what ain’t fruits is nuts

It would seem that the right side of America’s political spectrum is tumbling all over themselves to determine not only who might be straight up freaking insane but, whom might be the bigger demagogue.

As IF being a demagogue is a quality that might be desirable in a presidential candidate.

Canadian Ted Cruz might just be leading the foaming-at-the-mouth pack of slavering poseurs that desire America’s presidency. See link –


Cruz is histrionically knee-jerk. Cruz is hysterically stupid. Cruz leaves me with the nagging suspicion that he’s closeted. Almost if not exactly like Lindsey Graham.

Look, I don’t care about anyone’s personal preferences sexual and/or otherwise. Not my concern. BUT, don’t even dare to play both ends against a middle.

“Gay jihadis?”

Cruz figures he’s being cute turning a social hot-button phrase. Let us be straight up here, Cruz did not turn the phrase. The phrase came from the ranks of Cruz handlers that get paid minimum wage to work for a social pedophile. “Gay jihadis?”

Cruz claims to be an evangelical christian and I’m thinking that Jesus Himself has got to wonder what in the hell is wrong with Teddy.

It’s almost like the ghost of Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy has returned to this plane of existence to possess multiple skin suited Republican freaks that bask in the glow of media attention. Canadian Ted Cruz, Tommy ‘boy’ Cotton, Rand ‘limp’ Paul, Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘drooly’ McCain, and criminy this listing could get annoyingly lengthy in a blink.

If “gay jihadis” are about the business of terrorizing christians and Republican presidential imposters, well, good on them. “Gay jihadis” making sanctimonious christian heretic politicians nervous is not a bad thing.

Fools like Cruz do NOT have the ‘love of Christ’ in them and that much is obvious. Jesus Himself was adamant in stating, “by their fruit shall you know them.”

Anyway if there are any “gay jihadis” out there lurking in the shadows and waiting to swoop down on Teddy boy to cut his damn head off, please video that and post it on YouBoob. Now that would make for some enlightening if not entertaining distraction and we all could use some entertaining distraction.



2 thoughts on “what ain’t fruits is nuts

  1. Some days I almost miss Palin’s “turkey dying speech” and McCain’s “vetting” team after catching about 3 seconds of Canada’s finest.

    There’s a gay jihadi joke there…but go there I shall not’ish.


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