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Obama has granted Shell Oil the right to drill in Arctic waters. For oil.

Obama is a two-faced obsequious son-of-a-bitch and that much is a given.

Environmentally sensitive becomes an oxymoron and the Obama is just another political whore.


Republicans in Congress gave the Obama a resounding “HUZZAH!” Democraps in Congress gave the Obama a resounding “ATTA BOY!”

So the Obama slams a ‘no way’ on Keystone BUT, the insipid clown okays drilling in the Arctic. The Keystone pipeline is a no-brainer. Drilling in the Arctic? How in hell does el Jefé figure Shell Oil might be able to clean up their freaking messes? Shell Oil will make a mess that will never be able to be made right.


I detest a lame duck president and a whorishly Israel first Congress. The denizens inside the Babylon Beltway do NOT give a flying freakish fuck about the American people. Obama is going to receive a rather handsome stipend from Shell Oil for giving them the green light to drill. Which by the by, that stipend will be delivered safely after el Jefé has vacated the White House. But and in the end, that is exactly why American presidents are kept around. To smooth the way for corporate assholes to make serious bank at human expense and our Planet’s environment is mere collateral damage on the road to exploitation.

Please to excuse me, I’ve a need to run out the back door and spit…


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  1. Come on Don! Step-en’ -fetch-it boy wonder ONLY did this to help his future foundation and Presidential Library to be built in Chicago-South-Side. How else can you get COLD cash than from the Arctic?

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