to greater israel and beyond

Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘dementia’ McCain is pissed off at Barack Obama. Hmmm, that’s not even news.

You see, el Jefé the Obama has had about a gut load of Binyamin Netanyahu. Can’t blame el Jefé for that. Netanyahu is straight up nuts AND a raving genocidal maniac. Think Israel, apartheid, and crimes committed against Palestinian humanity.

The fact that Netanyahu is a world class asshole has somehow eluded McCain. There is much that eludes McCain. McCain’s grasp on postmodern reality is tenuous at best. Anyway…

Uncle Cranky managed to get himself some face time on CNN’s Gloria Borgia Sunday Special and anytime that Uncle Cranky gets to spit lunacy on network television, well, he’ll spit lunacy for distance. It is a given that CNN’s Gloria Borgia is not about serious journalism, nope, the sphincteral bitch is about ratings.

Anyway, Uncle Cranky would dictate to Obama about temper tantrums. Given that John McCain is the king of temper tantrums, and world class hypocrisy, his prattling at Obama is meaningless bullshit.

Government relations between the United States and apartheid Israel have just about hit rock bottom. Everyone should encourage American government to instruct the Israelis to fuck off. It’s for the best and everyone concerned is fully aware of that.

Palestinians will now have to 1)- make their case to the UN and let the chips fall where they fall. Or…

Palestinians will now have to 2)- go full bore intifada. Palestinians should understand they’ve got NO help coming from anywhere.

Nothing from nothing leaves occupation extermination. Extermination is exactly what Netanyahu and Israel has determined for Palestinians. The United States is tied in Israel first knots and will do NOTHING to prevent the genocidal erasure of the Palestinian people. The European Union is irrelevant and an utter comedy of murderous duplicity.

Obama for whatever the reason, is being almost genuine about Israel and Netanyahu. Obama’s stance is refreshing if not way too late to make any difference whatsoever.

McCain needs to die and it’s as simple as that. McCain’s demise will be the only thing that will get the warmongering hypocrite to shut the fuck up once and for all.

I’m just saying…


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