From the Book of Disputeronomy –

Fall on thine knees and make obsequious obedience unto the Wholly State of Greater Israel. Thou shalt do exactly that or thou shalt find thine shamefully uncovered ass vexed with plagues of boils and hands on searches by Transportation Security Agency. Whether thine shall be in airport or not.

Fall prone in the dust/dirt at the passing of Imperial United States Senators. Thou are not of the Imperial Senatorial cut and therefore are unworthy of nothing more than paying thine taxes. Which are of course divinely inspired by the God of Largesse.

Remember the Holocaust® to keep it profitable and lest thine ever forget, Jews own all rights and trademark to Holocaust® merchandizing and the Armenians need to shuteth the fuck up. The Armenians are wholly without merit in all Holocaust® litigations, copyright infringements, and pissing off the Ottoman Turks. So let it be written and so let it be done and not undone.

Man shall leave his female progenitor and crack wise unto his male progenitor and cleaveth unto the woman of choice or decided upon by familial links to procreate and make with the divine jiggy so that the obedient species shall be fruitful and multiplying unto a state of divine profitability UNLESS the ‘man’ shall have different feelings, inclinations, gender confusions, sexualized orientations, or time enough to wait for Supreme Court decisions as to what may in fact be what. Or otherwise. Or whom. Whom?

Be wary of the money changers that harbor in the bowels of political process. The evil doers do not the service of the Wholly Divine and are in fact, suspect. Kochsuckers are by their very nature unclean and therefore needeth to be kept outside the village, parish, neighborhood domicile, and American politics.

Be advised that is entirely okie-dokie with God Ahmight to use one’s head for other than a place to hang thine hat. Think it through people or forever dwelleth in the world of darkness.

Ta-ta for now.



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