king james virgins

I think that the religios have it all wrong. The big 3 religios of course. Jews, christians, and those darn suspicious Mooselims.

Everybody (in US government and the really important religios) says “we” can’t be a trusting those darn suspicious Mooselims. Why, the New York Times says “we” can’t be a trusting those darn suspicious Mooselims and the Washington WhorePost says “we” can’t be a trusting those darn suspicious Mooselims and Time and FauxNews and even Pills Limbaugh says “we” can’t be a trusting those darn suspicious Mooselims.

There you go.

Anyway, the problematic problem with the big 3 religios is what “they” use as ‘scripture’. The Jew texts were written in biblical Hebrew. I learned that in a theology class I took way back in the day. The christian texts were written in Aramaic and biblical Greek. According to preeminent and scholarly theology translation guys.

Does anyone speak Aramaic these days?

The darn suspicious Mooselim text is written in Arabic. Yeah that’s problematic no doubt.

So the problem is, at least for 2/3’s of the religios, they depend on translations. By some translation scholar that may or may not be running a personal agenda or personal bias due to religio affiliation.

Today’s hyper-hysterical evangelical christian taliban’s entire claim to fame and theology premises are based on translations. The histrionically dogmatic are basing their beliefs, world views, bigotry, and claims to US history on translations of the “scriptures” that may or may not be accurate.

The crazy fuckers are skating on some thin ice. Translated thin ice.

What if the freaks have their entire belief system wrong? The question is wholly plausible.

Who decides what is ‘official’ and accurate when it comes to deep thinking theology issues?

Deep theology issues such as the nature of God. Given the shaky beginnings of, oh say Genesis, the religios are hard pressed to explain glaring inconsistencies. Where did the women come from that married the sons of “Adam?” Remembering of course that ‘in the beginning’ there was an Adam and an Eve and they had Cain, Abel, and NO daughters get listed in Genesis.

Are we talking incest here?

I think that Genesis is metaphor. As would be most of what passes as scripture in all the big 3 religios.

It is entirely possible and wholly credible that the religios missed the boat by about a country mile. You know, what “god” was suggesting that people believe in.

I’m just saying theologically and possibly existentially. Cause IF the religios have got it wrong, well, that changes everything.



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