runs and/or get out the way

The Madame Clinton is “officially” a candidate for president 2016.




Banal, boring, hackneyed, clichéd, ho-hum, uninteresting, cornball, and dime store.

However, Cruz and Paul and Rubio and Jebito and the fat man beached on the Jersey Shore are screaming venomous epithets.

It’s is perfectly acceptable to plant palm of hand to face and shriek D’OH!!!

Did you know that the very next presidential election will be on November 8, 2016? No shit. 11/8/16. Or how about the 8th day of November 2016.

If that’s not enough to dim any flicker of hope one may have been harboring however timidly, well, there you go.

The future holds interminably bleak possibilities.



10 thoughts on “runs and/or get out the way

  1. I just ran a little experiment — went over to huffpost and counted the comments that are in favor of a ‘president killary’ — that’s some scary shit! The dems have their own tea party mo-Ron faction and it’s big! I’m gonna have to take my Hillary Clinton poppet and put it in the freezer so her forward [to the WH] motion will be FROZEN! So mote it fiercely be!

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    • It’s as easy as ABC. Anybody But Clinton. The Republicons are evil and the Dumbocrats are worse. The fucking Dumbocrats are supposed to know better. Jesus, America is gonna get another Bush….
      Costa Rica here I come.

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