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You have to wonder where it is that the Obama gets his spokespeople. Possibly, the Obama has not a thing to do with whomever it is speaking “officially” for US government. That is certainly a possibility. The Obama is aloof to a fault.

aloof [əˈloōf]
1- not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant
2- conspicuously uninvolved and uninterested, typically through distaste

My vote would be for the last one. Definition, get it?

Okay and to the point. SecState Johnny ‘varieties’ Kerry has a spokesperson name of, Jen Psaki. Ms. Psaki popped up on the newsreader radar by taking a shot at Palestinians. Specifically the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas. You see, abu Mazen has had about enough of Israeli double dealing. You can’t blame Mahmoud on account of that. You can blame Abbas for any number of quisling selling out his people BUT, not for being frustrated with the Israelis. Well and US duplicity regarding peace talks with the occupied Palestinians.

IF Mahmoud Abbas had an actual pair of man-nuts, Mahmoud would tell Binyamin Netanyahu to fuck off. Using exactly that language. Mahmoud buddy, use the English as every last soul on Planet Earth understands what that means. Even the exceedingly dense Binyamin Netanyahu understands the phrase.

DISCLAIMER – America’s VeepApnea Joey joe joe Biden does not understand the phrase. Joey joe joe uses the phrase but he doesn’t understand the subtle nuances of the term.

By the by, ‘veep’ is not a four letter word. Oh hell no. ‘Veep’ is shorthand for the Vice President of the United States of America. Joey joe joe is America’s ‘veep’. Most Americans do not know that. Dark Cheney was ‘veep’ before Joey joe joe Biden. Meaningless drivel and I concede that. Say and did you know that Joey joe joe is sitting comfortably in coup d’état Ukraine? Oh the Joey joe joe certainly is. Joey joe joe is reassuring the twitchy prime minister of Ukraine, that’d be Ratso Yats Yatsenyuk, that America has got the Rats back. Whatever that may well mean.

DISCLAIMER – Joey joe joe reassuring Ratso Yats Yatsenyuk is utterly meaningless bullshit. Joey joe joe knows that and Ratso Yatsenyuk knows that BUT the Ratso will take Joey joe joe’s word on good faith to keep up appearances.

Oh crap, I’ve digressed large. Sorry.

Jen Psaki. Psaki is a bubblehead tool. The bitch gets paid seriously big bucks to heap misery on Palestinians. Yeah and like the Palestinians don’t suffer enough as things stand at present. Miz Psaki has never been to the West Bank. Psaki has NEVER been to the Gulag Gaza. But Psaki will wax diplomatically obscene on issues that are way above her understanding of the human condition. Jen Psaki missed the memo that spells out the parametrics of definitive delineation on the humanity of the Palestinian people.

Jen Psaki is a dyed-in-the-wool Israel firster. Wow, go figure…





Inside the Beltway has imploded on itself. The actual physical and metaphysical presence of Washington, D.C. has disappeared within one dank and dangerously dark black hole.

You see, the corruption became so pervasive and overwhelming that Washington literally collapsed in on itself and inverted into a black hole singularity of venality.

However, most of America was paying little to no attention to whatever happens within the federal gristmill and therefore and ergo, who cares.

The singularity gravity waves have begun to spread out across these here United States of America and while there was some concern expressed about those pesky darn gravity waves, there was some confusion among the glitterati punditry ruling elite as to whether they were dealing with gravity waves OR the seismic aftereffects of fracking. The glitterati punditry ruling elite are easily confused.

The Gallup polling people almost immediately cranked up their polling machinery and were somewhat perplexed as to why they couldn’t find enough Americans to poll for opinion. It is a given that the Gallup polling people, having lost their usual polling pool of “available Americans” due to the collapse of inside the Beltway, and were just a shade stymied.

Further details will be reported on come the late evening news cycle or, should I decide to make up even more silly assed bullshit just for laughs. Hell, my crap-o-la is just as “credible” as anything spit out by mainstream media.


unilateral capitulation

Seems that the Palestinian Authority is throwing in the towel. Game, set, match to Israel. Or Apartheid. Or Zionism. Or the feckless duplicity of US government. Hardly matters now.

