The bible-bangers, the jebus jesters, the evangelical christian taliban, and our lady of the batshit crazy Michele Bachmann are worshipping the ‘god of war’. Of course the dummies don’t see it that way and therefore fall into the ‘Jonestown’ category of heresy.

Here’s a link to Bachmann’s latest religious euphoriasm –


Bachmann is way overdue for a comprehensive psychiatric examination. By a board certified psychiatrist of course. That rule should apply across the spectrum for America’s christian taliban. They are a nasty bunch to say the least. But the crazy freaks are in solidarity clamoring for war on Iran, on Syria, and on Russia. I probably should include the war on black/brown Americans. Paramilitary Gestapo assaulting citizens of color seems to be something close to en vogue.

Anyway, the christian “soldiers” seem unable to come to grips with the notion that they’ve abandoned the ‘Jesus’ of the bible and have embraced the ‘god of this world’ in blind obedience, However if you ask them about their inconsistent “christianity”, the fools get offensive and refuse to reason. Period.

Oh well, what are you gonna do…


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