Addendum to ‘raining rain’

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I hate to say I told you so but, wait…

No I don’t, I love every vindicating minute.


I’m heading outside to dance the joyous vindication dance with some prancing, shouts of ‘huzzah’ and a snigger or two for effect. Jesus, the Obama regime is straight up brutally fucking stupid!


Oh yes and I’ve added a link to ‘The Vineyard of the Saker’. Damn fine blog and packed full of relevance for our massively confused propaganda nursed and spoonfed American media lite world.



raining rain

Genius, absolute Obama regime genius.

What genius might that be? Well I’m glad you asked.

The Obama regime is raining weaponry on Syraq. Weaponry for Kurdish fighters fighting those ever so gaddanged icky oh yes double cannibal icky ISIL/ISIS jihadi irritants. Air dropping pallets filled with US grade Mooselim killing weapons.

Wow, is that about brilliant or what.

Please to see the link -

So anyone wandering the wilds of Syraq on/around/or/near Kobani just might stumble onto US military weaponry laying on the ground replete with all the necessary ammo and field manuals, in the language of the Kurds, that highlight the necessary ways and means of making weaponry and ammo lethal. Any time it rains it rains weapons from heaven.

Air dropping military hardware.

Into a region of the world that is a bonfire of hubristic vanity.

Good God Ahmighty…

Whomever the stupid son-of-a-bitch working for Obama regime is that thought this idea up, should be summarily frog-marched onto the National Mall and beaten about the face and neck with a brick.

Mr. and Mrs. Plain American living out their hard-scrabble lives anywhere outside the important centers of really important American genius stuff might just be asking themselves, “why is America dropping weapons on the deserts of Syraq?”

Anyone still wondering where in hell the ISIL/ISIS jihadis were getting all that whiz-bangy US military hardware need look no further than the air dropping of weapons unto the barren desert-scapes of Syraq. Not counting of course all the weaponry that a Paul Bremer dismissed Iraq National Army took with them when they were all dismissed. By the Viceroy Bremer way back in the day. Then of course there’s all that CIA fancy weaponry that gets supplied at the CIA’s very own jihadi training facility in Jordan. You know, the Jordan that is officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan? Yes, that Jordan.

Good Lord Ahmighty…

The Obama regime has become so infantile that Obama regime is now a global threat to our Planet’s security. Air dropping weapons? From a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. That is one gigantic aircraft. The C-17 is so large that it really should NOT be able to fly. Screwy looking damn aircraft and that’s no joke. The C-17 will hold a shitload of military weaponry.

Isn’t that just a really nifty idea?

Well actually, no it’s not. Air dropping weaponry out into nothing is insane.

Hmmm, we might just have us a leitmotif…

The utterly sad and profoundly sorry state of US policy affairs and there is not one half rational politician to be had anywhere near the confines of inside the Beltway that has anything to offer our world that might be better than Obama regime’s campaign of mindless bombing and air dropping weaponry.

America’s two political parties have miserably failed ‘we the American people’ and they need to be held to account and punished for their treason. I’m thinking that firing squads would work nicely…


ē – boh – lah – lah

The Pentagon will create a 30-person team of medical experts that could quickly leap into any American region if new ebola cases emerge in the United States. The military would provide support for civilian doctors who lack proficiency in fighting the deadly virus. The ebola response troops will go into battle fully equipped and ready to engage any opposition to US military presence in infected areas.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the Pentagon’s Northern Command, which has a primary focus on protecting homeland security, to send this new team to Fort Sam Houston in Texas for high-level preparations to respond to any additional hemorrhagic outbreaks beyond the three confirmed in the country.

Okay America, you’re in for a penny and now you’re in for a pounding.


tzar, no tzarina

Ronald A. “Ron” Klain is an American lawyer and political operative best known for serving as Chief of Staff to two Vice Presidents – Al Gore and Joseph Biden. He is an influential Democratic Party insider.

Klain is the guy that el Jefé has named to be the ‘ebola tzar’. Or as fashion in Babylon-On-The-Potomac would dictate, “czar.” Media reports made no mention of a “tzarina.”

Klain is a lawyer. Not a medical doctor, not a laboratory clinician, not a virologist, not so much as a clinical phlebotomist. Klain is a freaking lawyer. Made “czar” by the Obama for no other reason than to provide legal cover for the Obama regime’s fuck ups as an ebola epidemic grabs a stranglehold on an unsuspecting America.

czar noun 

tsar |zär(t)sär(also czar or tzarnoun

1- an emperor of Russia before 1917: Tsar Nicholas II.• a South Slav ruler in former times, esp. one reigning over Serbia in the 14th century.

(often czar) [ usu. with adj. or noun modifier ] 

a person appointed by government to advise on and coordinate policy in a particular area

ebola (ēˈbōlə) noun

Ebola virus disease, formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a severe often fatal illness in humans.

The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission.

The average EVD case fatality rate is around 50%. Case fatality rates have varied from 25% to 90% in past outbreaks.

