church lady pole dancing

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen caused a bit of a stir by announcing that America would be better off IF Americans were to get their asses back to church. Now, Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen is Mormon. Mormons are way out of a Christian mainstream.

Don’t take my word for any of this, ask any Southern Baptist. Go ahead I dare you.

Allen (Retarded – Snowflake) derailed a discussion on gun legislation in an Arizona Senate committee meeting by expressing her support for mandatory church attendance nationwide. Arizona Legislature is ALWAYS discussing guns and legislation. So when Allen made her remarks, well, the committee meeting jumped the tracks.

“Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth,” Allen said during a Senate subcommittee meeting on Tuesday. That would have been Tuesday the 24th day of March 2015.

Arizona State Senator Allen is more than obsessed with ‘moral erosion’ in America. What with liberals and gays and Mooselims and Iranians and Mexicans and unwed mothers and brown people in general and anyone that doesn’t believe as Senator Allen believes, ‘moral erosion’ is a plague on God’s green Amerikkka.

Isn’t it nice that the church lady is “concerned” about Amerikkka? Arizona’s genius legislature just gutted the Arizona education system and cut school budgets to the point that school districts all across Arizonastan will simply have to close. There’s no money to be made for Arizona by educating Arizona’s children and yes, gutting the education system was by design.

But ‘moral erosion’ is THE problem facing Arizona and Amerikkka. It is more than a little curious that Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen just woke up to moral erosion in Amerikkka. Amerikkka is morally corrupt and legislatures are to blame. Congress is to blame.

Sylvia Allen didn’t have shit to say about Amerikkka torturing brown folk or cops killing black Americans or political corruption or the wars or the Bushco war criminals. I asked Her Highness the Senator Allen and I’m gutter trash for asking questions of the insipid bitch. Oh yes, I emailed questions to the stupid cow and you can too if you’d like.

Here’s her legislative email address –


2 thoughts on “church lady pole dancing

  1. Damn! (excuse the expression) It is so simple. Tubularsock should have figured this all out before. Church, fucking Church! We all go to Church. Rather we would be forced to go to Church but same difference. Then we would all be the same, together, one and we’d all get along and the Mormon would lie down with the Southern Baptist and you know that the Southern Baptist would lie down with the lamb for sure. Amen.

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