postmodern frontierior

Senator Canadian Cruz is “officially” running for president. Of course for Cruz, he’s running as the Southern Baptist answer to ‘messiah’. The closet Canadian really needs to go back to Canada. However, Cruz is embedded in Texas so there you go.

This is going to be one interminably long campaign. Costing billions upon billions of dollars. The hypocrisy and hyperbole will be noxious.

On an up note, the Republicons will tear one another apart to gain the “nomination” and that will make for some entertaining television. On the down note, all the Dumbocraps will offer is Hillary and Hillary is the model candidate that establishment Republicons dream about. In secret of course.

The Republicons can’t run Condoleeza Rice. She’s a freaking war criminal.

Anyway, it’s on. Presidential election 2016. The game is called to order, pony up your disposable income, keep you arms and legs inside the ride at all times AND, keep a vomit bag close at hand. You’ll need one sooner or later.

Ummm, could this be what’s meant by ‘the long road’?



4 thoughts on “postmodern frontierior

  1. I’m hoping for some “Clinton Change” to wrastle with some “Bush Change” so that we might race back to the good ol’ days of the same wars we fought then, that we fight liberally now, might change to conservative again so that we might fight them forever here…instead of/or including over there, or at least until football is on again? and I still blame Nader. I think.

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  2. Don, It is rumored that Tubularsock is going to throw his hat in the ring for a 2016 run for President. He’ll be running as a 5th party only because 3rd parties don’t have a chance in the American political system. No really, Tubularsock knows you can’t wait. Cheers.

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