tap dancing in minefields

el Jefé the Obama has pulled off a diplomatic coup that rivals Nixon’s making nice with the Chinese. It’s a start and absolutely worth giving Obama the benefit of any doubts.

I’m not a fan of el Jefé and have not been since February 1, 2009. However, Obama has managed a feat of diplomacy that has been sorely lacking in American government for a very long time.

Of course the Israel firsters in Congress are pitching screaming histrionic fits that diplomacy with Iran actually worked. Jesus, that’s about pathetic. As for the prime ministerial king of the Jews, one Binyamin Netanyahu, Bibi is apoplectic. Bibi is always apoplectic. You see Iran is planning the demise of Israel within six months and has been about the planning of the demise of Israel within six months for the last twenty years. Boring.

Then there are the worries about the “loss” of religious freedoms in America. I’m not certain what religious freedoms in America have been lost but evidently religious freedoms have been lost and if found, please return to the Southern Baptist Convention. You see the Southern Baptists own the rights to religious freedoms in America and have trademarked those lost religious freedoms with the US Patent Office and they’ll sue your pagan ass off if you try to lay any claim to freedom whatsoever.

Oh yeah, America is in some seriously deep crazy shit and there seems to be NO lifejackets being tossed to regular Americans by the Coast Guard.

We have us a shit-storm tsunami!



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