locked out

Fans of the Baltimore Orioles didn’t get to watch the Orioles game against the ChiSox. The game was played on Wednesday the 29th day of April to an empty house. Yup, the House of Cal was locked up tight.

You see, MLB had a case of gutless jitters and decided to ‘play ball’ without a fan to be seen or heard.

The real deal is that MLB and the Orioles’ corporate team didn’t want to chance having to deal with uppity niggas.

Did you know that the new and politically acceptable epithet for “niggas” is ‘thugs’?

Palm to face moment to be inserted about right here.

Never before ever has the Major League played a game, any game, to an empty house. For any reason.

It would seem that “thugs” (uppity niggas) rioting out of control in Baltimore scared the crap out of MLB and MLB went into crisis mode so as to not be held liable.

Yes, Baltimore is an odd example of how ‘wire’ works. Art imitates police brutality.

According to Ben Swann, the uppity niggas and/or ‘thugs’ causing community damage in Baltimore and fans of the Baltimore Orioles being locked out of their game, is directly the fault of “outsiders.” Go figure.

You see it turns out that “riots” over the horrendous death of Freddie Gray is the sole work of “outside agitators” and Baltimore PD holds no culpability nor does Baltimore City government.

So and therefore, there is nothing to see here people move it along. Peacefully of course.

Good luck Baltimore, you are so going to need any luck you can find.

It used to be that if one had a problem, one only needed to find a solution. These days if one has a problem, sweep that problem under any convenient rug and blame “thugs.”

Did you know that the City of Baltimore has 16,000 abandoned buildings? Baltimore might want to consider urban homesteading.

I’m just saying…


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