official mythology

According to the departing Foggy Rasmussen of NATO, 10,000 NATO troops “should” be sent into Ukraine. Of course you’ll remember Ukraine from that ridiculous coup d’état that cranked up a way back in November 2013. See the link I’m posting which is an excellent timeline for all the bullshit that is coup d’état Ukraine. Oh yes and let us salute Vichy Nuland for her undying commitment to fascism.

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Should the US/NATO inject 10,000 troops into Ukraine, well, World War III will be on and rightly so. The Russians have been pushed about as far as President Vlad Putin is going to allow the Russian Federation to be pushed.

An endless stream of hyper-jingoistic effluent has flushed from the official media sources concerning Ukraine. New York Times and the Washington Whore Post and ABCBSNBCNNMSNBC. Propaganda so distorted as to cast all the previous propaganda into an amateur category of ridiculous. The New York Times condemns Russian “invasions of Ukraine” and offers not a shred of verifiable proof. None. Evidently America is simply supposed to believe what the New York Times cranks out because it’s the New York Times.


Here’s the thing – Europe. Oh yeah. Should the Russians decide that enough is enough, well, Europe is directly in the crosshairs of sanctions and other miscellaneous insults heaped on the Russians. The dumb ass Polish government refused to allow a Russian airliner to fly through Poland’s airspace. A common courtesy given just about any nation on our Planet. You should understand that the Polish government acts under the directions of Obama regime. Russia made note of Poland’s bizarre antics.

One thing is for certain, the Russians are NOT punks. The Obama regime was banking on a misconception that the Russians would punk. To think that “official” Washington would gamble the very existence of our shared humanity on a game of punk the Rooskies.

The US/NATO brain trust goofs are out of their freaking minds. I’m not alright with Beltway assholes playing chicken with our shared future.

The other day Obama chimed in that “he has no strategy.” Yeah sure, he was blathering about the ISIL/ISIS cannibal jihadis. But given Obama’s inept handling of “crisis Ukraine”, well, Dear Obama is clearly out of his depth.



Mr. and Mrs. Prouder Enshit of Scratchandsniff, New Jersey, decided to take Horace Greeley’s word on the matter and head west. All the way west. Mr. and Mrs. Enshit of Scratchandsniff, New Jersey, took “the” grand western tour. All the way as far west as one can get in the contiguous United States of America. California. The land where what ain’t fruits is nuts. Disneyland don’t you know. Then the tour continues from Anaheim and heads to Las Vegas. From Vegas the trail heads to US 93 and after the Hoover Dam Passage, well, one is landed in Arizonastan. US 93 south and heading slightly east from Vegas towards Kingman, Arizonastan is one desolate stretch of highway. Don’t get me wrong here, it is beautiful desert country. But, along US 93 there are spits and stops that cater to the touristas and hopefully the spits and stops can get the touristas and boneheads from Scratchandsniff, New Jersey to stop and deposit some cash.

May I introduce you to ‘World Famous Last Stop Arizona’. Quaint little biker bar, burger stop, and gun range. There are signs posted along US 93 that herald the opportunity to “shoot a .50 caliber machine gun.” The Last Stop Gun Range will let one shoot a .50 caliber, AK-47, Uzi, M138 Howitzer, and if you’ve got those really “special” connections and the cash to spare, the Last Stop can arrange for the discriminating tourista to set off a nuke. There is not much along this stretch of US 93 and the detonation of a small yield nuke is no big deal.

For the east coast touristas taking “the” grand western tour, well, firing off for real and no shit automatic weapons after seeing Disneyland and Vegas is a no-brainer. The Last Stop packs the crackers in like sardines heading for a well oiled can.

For Mr. and Mrs. Prouder Enshit of Scratchandsniff, New Jersey having packed up the family and jumped whole-hog into that grand western tour, lighting up a night sky with automatic weapons fire is like a lifelong dream come true. Automatic weapons are not so prevalent in New Jersey. Or so the rumor holds. That rumor holds no sway a way out here in the Arizonastan. God, guns, and cows is what passes for the American way. Out here in the Arizonastan, AK-47’s are a staple. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner w/dessert. Oh yes and, Uzis are a bit swishy for the locals.

Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Prouder Enshit of Scratchandsniff, New Jersey pull into the lot of the ‘World Famous Last Stop Arizona’ for some grub and the chance to fire them machine guns. Everyone gets to fire them machine guns. Men, women, children, and even blind men, women, and children hold that 2nd Amendment right to unload a clip of ammo at 16 bullets per second.

‘World Famous Last Stop Arizona’ provides world class “certified” instructors to guide the touristas “safely” through the machine gun firing drill and after everyone has signed off on the proper ‘waivers’ well let the fur commence to fly. Fur, fire, wood chips, and brains.

You see, Mr. and Mrs. Prouder Enshit of Scratchandsniff, New Jersey thought it would be cute to have their 9 year old special princess fire off an Uzi. Princess seemed to like the notion. Mr. and Mrs. Enshit thought the notion so grand they got out the video cam and recorded the entire training and firing session. Oh yeah, all of it. Right up to where Princess loses control of the Uzi and pops Instructor Charles Vacca right in the head. Princess squeezed the Uzi trigger just like Vacca had instructed her. The recoil wrenched the Uzi upward, and Vacca was shot in the head.

It’s called “gun tourism.” Isn’t that special? Well of course that’s special. Well maybe not for Charles Vacca. He’s dead. Hmmm, maybe not for Princess as she’s got a lifetime ahead of her to ponder how such a small weapon could kick like a goddamn mule.

