Jeb Bush is running for president 2016. You’ll of course remember the “Bush dynasty.”

Prescott Bush the elder, WWII Nazi financier and collaborator. Patriarch of the Bush Klan which has given AmeriKKKa George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Spunky Bush, and Jebby the former governor of Florida. Think Terri Schiavo.

Jebby finds himself in some indelicate waters here of late.

Here comes the bingo –

Jebby filled out his 2009 Florida voter registration form and identified his ethnicity as ‘Mexican’.

Here’s the link to comedy by omission –



Jebby habla español.


Jebby may speak Spanish and that means about squat. Jebby can besa mi culo! Jebby is married to a Mexican woman. Irrelevant.

What Jebby is, is a Bush. The last Bush to infest America’s Oval Office is a flagrant and wanton war criminal.

I’m just saying.

Jeb Bush a Mexican? That’s funny but not in any Latino sense of what may in fact be funny.

Soy blanco, tengo razón, y te puedo llevar eso al banco!



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