perspective déjà vu

A way back in the day there were round after round of diplomatic talks between the United States and the Soviet Union.

SALT talks and START talks and American presidents from LBJ to Ronny RayGun were deadly serious about getting signed treaties with the Soviet Union to reduce the threat of nuclear annihilation and nuclear arsenals. The diplomacy of the day actually worked.

Fast forward to these our postmodern politically retarded days and the US is in serious diplomacy with Iran to placate the Israelis. Yeah, that’s about some bullshit there boy.

I am firmly of the opinion that the US needs to inform the Israelis straight up and forthright to fuck off. There is not one US/NATO nation that has ever made a ruckus about Israel’s nuclear arsenal. Iran has every right to have a nuclear arsenal that would be an equal match for Israel’s. Luckily for our world what I think on the matter is irrelevant.

Iran is not about acquiring nuclear weaponry. Iran has made the statement unequivocally and the whiz-bang IAEA fully concurs.

Obama’s regime is about the diplomacy business with Iran and making seriously credible headway. Way to go el Jefé.

Here’s my point –

Had 47 US Senators interfered with US/Soviet diplomatic talks a way back when like 47 US Senators did with the Obama regime’s diplomacy with Iran, well, oh holy unAmerican shit would have hit the fan. There would have been riots in the Congress. There would have been riots in the newsroom of the NYTimes. The FBI would have arrested 47 US Senators for open treason on these United States of America.

And yet there is no discussion about prosecuting Cotton and the gang of 46.

Senator Pickin Cotton (Flaming Retarded – Arkansas) and his 46 senatorial pals can and should be prosecuted to the full extent of federal law. Did you know that Senator Pickin Cotton is flabbergasted that Iran is in control of Tehran? Cotton is staggeringly stupid and Arkansans should be ever so proud? Cotton you see authored that insulting letter to the leadership of Iran that has managed to eat up way more news cycle time than should be required to get these simplistic freaks posted before a military firing squad.

Cotton needs to quit carrying water for Israel. Hmmm, the US Congress needs to quit carrying water for Israel.

Okay, perspective déjà vu part deux –

The genius Gestapo of St. Louis County, Missouri has “arrested a suspect” in the shooting of a pair of cops in Fergustan, Missouri. Happened just the other night. The shooting. Allegedly. Anyway, arrested suspect is a black kid. About 20. Wow is that about a shocker or what. A “suspect” in Fergustan, Missouri is a young black man.

The arrest of a young black man suspected of shooting two white cops in Fergustan happened late Saturday.

So there you go. Cop gets shot and young black man gets arrested. Case closed. All is well in Fergustan, Missouri.



2 thoughts on “perspective déjà vu

  1. Don, I puzzle at how it is that you haven’t been Freshly Press by WP. But perhaps it is that I’ve just missed it. But I must say, and I will, yours is an art and I know no one who does Post Modern In Your Face better. Yeah.

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    • Wow, thank you Peter. I really mean that. As for WordPress, we don’t exactly get along. I confess to not being able to work or play well with others but, I pay WP for my blog site and the Dreamtime is a WP gimme and I’ve had to get shitty with WP people when they start to fuck around with my site. I figure that if I needed something changed, I could figure that out and THEN say something. But I firmly believe that if it ain’t broke don’t try fixing it.

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