friday fun toons

Let us take a moment and salute Doug Hughes. American patriot and gyrocopter pilot par excellence. Mr. Hughes while exercising his First Amendment right and demanding from Congress a redress of grievances, landed his gyrocopter on the “Capitol” lawn. Damn skilled piloting I would add.

Well evidently the ‘airspace’ around the Capitol building is “military restricted airspace.” To that I would observe, oh bullshit. The American people OWN the goddamned airspace around the Capitol, the White House, and every other federal building one might care to infer.

The airspace around the Capitol, the ground that miserable cesspool of Israel first corruption sits on, and all federal property belongs to the American people. Not the FAA not the NSA not the military not the CIA not even the Bureau of Engraving. None of it belongs to anyone but ‘we the people’.

The federal government will immediately and forthwith release Doug Hughes from his “home confinement” and give the man back his gyrocopter.

Mr. Doug Hughes can now take his place alongside revered Americans like Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and Jackie Robinson. Bold, brave, and self assured Americans that were fearless in the face of lickspittle banality.

Oh yeah and on to the toon –



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