Klain the ebola czar is gonna save America. Sure he is.

Was Klain the guy supplying cocaine to Biden’s boy Hunter? Hmmm…

In other curious “big breaking news” – ISIL/ISIS cannibal jihadis are in command and control of fighter jets.  See the link -

Holy histrionic hype and crap-o-la, the Syraq narrative gets even still more convoluted by the minute. JET JOCKEY JIHADIS!

For some grounded and realistic perspective, see this link -

Exactly all and that is to include ALL of this current jihadi bullshit nightmare is owned and was given life by Bushco. That’s to mean the regime of George W. Bush and his pseudo liege lord Dark Cheney. The Viceroy Paul Bremer, that summarily dismissed an entire standing Iraq Army a way back in May of 2003, is our culprit that these days is more than ghost from responsible culpability.

Yes, Obama is fucking up a mess that was fucked up going in. That is how American presidents do their job. They fuck shit up worse than the shit was fucked up in the first place.

Ebola czar/tzar, criminy, is that about stupid or what…

Doesn’t America have an “official” Surgeon General? I mean, that is an actually medical doctor?

Lawyers instead of doctors and idiocy as presidential leadership, oh yeah, America is armpit deep in serious trouble.


fastidious funk monks of freaking out friday – gregorian chapter

Do you remember your President Nixon?
Do you remember the bills you have to pay
Or even yesterday?

Have you been a hung American?
Just you and your idol singing falsetto ’bout
Leather, leather everywhere, and
Not a myth, left from the ghetto

Well, well, well, would you carry a razor?
In case, just in case of depression
Sit on your hands on a bus of survivors
Blushing at all the Afro-Sheeners

Ain’t that close to love?
Well, ain’t that poster love?
Well, it ain’t that Barbie doll?
Her heart’s been broken just like you have

Extract from ‘Young Americans’ by David Bowie

Seemed like a good way to kickstart a Friday.

How about that Obama? el Jefé is sending America’s National Guard to west Africa.

WTF?!? National Guard boots-on-the-ground to “fight” ebola?

Evidently the National Guard is better equipped to fight African ebola than say the CDC ‘swat teams’ or US Marines or Doctors with or without borders. Almost leaves an inquiring American scratching their head. Or, whatever needs a good scratch.

How about America’s VeepApnea Joey ‘juju’ Biden’s boy? Hunter Biden got himself booted out of the US Navy for cocaine use. Oh yeah.

Remember a way back in the day and George W. Bush was “enlisted” in the Air National Guard and got caught cold using cocaine and didn’t get booted from the Air National Guard? Of course Dubya didn’t get to fly in the Air National Guard but none of that hardly matters now.

Son of the man a heartbeat away from America’s presidency and the kid’s a user. Sort of figures. Remember when Rand Paul dissed his father Dr. Ron Paul back in 2012 when Dr. Paul was running for the Republican nomination for president and Rand Paul cut bait and endorsed Mitt Rmoney?

Fathers and sons, an age old American tale of dysfunctional betrayal.

Hmmm, did the Secret Service know that Biden’s kid was snorting his way into an “administrative discharge” from the Navy? Did Biden’s kid snort cocaine in the White House? Feed lines to the Obama girlies? “Hey Natasha? Wanna snort coke and lose your virginity?”

Oh my, there’s scandal brewing in the Obama presidential camp and Obama sends the National Guard to an ebola hot-zone Africa.

Did the Secret Service know who was supplying Biden’s kid with his snort?

The obvious easy answer would be the cocaine kings at the CIA. CIA deals only in the finest Colombian flake and Afghan heroin. Presidential grade speedballs.

Turns out the waning days of Obama regime are going to be one confused nightmare of a mess. Lunatic lame duck on war machinery steroids. Oh yes and cocaine for the regime kids.

So remember everyone, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. The roller coaster is cranking noisily up to the first drop…


turn head, cough…


Ebola is NOT what anyone has to worry about. Well except for people in Dallas. Or maybe students at Kent State. Possibly nurses. Sanitation workers. Taxi drivers? Porters? People trapped inside airplanes with other people infected with ebola?

Nah, not a damn thing to worry about there. Move it along people.

America’s el Presidenté Obama has declared and from this day forth, “there shall be CDC Swat Teams to effectively deal with ebola outbreaks.”

CDC swat teams?

Now ‘swat’ is a policing acronym that means “special weapons and tactics.” What the hell ‘special weapons’ might CDC swat teams be packing? Obama did NOT spell that part out. CDC is under presidential directive to ready internment camps for those afflicted with plague. Plague of the ebola kind. Or panicky citizens that just might be a mite skitish about ebola or being interned without due process.

You see el Jefé took time out of his very busy busy presidential schedule to “address” the ebola issue and give American people the distinct impression that yes indeed, the Obama has it all under advisement.

