pennies and pounds

The White House Rose Garden May 2014 -

President Obama states, “the American military will have no combat role in Afghanistan next year (2015), and missions for the 9,800 troops remaining in the country will be limited to training Afghan forces and to hunting the remnants of Al Qaeda.”

Fast forward to November 2014 and -

American troops will have a direct role in fighting in the war-ravaged country for at least another year. American forces will carry out missions against the Taliban, other militant groups threatening American troops or the Afghan government, and obviously this is a broader mission than the president described to the American public back in May. Sourced to several administration, military, and congressional officials with knowledge of the decision. The new authorization also allows American jets, bombers, and drones to support Afghan troops on combat missions.

Obama’s “decision” to mission creep the quagmire Afghaniscam was initially “secret” and now the war criminal cat is out of the White House bag.

The endless grinder grinds on. Global War of Terror Upgrade 2.0. el Jefé the Obama is one lying son-of-a-bitch. But I think we knew that already…Page_1


Gen. David ‘wanna touch my man medal’ Petraeus is on the stump urging employers to hire returning veterans. Military veterans. Please to see the link that highlights Davy’s stumpage -

Okay and at this point please insert wild and thunderous applause and email kudos directly to Gen. Davy. Sorry, I couldn’t find a direct email address for Herr Generalissimo.

Hire veterans first and regular Americans that may have been searching, for years, for any half decent job can piss off. According to Gen. ‘man medal’.

Now for some perspective, America’s all Empire military is all volunteer. The meat heads sign on to serve America’s illegal wars of naked aggression. Following illegal orders to maim, murder, torture, and render asunder Mooselims. On account of 9/11/01. America’s endless global war of terrorism is all about 9/11/01.


Here is the adulterous Gen. Davy ‘man medal’ Petraeus out in the backcountry wilds of America pressing small business owners and other corporate concerns to hire those veterans. The “veterans” are special of course. The “veterans” are protecting Americans from Afghans, Iraqis, Yemenis, Libyans, Somalians, Syrians, and probably Chechens, Uzbeks, and slapnut Israeli settlers.

Maybe we should include Canadians, Mexicans, Aleuts, Mayans, and every last living soul in Venezuela. Those Venezuelans are especially icky. DID YOU HEAR THAT LES BLOUGH? America’s got a suspicious eye on Venezuelans and Les Blough.


Herr Generalissimo of the 4 Stars Davy ‘wanna touch it?’ Petraeus isn’t exactly a fitting poster boy for cheerleading hiring programs for returning veterans. Petraeus besides being a mass murdering psychopath, the man is a skirt freak, adulterer, and notorious reprobate.

As for Herr Generalissimo Petraeus’ adultery, google up Paula Broadwell . Ms. Paula actually wanted to see Davy’s ‘man medal’ in the flesh. Oh… ick!

However and for all those Americans of the brain dead persuasion, worship Davy Petraeus at your own risk. Gen. ‘man medal’ would sacrifice your children and not bat an eyelash. You see Herr Generalissimo was going to “win” in Afghaniscam and then he didn’t. Petraeus DID get a whole load of all volunteer Americans blasted to PTSD nirvana and isn’t that how the American Experience is supposed to work?

Well of course it is.


wow, go figure

“Our nation is a nation of immigrants. More than any other country, our strength comes from our own immigrant heritage and our capacity to welcome those from other lands. No free and prosperous nation can by itself accommodate all those who seek a better life or flee persecution. We must share this responsibility with other countries.

The bipartisan select commission which reported this spring concluded that the Cuban influx to Florida made the United States sharply aware of the need for more effective immigration policies and the need for legislation to support those policies.

For these reasons, I asked the Attorney General last March to chair a Task Force on Immigration and Refugee Policy. We discussed the matter when President Lopez Portillo visited me last month, and we have carefully considered the views of our Mexican friends. In addition, the Attorney General has consulted with those concerned in Congress and in affected States and localities and with interested members of the public.

