strange brutality

Police forces all across the US have taken police brutality to a new level. The police will shoot a black citizen dead for just about any reason or lack thereof. The police will shoot a black citizen while pretending to use a taser and you know, whoops, our bad.

Here’s a nasty twist. The Marana, Arizona Police Department is going to run down “suspects” with their squad cars and send “suspects” flying. Literally.

The ‘Chief’ of Marana, Arizona PD praised the officer that ran down the “suspect” with his cruiser. The ‘Chief’ called the officer’s actions “innovative.”

If you happened to have missed the outrageous video here’s a link –

The video has gone viral and is all over the web so do the google drill and you’ll get any number of alternatives.

The takedown by cop cruiser is an unusually cruel twist in policing.

Go ahead and start an office pool on exactly when it will be when a cop cruising just about anywhere runs down a white citizen.

Postmodern Amerikan nervous breakdown is ongoing and where it all stops nobody knows.

If you happen to be a black/brown Amerikan, watch your back. As we all know, the policing Gestapo are sure as hell watching everything you do or don’t do…



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