bomb kill maim

Sen. Tommy ‘killer’ Cotton (Retarded Freak – Arkansass) is back on the stump advocating war. War on Iran to be very specific. Here’s a link to Cotton’s current warmongering –

You see ‘killer’ Cotton is a meat puppet working for Bill Kristol. Kristol is a raging Israel firster and flaming traitor to the United States of America. Evidently Cotton enjoys being a meat puppet and having Bill Kristol’s hand jammed up his ass and thereby fulfilling his role as dummy. Which only proves the premise that when politicians lay down with zionists they wake up sodomized. Of course the aforementioned politician does walk away with a sack filled with AIPAC cash and that, evidently, makes the slut walk easier.

Did you know that Sen. Tommy ‘killer’ Cotton served in the US military? Well he certainly did. Exactly one tour of duty. 2005 – 2009 as an Army “planner” in Iraq. Tommy is no Rambo.

What Tommy ‘killer’ Cotton prefers to do is warmonger. Advocating for the heartless slaughter of innocents. Iranian innocents. Cotton fails miserably in making a case that Iranians are “enemies” of the American people.

Iranians are NOT enemies of the American people. Given that Iran is in full compliance with the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and is a member in good standing of the International Atomic Energy Agency and signatory to the NPT, well, Cotton talks more loopy bullshit than Bill Kristol has Brooks Brothers suits.

It remains worlds of curious that zionist Bill Kristol NEVER FUCKING EVER mentions Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal. Ergo when Tommy Cotton is queried about Israel’s nukes, the stupid warmongering fuck goes dummy up faster than the speed of treachery.

Cotton can walk. Cotton can talk some really big shit. HOWEVER, Cotton can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Not without getting clearance from his proctologist of choice, Bill Kristol.


2 thoughts on “bomb kill maim

  1. You know Don, every time Tubularsock reads your posts he learns something new. So that’s how a meat puppet works ….. damn! Tubularsock assumed is was fisting but an open hand makes more sense in this case. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Tubularsock is seriously considering changing from cotton to flannel for obvious reasons. Would that help you think?

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