first amendment what?

“Religious Freedom Restoration Act” passed by Indiana’s Legislature and signed into law by Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence seems to have caused a bit of a stir. No, really it did.

The Indiana legislative brain trust seems unable to clarify what “freedoms” are in need of restoration.

What religion in America has suffered loss of freedom? With the possible exception of Muslims, there is not ONE religion in America losing any ‘freedom’. We all know that those pesky dang Mooselims are “suspicious.” On account of that ever so grating ‘global war of terror’ crap-o-la. However I do believe that even Muslims are able to exercise their religion freely. I’m certain that Muslims can spot the wandering FBI or CIA type with ease. You know when the aforementioned FBI or CIA type might attend Mosque? The scenario would be lovingly known as ‘sticking out like a sore thumb’. Motif of course.

Well, Indiana is worried legislatively sick that “religion” is losing it’s “freedom.” Ah you poor damn Hoosiers, suck it up. In case you hadn’t noticed, just about ALL of America has lost it’s freedom and that would be thanks to the bullshit Patriot Act Vol. What-The-Fuck-Ever.

Mormon Elders are still able to knock on your door and ask if your household is ready to “receive the gospel” according to Joseph Smith and the Brothers of Polygamy. Oh that is ever so true.

The screwy Jehovah’s Witness are still able to knock on your door on any Saturday to annoy the bejesus out of your day and try to stuff a ‘Watchtower’ into your hand whether you’d want one or not.

Have you ever wondered why it is that the Jesuits don’t come knocking on your door? Or Jews and it doesn’t matter if those Jews are Orthodox or Reformed. How a come the Greek Orthodox never bother to visit?

Do the Methodists feel like the freedoms they have enjoyed ever since the inception of these here United States of America are in need of ‘restoration’? What about the Lutherans? Missouri Synod of course. Wait, Wisconsin Synod? I should know this and I can shamefully say, I don’t fucking remember. A way back in the day my Mom felt the need for my salvation to take the Lutheran reformation path. Which was really curious as my Mom was a died in the wool Catholic.


I have never felt that my religious freedoms were in need of restoration. I have generally left that religious crap unresolved. Back in the day, I studied for the ministry and that went nowhere faster than you can say “apostasy.”

Hey Joe? Are you still married to Barbara? I know that Santos isn’t married to Vicky. Not anymore.

Sorry, that’s a very private digression. But, it does highlight a point. Gays and Lesbians want to marry? Let them have at it. Why should heterosexuals be the only ones to relish the searing pain of divorce?

Ah…the “sanctity of marriage.” That’s a joke. Get it?



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