Here’s a link to the cheery news -

It is a given that the Palestinian Authority has been one colossal waste of time and effort on the part of Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas is certainly no Yasser Arafat. Abu Mazen is happy to tap dance through Israeli minefields just so long as his retirement funds are maintained in Geneva. Fundamental fecklessism.

The Palestinian cause has been a losing proposition from the incept. From the inception of nakba. You see the world is entirely comfortable with Palestinian people being displaced and ethnically cleansed by Jews. You know cause our world is still doing penance for whatever happened to “Jews” during World War II. Did you know that if you run the ‘HolocaustⓇ’ crap-o-la on the well-meaning and clueless, Israel gains traction whatever the case.

Palestinians are an underdog’s underdog. Without champions in the international community, without friends in the Arab world, condescended to by the EU, and wholly sold out by US government. It is a given and our world needs to understand that US government is entirely Israeli occupied territory. Hmmm, one could spin that a different way and insist that the US is a wholly owned Israeli subsidiary.


I don’t blame the PA for throwing in their towel. To err is human, to persist in as fruitless an endeavor as “peace negotiations” with Israelis are, well, that borders on the insane. This charade has been going on for my entire adult life. Yes I’ve been watching the farce for a very long time. Talk about kabuki theater of the absurd…

So it’s over and probably, is about time. The Palestinians can throw their condition back on the UN and rest assured that the UN will deal fairly with Israel and the Palestinian people.

Oh wait and hold on for just a second here -


It was the UN that created genocide on Palestine in the first place.

Go ahead and burn it down my Palestinian brothers and sisters, you’ve absolutely NOTHING left to lose. I am of course speaking of Israeli occupied Palestine. There’s no honesty to be had from the US and there certainly is no honesty to be had from the EU and the Israelis, wow, our world knows full well what a load of racist Nazi freaks Israelis are.


torture me torture you

The psychologist regarded as the architect of the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program has broken a seven-year silence to defend the use of torture techniques against al-Qaida terror suspects in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Ganked fair and square from the Guardian and here’s the link to prove it and play nice -

This is probably a fine topic for an Easter Sunday. Remembering of course the quasi-mystical gospel versions of the rendition, detention, torture, and assassination of Jesus H. Christ. I’ve never been certain BUT the ‘H.’ could be short for Hebrew. It is possible. Whatever.

The “psychologist regarded…” would be one James Mitchell, a retired air force psychologist and exceedingly insane war criminal. Of course Mitchell is worse than insane and the man wanders our world freely. Shocking and I concede that. Mitchell admits to having waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. KSM, as the man is loving called by US media pressitutes, is allegedly the architect of 9/11/01. Isn’t it cute that the lamestream media would call KSM an “architect?” That’s cute. Mr. Mohammed was tortured more times than the arch-Inquisitor General Torquemada would have allowed. Mitchell has much to answer for.

According to the war criminal Mitchell, he was merely “following orders.” Wow is that about ironic or what. The war criminal Mitchell was asked to “do something for his country.” Oh the bullshit is deep with this one. America asks “jump off that really high cliff and kiss your ass all the way to the ground.” The war criminal Mitchell responds ever so ‘patriotically’, “alrighty then and watch this…”

What we have here is the banality of evil. An almost Nazi like obedience to the banality of evil. Remembering that the war criminal Mitchell was merely “following orders.”

There is a staggering aspect to all this and that is the casual malevolence of behind the Beltway Washington, D.C.. I like to refer to the D.C. as Babylon-On-The-Potomac. An isolated and wholly disconnected little berg that is ever so enamored with the delusion that BOTP rules our world. A wholly scary notion and that’s fact.

The sanctimonious cretins at the controls of war machine America like to think they’ve got this impunity motif working and that motif keeps all the war criminals safe from war crimes tribunals. For now. However, that is not always going to be the case and I’m praying that sooner the war crimes tribunals commence the better all of our shared humanity will be. Niggardly little scum the likes of James Mitchell will be held to account and brought to heel. Mitchell is hardly the lone man standing in all this wanton evil. Oh hell no way. I could use up multiple pages of web space just listing all the Bushco war criminals and then I’d need an additional two pages to indict the Obama regime’s lackeys, minions, and lickspittles.