The Attorney General is undertaking administrative actions and submitting to Congress, on behalf of the administration, a legislative package, based on eight principles. These principles are designed to preserve our tradition of accepting foreigners to our shores, but to accept them in a controlled and orderly fashion:

We shall continue America’s tradition as a land that welcomes peoples from other countries. We shall also, with other countries, continue to share in the responsibility of welcoming and resettling those who flee oppression.
At the same time, we must ensure adequate legal authority to establish control over immigration: to enable us, when sudden influxes of foreigners occur, to decide to whom we grant the status of refugee or asylee; to improve our border control; to expedite (consistent with fair procedures and our Constitution) return of those coming here illegally; to strengthen enforcement of our fair labor standards and laws; and to penalize those who would knowingly encourage violation of our laws. The steps we take to further these objectives, however, must also be consistent with our values of individual privacy and freedom.
We have a special relationship with our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Our immigration policy should reflect this relationship.
We must also recognize that both the United States and Mexico have historically benefited from Mexicans obtaining employment in the United States. A number of our States have special labor needs, and we should take these into account.
Illegal immigrants in considerable numbers have become productive members of our society and are a basic part of our work force. Those who have established equities in the United States should be recognized and accorded legal status. At the same time, in so doing, we must not encourage illegal immigration.
We shall strive to distribute fairly, among the various localities of this country, the impacts of our national immigration and refugee policy, and we shall improve the capability of those agencies of the Federal Government which deal with these matters.
We shall seek new ways to integrate refugees into our society without nurturing their dependence on welfare.
Finally, we recognize that immigration and refugee problems require international solutions. We will seek greater international cooperation in the resettlement of refugees and, in the Caribbean Basin, international cooperation to assist accelerated economic development to reduce motivations for illegal immigration.
Immigration and refugee policy is an important part of our past and fundamental to our national interest. With the help of the Congress and the American people, we will work towards a new and realistic immigration policy, a policy that will be fair to our own citizens while it opens the door of opportunity for those who seek a new life in America.”… President Ronnie RayGun July 30, 1981

Damn, you might get the impression that Obama ganked RayGun’s speech from a way back in the day. So and in conclusion -

Sen. Itchy McConnell and Rep. John Boner, SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! You feckless demagogues! Goddamn, how stupid are you two?


he came, he saw, he equivocated

Please to see the link coming up about right here -

“Egyptian prosecutors have officially asked the Cairo Criminal Court to sentence the country’s ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders to death.

Prosecutor Emad el-Sharawy said on Wednesday that Morsi and his aides must be handed down the death penalty on espionage charges…”

The legitimate and democratically elected president of Egypt, being duly deposed by a military junta of pharaonic goons and CIA lapdogs, is to be put to death. For ESPIONAGE?

espionage [ˈespēəˌnäZH-ˌnäj]


the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information.

Well it’s no wonder Egypt’s military junta is virally pissed off. Morsi was spying. On Egypt’s military junta? Hmmm, could very well be.

If you ever considered that the ISIL/ISIS jihadi cannibal bastards were evil fuckers beyond human redemption well…

If you ever considered that Hamas, the legitimate and democratically elected Palestinian government in Gaza, were evil fuckers beyond human or Israeli redemption well…

If you ever considered that those nasty Axis of Evil Iranians were icky and evil fuckers beyond human redemption and wholly unworthy of any manner of a diplomatic solution for any reason well…

Not a one of those already mentioned evil fuckers can hold a candle to Mohamed Morsi, the duly deposed President of Egypt.

According to Prosecutor Emad el-Aharawy anyway.

It is worlds of curious that Egypt’s military court would accuse and then demand a death sentence for President Morsi for espionage. That’s what’s loving known as ridiculously steaming crap on a crushed Egyptian crisp.

You see Egypt’s military junta will put Mohamed Morsi to death and the dumb bastards are on a world class fishing expedition for ANY rationale that might stand as plausible under the excruciating light of international media examination. It is commentary on the weak ass sham of a prosecution/persecution of Mohamed Morsi that he would be put to death for “espionage.”

Of course the Beltway Enablers of Egypt’s military junta/goon squad will whistle softly and look the “other way” while President Morsi is executed.

