unspeakably stupid

Ted Cruz is stupid. John McCain is hypocritically stupid. Itchy McConnell is treasonously stupid. John Boehner is so politically stupid he should be shot in the head by a military firing squad. On the National Mall of course.

Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz is duplicitously stupid. Hillary Clinton is an establishment Republican. Barrack Hussein Obama is pathetically stupid. Well and the shiftless boob is murderously evil. Did you read where el Jefé said “I should have closed Guantanamo on day one.”

Fuck you president limp dick! You do NOT deserve an opportunity to play ‘reflective’. Shoulda coulda woulda is bullshit.

State Sen. Sylvia Allen, (Really Retarded – Snowflake) has introduced legislation into Arizona’s legislative session (HB1666) that would require the State of Arizona to establish an “Official Christian Church of Arizona.” Allen’s legislation defines what is acceptable Christianity, whom is acceptable as an Arizona Christian, certifies gun privileges with legal exemptions for use of firearms on Arizona’s heathen, and requires all Arizonans to ‘convert to Arizona christianity’ or face a headshot to be administered by Ms. Allen.

See link –


Puritans are stupid. Political Puritans are fucking stupid and inherently dangerous to children and all other living things.

I’m thinking that I’ve had about all I intend to put up with from Puritans, jihadis, Kochsuckers, and Zionists.

Wow, who could have thought déjà vu so redundant.



7 thoughts on “unspeakably stupid

      • It’s Utah and trust me on this, the nimrods do NOT miss. Ever. Having been born and raised on the Mormon Homeworld, from an early age I could shoot the eyes off flies. I’m not proud of that. The entire lethal injection thing gives Utahns the unnatural fits. They prefer killing inmates the old fashioned way, shoot the prisoners in the head.

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  1. If there’s three things I’ve learned from all these years of lonely anti-war blogging, photography and useless protesting, it’s that the fourth thing is…we past peak-stupid long ago only to reach an 11 representing metaphysical certitude of peak stupid on the scale of peak stupidity.

    Damn, that was a mouthful…

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  2. Well Tubularsock has always felt that it’s the heat. Arizona’s sun is different than the rest of the country and causes mental issues. God intended it to be this way so it’s alright. As long as the Church of Tubularsock gets in on the action I’m for it!

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