pigging out in the land of profiteering

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Sultan of Turkey, is determined to force war with the Russians. According to Yippy (that’s how old Erdoğan likes to be addressed by his sycophants), “I’ll force the issue with the Russians and then I’ll put the Ottoman back into Islam.”

Amerika’s mad el Presidenté Baroke Obomber, is perfectly comfortable with Yippy cranking up a war with Russia. Obomber is quoted as saying, “just so’s I don’t have to start the war it’s all good. Besides, Turkey will be toast long before Russia can torch Babylon-On-The-Potomac.”

Okay and let us move on to the pressing issues of today.

Got birds ready for the oven? That would be turkeys and NOT jews. In today’s politically charged climate and with sentiments running at fever pitch, one simply can’t be cramming jews into ovens. Well except for the Donald and the Donald feels that if Amerikans can’t be roasting jews well, Syrian Muslims would work in a pinch. The Donald is a nightmare reincarnation of Adolf Hitler with really bad hair.

Okay birds at the ready, potatoes for the smashing, rolls hot and buttery, veggies bathed in cheese sauce, table set, televisions primed and tuned to football, beer chilled, Uncle Bucky’s got his pants unbuttoned, and go…







God loves Amerika and days like Thanksgiving Day are of course by divine intervention. Orchestration? Whatever.

It says so in Amerika’s Constitutional Fiction Dreamworks.

Amen and graffica –


phuc dat bich

Today is a good day to be mean. Mockingly mean towards retarded politicians. The kind of retarded politicians that never bother to give thought to important issues like war and/or human suffering.

You can’t talk to these retarded freaks, they’re not listening.

So mock them and be mean about it.

I mean, our Planet might have about a week or so left before the really big war cranks up so why not get in some parting shots.

Besides, it’s Thanks(?)giving and I’m thankful I still have an opportunity to be mean to willful and ignorant political dummies.

On an unrelated note – protesters in Chicago shut down the Interstate in protest over the senseless murder of Laquan McDonald. McDonald was shot 16 times. Evidently Chicago PD thought McDonald would make for some ‘street target practice’ and filled the young man with lead.

Bravo boys and girls of Chicago. Shutting down the Interstate was brilliant.

Get mean…


thanks for nothing

Our world plods steadily towards war. Global conflagration. Unparalleled death that will exceed all the demonic expectations of Victoria Nuland.

Jesus, that’s a creepy notion. The woman feasts on human slaughter.

Hmmm, well, after all this is ‘thanks(?)giving week.

Graffica in keeping with all our post industrial “traditions.” –


not so serious monday

Amerika is almost at the high and wholly day of pigging out. Yup. That 4th Thursday of November dedicated to the wholesale slaughter of turkeys so Amerikans can feast.

All Amerikan turkeys that are to be slaughtered, butchered, and then roasted for effect are kept in turkey internment camps.

Odious no doubt. Of course, roasting turkey smells wonderful. Served up politely with smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (or yams), stuffing, cheesy cauliflowers, hot out the oven rolls, and gravy boats filled with turkey gravy.

I always give thanks to the grate Amerikan god of largesse for roasting turkey. Yummy…

For this extra special and very important week of Amerikan gluttony, I’ll be keeping things lightly basted and chock-a-block filled with subtle innuendo and thinly veiled reminders that Amerika’s Thanksgiving Day is about mindless slaughter and football. Wow, is that about Amerikan or what.

Why just this Sunday evening last, the Arizona Cardinals whooped the Cincinnati Bengals. Go Zonis! Andy Dalton will be enjoying crow for Thanksgiving. At least this year.


So remember everyone, this is Amerika where there’s a slaughtered turkey for every oven. IF,

you happen to be lucky enough to be one of Amerika’s financially endowed “blessed Amerikans” and can afford one.

A slaughtered turkey of course.

Mothers of Amerika? Please remember to fix celery sticks filled with Cheese Whiz. Of course it would be a necessity that ‘mothers’ are doing the cooking for our high and wholly day of pigging out. That’s not sexist. Nope. That’s traditional…



world war whatever

It’s on kids. World War 3 or 4 or what the hell ever. This will turn out badly.

Here’s the 411 –


A French sponsored “resolution” calls on the world to get those icky dang ISIL/ISIS/Free Syrian Army jihadis by “whatever means necessary.” The Res was passed yesterday by the UN Security Council. Unanimously by the by.

“Official permission” is granted to kill. The ‘bad guys’ of course.


The “civilized world” is now at war and any nation footing an army can jump in the fray to kill jihadis. The ‘resolution’ is scant on details as to whom might be jihadis and/or otherwise. Al-CIAda and all the al-CIAda spinoffs are featured prominently. You know on account of the Afghaniscam, Libya, Yemen, Syraq, Afreaka, and quite probably Ukraine. Paris must be avenged.

