing a statement from Physicians for Human Rights. There is “no clinical indication to use rectal rehydration and feeding over oral or intravenous administration of fluids and nutrients.”

See this link –

Okay and we’re just about at the big finish.

Cheney insists he was not particularly concerned about the prospect that some of the suspects being detained and tortured might be innocent.

“I have no problem with torture and crimes against humanity as long as we achieve our objective,” Cheney said, “and our objective was to get the guys who did 9/11 and to avoid another attack against the United States.”

You know on account of “al-CIAda” pulled off 9/11/01.


Cheney also disputes a claim in the Senate report that the CIA misled former President George W. Bush about the agency’s torturing people.

“Bush knew we were torturing,” Cheney said. “Bush authorized it. Bush approved it.”

There you go.

War crimes, crimes against humanity, high crimes and misdemeanors, treason, treachery, and the miserable son of a bitch (Cheney) actually figures he done good.

The entire Bushco regime needs be slapped in chains with appropriate binders for restraint, and sent forthwith to the International Criminal Court at the Hague and a proper war crimes tribunal convened. Of course el Jefé the Obama would fight that prospect tooth and nail. Sauce for a rectally hydrated goose would be sauce for a feckless Obama gander.