The United States poses a serious threat to Planet Earth. Specifically, the government of the United States.

You see, the US sits atop our world’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal. The US sits atop our world’s largest chemo/biological weapons arsenal. The US is under control NOT by the American people. Nope. It is a given that the American people elected the crazy freaks that control American government. There is no argument to be made that the premise is not shameful.

The Imperial US Senate does the bidding of apartheid Israel. In fact the entire Congress serves Israel shamelessly. The American people are not even a consideration by Congress. It would be nice IF Congress served the American people. However, that is not the case.

Then we come to the peculiar case of Governor Rick ‘fester’ Scott (Retarded – Floriduh). You see, Governor ‘fester’ has ordered that Floriduh state employees may not now nor ever mention “climate change” or “global warming.”

Gov. Fester’s administration ORDERED Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) administrators not to use the terms in documents or meetings because they asserted that the climate science behind global warming was not a “true fact.”

Governor Fester does not explain what his particular beef with climate change might be.

Now, the highest elevation in all of Floriduh is 345 feet above sea level. By the by, that elevation is where Floriduh meets Alabama. 345 feet above sea level isn’t very high. Not from sea level. Which just so happens is where most of Floriduh resides. AT SEA LEVEL! One good tsunami and Floriduh is washed away for the duration.

Our Planet’s climate is changing. Scientists are working double overtime to try and figure out what the fuck is going on. Our Planet’s climate is changing and that’s an ESTABLISHED fact. Governor Fester should talk with the Governor of Massachusetts. Although it may be that Governor Fester does NOT speak English. Governor Fester does in fact speak cracker.

It doesn’t matter to me if Floriduh’s governor spends most of his day with his head planted squarely up his sphincter. At least with Fester’s head planted up his sphincter, he won’t have to watch Floriduh get washed away. Which is an inevitability.

Floriduh’s Governor Fester is merely a symptom of the political stupidity that holds America hostage.

America’s Congress holds session in open treason to this nation’s Constitution. America’s president kills indiscriminately and with impunity. America’s judicial process from the Supremes all the way down to the grand jury system that refuses to hold cops to account for murdering black Americans for sport, is broken.

It’s probably a good thing that Floriduh’s Fester doesn’t have command and control of nuclear weapons. I don’t think the fool has command and control of nukes.

Hopefully Floriduh will be deep under water by the time that nukes become available to assholes like Rick ‘fester’ Scott.


4 thoughts on “youth-in-asia

      • I’d say we are in utter need of some real communists in the United States right now. People tend to forget that American Communists were always on the front lines of labor movements, women’s rights and racial equality way back in the day. Now there simply is no left-wing in the American political system today and all you have is an extreme fascist right wing Party and an also extreme right wing party that likes to hide its fascist tendencies behind progressive rhetoric.

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      • Hi Caleb and I agree completely. America is held hostage by Dumbocrats and Republicons which are in fact the same party. The War Party. Anyone antiwar are beyond marginalized.

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