head shot ted OR support the committee to rendition

Important news to report. Damn important news to report. Dig deep and dig double deep in those pockets, under the couch cushions, pennies laying in parking lots, and spare change your neighbors!


Please to see the link –


Yes my friends, this project is that important. Snag that scurrilous piece of shit Dick Cheney off whatever street he may in fact be found wandering and then call the “official” Cheney Snag Team. There is a dedicated phone line for reporting the whereabouts of the Dick and as soon as the dedicated phone line is declassified by Verizon, well, I’ll be able to post that number right here on the D’sGG. Well, after it’s all been cleared by subCommandanté TS.

It is unfortunate that there is an air of ‘clandestine’ that will have to hold sway for the next little while. The CIA is not wholly on board with the project to rendition the Dick. The CIA is close but not quite there. I had no idea that the CIA could hold a grudge with a former Veep.

Veep is acronym for vice president. Of these here United States of America?

Anyway, details will be made available as the details are made available.

Okay and now, back to ‘Tales of Canadian Opie’.

Did you know that Canadian Cruz is going to resurrect the Constitution of the United States of America? All by himself. Miraculous no doubt. Evidently America has wandered far and wide from that sacrosanct amendment that mandates the separation of church and state.

That would be the First Amendment and the lead off Amendment to America’s Bill of Rights. The separation of church and state confuses Canadian Cruz no end. However Canadian Cruz can be afforded some minor forgiveness. The stupid fuck is Canadian.


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