who’s your monty

America is being goaded into a war with Iran. By radicalized Republicon obfuscation, by Israel first congressional obsequious obedience to Binyamin Netanyahu, by hubristic delusions that the “next war” can actually be won, or whatever insane rationale is being used by Obama regime to justify human slaughter, our world is being prepared for a bloodbath.

Post humanitarian intervention Libya is a killing field that garners very little journalism scrutiny. However there are boat loads of Libyan refugees drowning off the coast of Italy and there is little doubt about that.

There is one nasty bloodletting in Yemen with the Saudis facilitating wholesale human carnage. The US is right there providing aid and material support to Saudi terrorism and the US Navy is positioning Navy ships damn close to Yemen to, hopefully, provoke the Iranians. You see the Iranians have been providing aid to the suffering Yemenis and the US can’t be a having that now can we.

Mr. Phillip Giraldi has authored up some excellent exegesis on the matter and here’s a link to his wisdom –


Here’s another link to the US positioning Navy ships off Yemen –


The USNews offers NO credible reports or intel that Iran is providing anything other than humanitarian aid to Yemen.

Don’t believe the hype, histrionics, hysteria, or propaganda offered by US government regarding Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Palestine, or Ukraine.

The Obama regime is lying their warmongering asses off. But the Obama freaks are deep in “diplomacy” with Iran so there you go.

One more military misstep by Obama regime and we’ll all be able to embrace a nuclear afterglow by about sunset.


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