I’m not going to bother as I’ve done that before. Any number of patriotic and dissident Americans have done that. I will add only this and simply because it’s Easter Sunday -

Father forgive them for they know not what they do. However and, hold these murderous and demonic swine to account. Please Dear Lord? Oh ever so please please please please please please…please?




bonehead obama

You’d think that an educated (allegedly) President of the United States of America would have a modicum of human intelligence. I mean, our current president is allegedly educated at Columbia University and then to Harvard Law School where the Obama is alleged to have been president of the Harvard Law Review and in some circles allegedly, that’s supposed to mean something. Whatever.

I think all it means is that Columbia University (that’s in New York City) and Harvard Law School (somewhere near Bawston) are getting over on the American people seriously large. Criminally large. Does anyone wonder whom it was that paid for all that high end education the Obama is alleged to have received? Hmmm, probably that’s just me.

Then it is alleged that the Obama taught “constitutional law” at the University of Chicago Law School. Damn, that’s funny. The Obama teaching constitutional law. Ironically ironic no doubt. The Obama would not know constitutional law if that constitutional law were to crawl up behind the Obama and bite him square on his weaselly ass.

I suppose the Obama conditionals are commentary on the abject institutional failure of America’s higher education process. To think that American boys and girls are mortgaging their futures trying to get college diplomas. What a waste of time and money. The system is rigged kids and that’s a for certain.

So Barack Hussein Obozo, whom it is alleged that he’s el Presidenté of these here United States of Stupid, is quoted as saying “America’s military is superior to Russian military.”

My dad can kick your dad’s ass…

The Obozo should have left the bravado and braggadocio to George W. as, Buckaroo Bush was better at it. Yes, Dubya came across as stupid but that seems to be the norm for American presidents. At least ever since 9/11/01 and America shifted into bizarro postmodern idiot world.

“America’s military is superior to Russian military.” Really? Lemme see here, America’s “superior military” has been quagmired in the Afghaniscam ever since October of 2001. Goddamn near 13 years of mindless and deadly slogging on a road to nowhere. The balls up American military has NOT been able to come to terms with the Afghan Taliban. According to media accounts, the Taliban are “rag tag jihadi fighters undisciplined and poorly equipped and the mighty American military will have these rag tag jihadis under wraps sometime next year.” Sure they will.

“American military is superior to Russian military.”

The Obozo really said that. If the Obozo keeps up his unwarranted pissing match with the Russians over coup d’état Ukraine, our shared Planet Earth will get to witness first hand whether US military is superior to Russian military. I’m betting the Russians and I’ve already placed my bet with a bookie in Vegas. Oh yes, you can make that bet in Vegas IF you’ve got the right connections to the right bookie.

Evidently the Obozo still thinks he’s in grade school. For America’s President Dumb Ass to say such a ridiculous thing is straight up fucking insulting and incredibly stupid. Yes, I’ve already sent my sentiments to the Obozo using that ever so hi tech slick White House web site. Trust me, I was seriously rude and righteously so.

The Obozo has two years left in the Office of President of the United States of America. That leaves the Obozo a lame duck. That also leaves the Obozo rather dangerous, unaccountable, and more stupid than I’d given the asshole credit for. To think the Nobel idiots gave this murderously stupid freak a Nobel Piece Price. Damnably shortsighted of the Nobel fools.


today’d be the day to crucify jesus

Time for an encrypt for the cognizanti. If you happen to be one of the cognizanti, here you go and you’ll know how to decrypt the encrypt. If you’re NOT one of the cognizanti, well, you’re SOL. Hmmm, I could suppose that ‘SOL’ is even still more encrypt. Wow, go figure.

Decrypt the encrypt and proceed per usual. Further encryptions will follow and per usual, the further encryptions will be encrypted for those reasons you well know.

Ta ta for now -

subCommandanté donzo X



If you happen to be one of the ‘special people’ in America, well, you’ve got it going on. If you’re NOT one of the ‘special people’ well, that’s about tough.

The ‘special people’ walk on water and get the best tables in the best restaurants and never absolutely ever have to wait in lines. Nope. The ‘special people’ have people that attend to the mundane and tedious. The ‘special people’ never have to take out the trash or run to the store for milk. They want for naught. Or so the mythos would dictate.

However, the ‘special people’ fart just like you or me. Sometimes leaving those ever so annoying “stains.”

I read once in a very special book of extraordinary secret stuff that the body that farts is alive.

There you go.

I have always considered that if one is alive, that’s pretty damn extraordinary.