‘World Famous Last Stop Arizona’ denies all culpability in the matter. Those assholes are simply trying to scratch out a living along US 93. Well and help dummies like Mr. and Mrs. Prouder Enshit of Scratchandsniff, New Jersey have a rootin tootin guns blazing GRAND western tour. Hey Mr. and Mrs. Enshit? How’s that vacation turning out?


boomer nation

Are you one of those? You know, a baby boomer. Born after World War II the big war. Up to year 1964. According to several and various “authoritative sources”, the era of boomers falls to those born between 1946 and 1964. Holy crap, I am one of those.

Gosh, remember the Summer of Love? Oh those were some heady days. Halcyon days of…

dope. Smoking dope and lots of it.

I am one of “those.” A ‘boomer’ and I can reassure everyone, time really flies when one is having fun. That is the theoretical conjecture. There are days when ‘fun’ seems contextually unrelated.

According to the whiz-bang US Census Bureau, there are 76 million baby boomers scattered hither and yon all across the America. Give or take the number of boomers that can still stand erect.

Tucked neatly within that 76 million number are all those Vietnam Vets. The last of the “drafted Americans.” America doesn’t hold a draft these days. Pity that. I am a firm believer in national conscription. That might seem wholly at odds with being antiwar. Trust me on this, it isn’t. Nothing will galvanize an antiwar movement like the draft. Yes, I catch much criticism being pro-conscription.

If one hasn’t internalized the “experience” of being drafted, one can shut the fuck up. About war and championing war and profiting from war and ignoring those that serve the wars of Empire and then get back home to be summarily dismissed as irrelevant. Drafted and lost a leg? Yeah Homer, that’s about tough. Volunteered to fight that ‘global war of terror’ and lost a leg? Yeah Homer, that’s about tough.

I was “drafted” back in July of 1969. That is a story for another day.

Baby boomers. We are 76 million strong. Boomers are 24% of the total US population. According to the Census Bureau. Boomers are almost 25% of America. One quarter of ‘we the people’.

Boomers have enough numbers to raise some voice. Theoretically anyway.

How about 76 million boomers stage a redo of the Summer of Love? I’m just saying.

According to the numbers, there are 38 million female baby boomers. Wow, half of all baby boomers are women. Go figure.

Boomers need to remember our roots. There’s 4 dead in Ohio and these days that’s not much at all.

Those 38 million female baby boomers did NOT have to worry about the draft. Nope. They had to worry about the guys that came back.

Did you know that half of all boomers are women? Do the math. Boomers are evenly split between men and women.

I’m not going anywhere too specific with my conjecture. However, there are enough boomers scattered here and there to pull off one eye-busting love in. That would be something to behold.

Let it all hang out…






dreams impossible?


“Peace breaks out and, no one seems to know what to do…”

There are reports that the warmongers and war profiteers are heartbroken and as a precautionary measure, they have all been placed on suicide watch.

Israel’s prime ministerial king of Likud Jews, one Binyamin Netanyahu, is reported as being confused and pleading for “strong soap to wash off the spots.” Ancillary reporting does not indicate what any of Netanyahu’s rambling may in fact mean.

The United States Secretary of State, one John Kerry, has been reported as MIA. The man’s whereabouts are unknown and there is not ONE “official functionary” in all of Babylon-On-The-Potomac that was aware that Kerry had been reported as missing. Go figure.

Department of State spokesperson, one Jen Psaki, broke down in tears at a State Department briefing and as she ran from the press room she is quoted as screaming, “I don’t know UAE from Egypt and whose Air Force belongs to whomever. I’m a talking head and you can’t hold me to account for being vapid.”

It’s good to have a dream and it really doesn’t matter how surreal or utopian that dream might be. Why, one can indulge on the festive side of fantasy and still keep one toe in the horrific murk that is our everyday.


American jihadi killed fighting with the ISIL/ISIS lunatics in “northern” Syria is named ‘Douglas McAuthur McCain’. Wow, if that’s not about on the bizarre side of ironic I could not tell you what might be.



ticket to ride

If one happens to be american, well, we americans are livin’ la vida loca for sure.

Well maybe not Michael Brown. Maybe not Trayvon Martin. Maybe not Michael Hastings.  Maybe not Nick Berg. Maybe not Leonard Peltier. Maybe not Edward Snowden.

Maybe not any american that lives outside the pomp and circumstance of privilege.

Are you feeling the perks of living in the ‘land of the free’? Do you feel safe in the ‘home of the brave’? I’m not certain what’s supposed to pass for bravery these days.

Are you sleeping comfortable at night knowing that the Gestapo State Paramilitary Police are a quick 911 phone call away. Or maybe they’re closer than you might think. MRAP’s thundering down your streets making rock’em sock’em holes in the asphalt that you’ve paid for. On account of some scary young black kid intimidated the local Gestapo and the Gestapo had to shoot the kid for being on the felonious side of large.

Remember how the Boston Gestapo geared up after that Marathon Bombing Martial Law Lockdown and the Gestapo were on the streets faster than Boston first responders could clear away the “wounded.” In the aftermath of a martial law clusterfuck of epoch proportions, Bostonians were cheering the Nazis as if Hitler himself had called in to say “Sieg Heil!”

Did you happen to catch Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Gestapo killing homeless men for laughs? Seattle’s Gestapo is under Federal receivership for wanton brutality and civil rights violations that almost qualified for prosecution by a Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

We are having us some fun now. Oh yeah.

How can one not enjoy life in a nation that indiscriminately tortures Muslim men, women, and children for CIA laughs. Bombs innocent Muslim men, women, and children because america’s el Jefé figures “that’s the way we do it.”

How can one not enjoy life in a nation that would provide slick-shit weaponry to Likud Jews so those insane Likud Jews can work genocide on Palestinians? I mean really. Of course all that weaponry comes with special attached monies that are courtesy of a wholly corrupt US Congress.

Yes, you probably bought the ticket now enjoy the ride.