Sure he does. Just like Obama has that ISIL/ISIS/Free Syrian Army Cannibals Brigade/Nusra Front jihadi problem well in hand. As a matter of fact, the newest incarnation of Obama humanitarian intervention has been “officially” designated. Yup and here it is -

The Syraq War Vol. 3 The Yet To Be Declared Version Is Now “Operation Inherent Resolve!”

inherent (inˈhi(ə)rənt)


existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute

resolve (riˈzälv)


1 – settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter)

I suppose that official Babylon-On-The-Potomac can’t for the life of them just call coldblooded murder for what it is. You know, murder.

I think that the real deal is the systematic dissolution of Iraq and Syria in order to carve up the Levant in order to obey some confused and highly super secret sweetheart deal with and/or for Israel. Probably is a payback for Israel’s silence on who really is behind 9/11/01.

Could be. Might not be however, the ISIL/ISIS jihadis sure have a well equipped, well trained, and well financed jihadi army. Sure seems that most of that jihadi armament has an oddly familiar look to all of it. Of course the jihadi bastards have now acquired really old Saddam Hussein chemical weapons that weren’t the missing wmd’s that G. Bush was more than adamant about. Nope. The chemical weapons that the jihadis managed to get their icky jihadi hands on were really really old chemical weapons that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld graciously supplied to Saddam Hussein back when Hussein was at war with Iran.

It is worlds of curious that “THE” New York Times bent themselves over backwards making all of that perfectly clear.

Alrighty then. Everyone good?

Ebola and ‘Operation Inherent Resolve’, it is all just another dog and pony charade to keep the American sheeple dazed and confused. Not that keeping the American sheeple dazed and confused is much of a heavy lift.

Ebola and BOO!

I can guarantee you that at least fifteen congregations of ziongelical pentecostal cracker lunatics scattered all across this here Uhmerica just ran out and bought themselves emergency rations and cases of shotgun shells. They’s a waitin’ on the Rupture…


Okay and I suppose that pretty dang soon I’m going to have to bring the Republic up to speed on the secret workings at Dugway. Oh yeah, I know quite a bit about the goings on at Dugway. That place is spooky beyond the wildest dreams of creepy ass spooky shit that will kill you faster than an ebola outbreak in Dallas. Dugway, Utah – military installation – google it.

Remember that anthrax mystery from a way back in the post 9/11/01 days of hyperbolic paranoia? Well, Sen. O.G. Hatch had his hands deep in the Dugway middle of that bullshit. Oh yes he did.

Damn if time doesn’t fly when one is having fun. 13 years went by in about a blink. For sure…



life ender

How easy it must be to sit comfortably at the controls of certain death and willy-nilly decide who dies. That’s what playing God must be like. Although in this instance, any right to life is never factored into that killing equation. Obama himself maintains, “there are no quick fixes.” There is quick death and that much is for certain.

Life enders and

arbitrary pretenders to the Throne of God!

A task made that much easier when those being selected to die are icky untermensch Mooselims. Brown Mooselims.

Gosh, a brown American president killing brown untermensch Mooselims. Go figure.

I wonder if the Obama kisses his girls when he gets home at night after a hard day of ordering the deaths of innocent souls in the Syraq and Afghaniscam and Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia and wherever in hell else the murderous freak is killing on any given day.

But it’s okay everybody, Obama’s national security team has predetermined that those killed were really really icky and deserving of death without due process. America is at war. America is about that global war of terror. On an ever so icky and suspect world.

On an unrelated note, how a come Turkey’s el Presidenté Erdoğan is bombing Kurds? In the Syraq? What the hell is Erdoğan’s problem?

I think there is a plot a foot to redraw the geo-political boundaries of Iraq and Syria to better accommodate the interests of Israel. Yes and I admit, this is the early stages of epiphany.

Unrelated note over.

Does Obama worry about his oldest daughter, Natasha, getting jiggy with some ghetto kid? Yeah, isn’t that about rude of me or what.

Remember Rocky and Bullwinkle? Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle T. Moose were adversaries with Boris and Natasha. Oh golly, that’s about unrelated no doubt.

My point being that Obama is a stone cold killer and butcher of human existence. Obama has children the exact same color of skin as those that the Obama kills so cavalierly.

Yeah yeah, it’s politically incorrect to highlight color of skin. OBAMA IS NOT KILLING WHITE CRACKER ASS MOTHERFUCKERS IN MISSOURI! That job is left for the white cracker ass cops that rule in Ferguson, Missouri. Wow, is that about a synchronicity or what.

Were the Obama killing white Mooselims, well, the entire dynamic would change in a New York minute. Were the Obama killing white Ziongelical Pentecostals, oh holy blasphemous and demonic shades of hellzapoppin, the whiteskins would be rioting in the streets of Babylon-On-The-Potomac and of course, Boston.

Oh yes and one last unrelated item – fuck you Daniel Snyder! A ‘Jew’ owns black men and calls them “Redskins” and damn if that’s not about curious…