a man from Mars arrived

on Planet Earth and

considering that a man from Mars is

strictly ANTIWAR, well,

what a bitter disappointment to have arrived

on a Planet Earth so utterly

barbaric and

hostile and

murderous and

savage and

intellectually stunted and

warlike stupid.

so a man from Mars caught

the very next bus for




church lady pole dancing

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen caused a bit of a stir by announcing that America would be better off IF Americans were to get their asses back to church. Now, Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen is Mormon. Mormons are way out of a Christian mainstream.

Don’t take my word for any of this, ask any Southern Baptist. Go ahead I dare you.

Allen (Retarded – Snowflake) derailed a discussion on gun legislation in an Arizona Senate committee meeting by expressing her support for mandatory church attendance nationwide. Arizona Legislature is ALWAYS discussing guns and legislation. So when Allen made her remarks, well, the committee meeting jumped the tracks.

“Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth,” Allen said during a Senate subcommittee meeting on Tuesday. That would have been Tuesday the 24th day of March 2015.

Arizona State Senator Allen is more than obsessed with ‘moral erosion’ in America. What with liberals and gays and Mooselims and Iranians and Mexicans and unwed mothers and brown people in general and anyone that doesn’t believe as Senator Allen believes, ‘moral erosion’ is a plague on God’s green Amerikkka.

Isn’t it nice that the church lady is “concerned” about Amerikkka? Arizona’s genius legislature just gutted the Arizona education system and cut school budgets to the point that school districts all across Arizonastan will simply have to close. There’s no money to be made for Arizona by educating Arizona’s children and yes, gutting the education system was by design.

But ‘moral erosion’ is THE problem facing Arizona and Amerikkka. It is more than a little curious that Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen just woke up to moral erosion in Amerikkka. Amerikkka is morally corrupt and legislatures are to blame. Congress is to blame.

Sylvia Allen didn’t have shit to say about Amerikkka torturing brown folk or cops killing black Americans or political corruption or the wars or the Bushco war criminals. I asked Her Highness the Senator Allen and I’m gutter trash for asking questions of the insipid bitch. Oh yes, I emailed questions to the stupid cow and you can too if you’d like.

Here’s her legislative email address –


unspeakably stupid

Ted Cruz is stupid. John McCain is hypocritically stupid. Itchy McConnell is treasonously stupid. John Boehner is so politically stupid he should be shot in the head by a military firing squad. On the National Mall of course.

Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz is duplicitously stupid. Hillary Clinton is an establishment Republican. Barrack Hussein Obama is pathetically stupid. Well and the shiftless boob is murderously evil. Did you read where el Jefé said “I should have closed Guantanamo on day one.”

Fuck you president limp dick! You do NOT deserve an opportunity to play ‘reflective’. Shoulda coulda woulda is bullshit.

State Sen. Sylvia Allen, (Really Retarded – Snowflake) has introduced legislation into Arizona’s legislative session (HB1666) that would require the State of Arizona to establish an “Official Christian Church of Arizona.” Allen’s legislation defines what is acceptable Christianity, whom is acceptable as an Arizona Christian, certifies gun privileges with legal exemptions for use of firearms on Arizona’s heathen, and requires all Arizonans to ‘convert to Arizona christianity’ or face a headshot to be administered by Ms. Allen.

See link –

Puritans are stupid. Political Puritans are fucking stupid and inherently dangerous to children and all other living things.

I’m thinking that I’ve had about all I intend to put up with from Puritans, jihadis, Kochsuckers, and Zionists.

Wow, who could have thought déjà vu so redundant.



head shot ted OR support the committee to rendition

Important news to report. Damn important news to report. Dig deep and dig double deep in those pockets, under the couch cushions, pennies laying in parking lots, and spare change your neighbors!


Please to see the link –

Yes my friends, this project is that important. Snag that scurrilous piece of shit Dick Cheney off whatever street he may in fact be found wandering and then call the “official” Cheney Snag Team. There is a dedicated phone line for reporting the whereabouts of the Dick and as soon as the dedicated phone line is declassified by Verizon, well, I’ll be able to post that number right here on the D’sGG. Well, after it’s all been cleared by subCommandanté TS.

