diplomatic cat fight

The mayor of Ankara, Turkey is in a pissing match with State Department’s Marie Harf.

This is some funny shit no doubt.

Ibrahim Melih Gokcek (mayor of Ankara) condemned Harf on Wednesday for being “silent” about US police brutality and the violent crackdown of protesters rallying against the death of Freddie Gray, who was killed while in police custody.

You see, the State Department got all manner of rude with Turkey for the Erdoğan’s government crackdown on anti-government protest a way back in 2013.

You see, the Turks are more than a little irritated with the US and the “civilized world” that Ottoman Turks would get called out for their genocide of Armenians a way long time ago.

The Turks get really touchy when considered genocidal.

Anyway, Gokcek called Harf a “stupid blonde.”

It is a given that Harf IS a stupid blonde and that’s hardly news.

That Gokcek called Harf “stupid” is news.

So US ambassador to Turkey John Bass, jumped to the defense of CIA/State Department Harf by dying his hair blonde.

Say what?

Evidently ambassador Bass figures this is high school and not international diplomacy.

On Friday, Bass hit back at the Ankara mayor by posting a picture of himself with his normally brown hair dyed blond on Instagram.

Here’s the link to Harf/Bass diplomatic and sophomoric antics –


According to the BBC, Bass’ blonde hair is “photo shopped.” Yeah yeah, sure sure…

The US goes smooth off on sovereign nations the world over for behaving badly. The US behaves badly and mum’s the word. Gokcek has a point. That Gokcek would highlight Harf’s being a “stupid blonde” is screamingly and hysterically funny. Harf of course, refuses to “dignify Gokcek’s comment.”  US ambassador DumBass dyes his hair.

This story ranks right up there with the Victoria Nuland story where Nuland tells the EU to “fuck off.”

Amerikan government functionaries are not only stupid, they’re retarded to a fault.


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