money makes education go round

The University of Houston (that’s in Texas) is going to “pay” Matthew McConaughey $135,000.00 and that is USD, for a Spring 2015 commencement speech.

University money well spent no doubt.

McConaughey is an ‘actor’. McConaughey also does commercials for the Lincoln Motor Company. McConaughey “drives” Lincolns not because it’s cool or because Lincoln Motor Company pays him to drive a Lincoln BUT because McConaughey “likes” driving a Lincoln. Sure he does and the fact that the Lincoln Motor Company shovels mountains of money (yes, that is USD) at McConaughey, well, that’s irrelevant.

I’d drive a Lincoln for the Lincoln Motor Company and I’d drive one for a fraction of what Lincoln pays Matt.


Now I confess readily that I have no idea what kind of fiscal situation the University of Houston might be in. In Arizona, which is where I live, the fruit loopy Arizona Legislature just gutted the budgets for Higher Education across the board and right to the bone. That’s called psycho-slasher education funding.

Arizona does not give a rat’s rancid sphincter about educating students period. Arizona School Districts can’t put tires on the buses they use to shuffle students to school and then back to where the students live. Tires for school buses are not important to Arizona’s feckless Legislature. Arizona’s Legislature just passed legislation that reads in part – “let the little fuckers (Arizona students) burn to death in a bus crash and we won’t have to cough up money to keep them common core.” Yes, Arizona’s Legislature is a veritable hotbed of human compassion.

Anyway, here’s a link to the actual story about Big Bucks McConaughey and his stipend from the U of H –

Matthew McConaughey is a bright and shiny example of what any university graduate would want to emulate. Drive a Lincoln, collect big bucks for doing mostly about nothing, and then head for the bank.

There has got to be some logic or rational reasoning somewhere that would justify paying $135K to an “actor.” For a commencement speech?

It must cost universities seriously gigantic mountains of cash to post up an Oprah or Bubba Clinton or Stephén Tyroné Colbert. Of course Stephé will be taking over for Dave Letterman.

Frank Zappa wisely opined a way back in the day, “we’re only in it for the money.” True that.Page_1


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