It is unfortunate that there is an air of ‘clandestine’ that will have to hold sway for the next little while. The CIA is not wholly on board with the project to rendition the Dick. The CIA is close but not quite there. I had no idea that the CIA could hold a grudge with a former Veep.

Veep is acronym for vice president. Of these here United States of America?

Anyway, details will be made available as the details are made available.

Okay and now, back to ‘Tales of Canadian Opie’.

Did you know that Canadian Cruz is going to resurrect the Constitution of the United States of America? All by himself. Miraculous no doubt. Evidently America has wandered far and wide from that sacrosanct amendment that mandates the separation of church and state.

That would be the First Amendment and the lead off Amendment to America’s Bill of Rights. The separation of church and state confuses Canadian Cruz no end. However Canadian Cruz can be afforded some minor forgiveness. The stupid fuck is Canadian.


postmodern frontierior

Senator Canadian Cruz is “officially” running for president. Of course for Cruz, he’s running as the Southern Baptist answer to ‘messiah’. The closet Canadian really needs to go back to Canada. However, Cruz is embedded in Texas so there you go.

This is going to be one interminably long campaign. Costing billions upon billions of dollars. The hypocrisy and hyperbole will be noxious.

On an up note, the Republicons will tear one another apart to gain the “nomination” and that will make for some entertaining television. On the down note, all the Dumbocraps will offer is Hillary and Hillary is the model candidate that establishment Republicons dream about. In secret of course.

The Republicons can’t run Condoleeza Rice. She’s a freaking war criminal.

Anyway, it’s on. Presidential election 2016. The game is called to order, pony up your disposable income, keep you arms and legs inside the ride at all times AND, keep a vomit bag close at hand. You’ll need one sooner or later.

Ummm, could this be what’s meant by ‘the long road’?



to greater israel and beyond

Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘dementia’ McCain is pissed off at Barack Obama. Hmmm, that’s not even news.

You see, el Jefé the Obama has had about a gut load of Binyamin Netanyahu. Can’t blame el Jefé for that. Netanyahu is straight up nuts AND a raving genocidal maniac. Think Israel, apartheid, and crimes committed against Palestinian humanity.

The fact that Netanyahu is a world class asshole has somehow eluded McCain. There is much that eludes McCain. McCain’s grasp on postmodern reality is tenuous at best. Anyway…

Uncle Cranky managed to get himself some face time on CNN’s Gloria Borgia Sunday Special and anytime that Uncle Cranky gets to spit lunacy on network television, well, he’ll spit lunacy for distance. It is a given that CNN’s Gloria Borgia is not about serious journalism, nope, the sphincteral bitch is about ratings.

Anyway, Uncle Cranky would dictate to Obama about temper tantrums. Given that John McCain is the king of temper tantrums, and world class hypocrisy, his prattling at Obama is meaningless bullshit.

Government relations between the United States and apartheid Israel have just about hit rock bottom. Everyone should encourage American government to instruct the Israelis to fuck off. It’s for the best and everyone concerned is fully aware of that.

Palestinians will now have to 1)- make their case to the UN and let the chips fall where they fall. Or…

Palestinians will now have to 2)- go full bore intifada. Palestinians should understand they’ve got NO help coming from anywhere.

Nothing from nothing leaves occupation extermination. Extermination is exactly what Netanyahu and Israel has determined for Palestinians. The United States is tied in Israel first knots and will do NOTHING to prevent the genocidal erasure of the Palestinian people. The European Union is irrelevant and an utter comedy of murderous duplicity.

Obama for whatever the reason, is being almost genuine about Israel and Netanyahu. Obama’s stance is refreshing if not way too late to make any difference whatsoever.

McCain needs to die and it’s as simple as that. McCain’s demise will be the only thing that will get the warmongering hypocrite to shut the fuck up once and for all.

I’m just saying…


international year of cherry pie

Squeaker of the House Johnny ‘emoticon’ Boehner (Retarded – Ohio) is making aliyah to Greater Israel. Boehner heads off to Greater Israel sometime after March 30, 2015 while Congress takes a much needed two week break.

You see Squeaker Boehner is going to smooth bad relations between Binyamin Netanyahu and America’s el Jefé Obama.

Oh yeah, that’ll happen for sure.

Let us wish Squeaker Boehner a bon voyage. With any luck Boehner’s ship will sink. Or his plane will crash.


Golly, that sounds like sour grapes.