program! you’re gonna need a program

The political tension builds. The drama grows even still more dramatic. Mountains of money are thrown to the wind. That’s simply obscene.

Rubio the Florida Cuban is in. The race for el presidenté of course. Oh yes and by the by, that el presidenté election is 82 weeks away. Somewhere in an almost implausible future.

So the scorecard reads – Cruz is in. Paul is in. Skillery is in. And now Rubio whom is Florida’s answer to a Rube’s Ick Cube is in. Next up is Jebito Bush the Mexican WASP. Huckleberry Huckabee is itching himself skinless to “jump in” and save the conservatives. Scott Walker wants in so badly he damn near peed himself holding off taking the jump. It’s okay Walker boy, it’s high enough so go ahead and jump.

Swishy Lindsey wants in. The New Jersey fat man wants in. Mitt Rmoney’s boy Brigham Rmoney might jump in if he can get a ‘recommend’ from Tommy ‘gropey’ Monson. That’s a Mormon thing and yes, it is more than a little unnatural and icky.

Dingbat Michelle Bachmann just might take the plunge IF Minnesota voters will pony up enough for her ante. Carly Fiorina would like to jump in BUT, she’s demanding that Itchy McConnell kiss her photocopied ass.

Joey ‘juju’ Biden is “considering his options.”

John ‘elmer’ Bolten wants Dark Cheney to run.

I’d like to see Dark Cheney run 50 yards. He’ll collapse after 10 yards and that right there would be worth the price of admission.

The unholy days of tedious banality are descending upon every last American like a stinky wet blanket.

May whatever (whomever?) god that holds the supreme rung on the old divine ladder at present have mercy on Amerika and by extension, the remainder of our precious if not suffering world. The fate of Planet Earth just might hang on whomever gets elected America’s president in a mere 82 weeks away.

It’s time for somebody completely different…






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