shoot april fools

A small child wandered outside the family hovel to greet the morning sun out in the wilds of Thirdworldistan and was blasted off this here earthly toil by a Hellfire missile. Served up rather rudely by the United States of America and it’s drone war on brown people just about everywhere. Barack Obama doing his best to advance the insane ‘global war of terror’. Later on as the small child’s family gathered to ponder a ghastly death, they gathered wet sticky bits that were stuck on walls and fences and that was all a grieving family could collect.

But Jesus said, Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.

Religious Freedoms Restoration Act. The authors of that bullshit evidently missed the words of American Jesus. Or maybe the stupid fuckers simply can’t understand what Jesus said nor what Jesus meant.

Here we are moving ever so timely through Holy Week and all that’s supposed to mean and yet…

and yet…

and yet…

Planet Earth is closer to global thermonuclear war and there seems to be nary a voice of reason in all the hallowed halls of deep thinking governance.

So being partially through Wholly Weak, the lesson would be –

Life in America is good, it isn’t raining Hellfire missiles, and Jesus is a platitude. Bigotry is alive and well in Indiana, Arkansas, Arizona, and New Hampshire. Race war brews in Chicago and there’s not a damn thing to worry about there AS, young black men are being slaughtered and Fergustan, Missouri shouts out “Straight Up!”

Your very next airline ride just may in fact be your last.

April Fools! Or maybe not…




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