spanish fyi

At the southwest end of Europe lies Spain.

Spain, of course, has a conjoined sort of doppelgänger by the name of Portugal.

We are truly sorry about that but and however, what might Spain figure anyone could do about that now?

Spain and Portugal should be advised that bailouts and/or otherwise are strictly the business of the World Bank and IMF.

Spanish Castle Magic.

How is any of that relevant?

It isn’t.

I’m on a lark.

Rambling wildly willy-nilly just because.

Just because I can.

So if I can


you can.

That would imply, two can.

Run wild in the streets people. Running wild in the streets really REALLY pisses off ‘authority’ and pissing off authority can and should become a life’s mission.

If exponential algebra teaches us anything at all, it would infer that one act of defiance will birth a second act of defiance and then four and then eight and then sixteen and then and then…

‘Authority’ fearing the attention span of the sheeple having been rudely breached by audacity and so therefore, martial law MUST be invoked and applied brutally across a broad spectrum of the “populace.”

Congress approves the extended rule of Patriotic Act, NSA Surveillance, and National Impunity For Cops Killing Black Citizens Act 57, and all is right in Obama’s America.

God blister America and remember to remind your young’uns to recite their “Pledge of Obedience” as the young’uns start their school daze.

In The God of War We Trust.


Or whatever…


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