That is exactly the lesson taught to piss ant Third World dictator types and military junta goons at Fort Benning. Fort Benning is the locale for the School of the Americas. Fort Benning is in Georgia. Columbus, Georgia and not Georgia of the Caucasus region of Eurasia. The Caucasus Georgia tends to squeal loudly each and every time they piss off the Russians and then get their asses handed back to them for being stupid enough to listen to CIA whisperings.

Oh yes and, Egypt’s junta commissar is one Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and he IS a graduate of that School of the Americas that was mentioned back a paragraph or so.

Goodnight President Morsi, Egypt it turns out, is not worthy of your service or sacrifice.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve found a way to graphic in a tradition that brings to mind the work of Ralph Steadman. Steadman is a world class artist and one of my personal heroes. That and the man is good. World class good.

May the Good Lord Bless you and keep you Ralph Steadman…


insecurity in the age of injustice


Missouri Gov. Tricky ‘jay’ Nixon has declared a state of emergency and activated the Missouri National Guard in advance of an announcement by the St. Louis County Grand Jury’s decision on whether Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson will be charged in the August shooting of Michael Brown. The state of emergency will last 30 days.

Hmmm, “activating” the National Guard is not a state of emergency. “Activating” the National Guard is a declaration of martial law.

Please to see any and all reports, articles, commentary on Massachusetts Gov. Servile ‘dewey’ Patrick’s declaration to ‘shelter in place and Boston Marathon martial law lockdown’. What a freaking Gestapo circus that turned out to be.

It would seem that Missouri Gov. Tricky ‘jay’ Nixon has an inside advantage to any St. Louis County Grand Jury’s deliberations. I was under the impression that ALL grand jury deliberations were secret. Possibly I’ve been misinformed about grand jury deliberations. There are any number of inordinate jurisprudential curiosities happening all across these here United States of America these days.

It is entirely possible that el Supremo Jurisprudent Antonin Scalia proffered Missouri Gov. Tricky ‘jay’ Nixon an inside track into St. Louis County Grand Jury deliberations. Possible and yet, not necessarily probable.

Either way, the family of Michael Brown is grieving the death of their son at the hands of Fergustan, Missouri’s Gestapo and justice for the Brown family is a media freak show. Killer Cop Kabuki and Obscene Theater of the Absurd.

Of course we all need to remember that Missouri is the ‘show me’ state and it will be incumbent on Missouri to ‘show me’ the justice.

Of course we all need to remember that a martial law countdown clock is ticking.

Tick tick tick tick tick…


all is said and done

Petro Poroshenko outlined how he is planning to win the war in East Ukraine:

“We will have our jobs – they will not. We will have our pensions – they will not. We will have care for children, for people and retirees – they will not. Our children will go to schools and kindergartens… theirs will hole up in the basements. Because they are not able to do a thing. This is exactly how we will win this war!”

“They” would be Ukrainians of Russian origins.

Petro Poroshenko is the illegitimate president of Kiev. Yes, Kiev. Poroshenko came to power in Kiev courtesy of a coup d’état sponsored wholly by the US government. With NATO playing lapdog and weapons supplier to the Nazi goons working for the Kiev junta.

You see, Poroshenko is cutting off all Ukraine government services to eastern Ukraine. Pensions and electricity. Water and whatever.

It is moderately curious that Poroshenko concedes that there is “war” in eastern Ukraine. That would properly be known as ‘civil war’. Which happens when oppressed people are fed up with government oppression. Well and crap like having their pensions suspended and the power shut off. Well and schools bombed, hospitals bombed, everyday and innocent people being murdered by government goons.

Wow, that almost sounds like Fergustan, Missouri. Almost no doubt but, not yet…

So Poroshenko has finally put his cards on the table and all the world will get to see what happens next. I would venture that Russia will not sit idly by while the Nazi goons ensconced in Kiev play ethnic cleansing with Russian Ukrainians.

We might just be at the opening salvos of World War 3.

Hold on to your butts Europe, you are of course and naturally on the front lines.

Hmmm, maybe the pending riots in Fergustan, Missouri would be the opening salvos for World War 3.

Nah, the world doesn’t care what happens in Fergustan.

The world doesn’t care what happens in Palestine either. That would NOT be Palestine, Texas.