There is nothing civil about war and especially world war.

Nations do not now have to explain state-sponsored murder to anyone.

Acting President of the Security Council and British U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said, “We stand in solidarity with the people of France,” and added, “We are proud to act with clarity of purpose.”

“Clarity of purpose…”

That’s rich. Giving a green light to world war hardly seems clarified. However, murder now has a purpose and that’s possibly a good thing. For the war profiteers.

The bloodletting commences today on a vastly global scale. Get your affairs in order and kiss your sorry asses goodbye. Our world has permission to kill indiscriminately and without rhyme or reason.

Saner heads might have prevailed in the UN debate BUT, there is not a sane head left on/around/or near the UN.

You see, Paris must be avenged. Not Beirut mind you, Paris alone.


treason and final solutions

Jonathan Pollard, convicted spy and traitor, has been released from federal prison. Isn’t that special?

Jew-boy should have been stood before a firing squad and shot in the head. Pollard should have been shot in the head for being convicted as a spy and traitor, not for his being a Jew.

Speaking of things ‘jewey’, it is worlds of curious that the Republican presidential poseur caste are using Nazi notions to incite hatred of Muslims. Trump would have American Muslims wearing tags that identify American Muslims as Muslim. Close Muslim Mosques, force American Muslims to carry ‘special papers’ that highlight a Muslim religious affiliation. Congress passed legislation yesterday that requires especially careful vetting of Syrians wanting to seek refuge in America.

According to the hysterically knee-jerk Republican fascists, Syrians and Muslims in general are to be feared. Persecuted and eventually interned for being Syrian and/or Muslim Syrian. The histrionics of course are on account of that bullshit terrorista attack in Paris on Friday last.

The histrionics isn’t just from Republicans. Democraps are pounding demagoguery and bigotry as richly ridiculous as the Repugs.

It doesn’t take much for Amerikans to get in touch with their inner-fascist.

Trump, Carson, ‘canadian’ Cruz, Rubio the Cuban, and even Jebby are all singing the praises of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and promoting a healthy pogrom of “final solutions” for Muslims. American and/or otherwise.

Their notions are obscene bullshit to say the least. That Syrians have to flee a proxy war that the US/NATO started is one seriously grave crime against humanity. Of course presidential candidates, congress-creepers, and spineless Democraps NEVER have to worry about being held to account for crimes against humanity. Or war crimes and “other” violations of the Geneva Convention. Can we all say ‘torture’?

That Trump didn’t get called out for his oratorial vile is commentary on how far down the shit-hole these United States of Amerika have slid.

Kids, things are worse than I dared to imagine…


what the hell?!?

I received a curious surprise in my morning email and here it is posted exactly as I received it –

Daily Kos Classics

After 13+ years, Daily Kos has published many stories that are timeless classics and can be reviewed at any time—and here is just a small sampling. Please enjoy our special edition of Daily Kos Classics. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Don, are you sick of highly paid teachers?

Everything wrong with this country happened this morning on my Facebook page.

Dolly Parton and her ‘lack of judgment’

Jon Stewart has 3 history professors rip apart Fox’s Andrew Napolitano’s slavery revisionism

Palin completely misunderstands what ‘Sputnik moment’ means

America before Pearl Harbor: Early Kodachrome images

25 images of markets ‘regulating themselves’

Cartoon: GOP pick-up artists

Did he slip up? Chuck Todd speaks a truth that Americans must understand when watching ‘the news.’

The brainwashing of my Dad by Limbaugh, Fox & GOP media

‘The pitchforks ARE coming:’ A billionaire warns his fellow oligarchs what is coming down the pipe

Pat Robertson advises 80-year-old tither to get her butt to work
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You see, I parted company with Daily Kos years ago. Unsubscribed, deleted, and bid them adieu. At the time, the Daily Kos didn’t take kindly to criticism of their pro-Israel prattle. The Daily Kos was (is?) a pseudo-front for the Democrats.

So now all these years later I get some bullshit like me and the Daily Kos are the best of friends.

Trust me on this, we’re not. Not now and sure as hell not in future. The Daily Kos can kiss my ass. Fuck off and die. Piss up whatever rope might in fact be available.

It turns out that the Daily Kos is hanging on to every last email address they’ve ever received. That’s some bullshit there boy. Turns out that unsubscribing from a website you may not care to receive crap from is an exercise in utter futility. Eventually you’ll receive an unsolicited email that just might put the ‘bad’ in one’s starting off the day on a wrong foot.

Fuck you Daily Kos. I’ve waited a long time to be able to say that. Don’t send me your silly-ass drivel and I’m not interested. Not in the least.

Oh yeah and, there is nothing “classic” about the Daily Kos. They’re biased and seriously so.

Today’s graffica seems worlds of relevant now –