His Whollyness the Pope referred to Mahmoud Abbas as an “angel of peace.” Or the Pope did not. You see we are dealing with linguistic translations and hyper-overdriven zionist sensitivities.

Gosh the whiz-bang, if not overtly arrogant, New York Times would NEVER misquote the Vicar of Christ. Nah…

Given that there wasn’t anyone close to reputable in the audience Pope Francis had with Mahmoud Abbas, we’ll never really know what the Pope said to abu Mazen.

Of course what the Pope may or may not have said is hardly relevant especially when it comes to Palestinians, apartheid Israel, and reporting by the thoroughly disgraced NYTimes.

Think Judith Miller anytime you’d care to assess the NYTimes. Whorish propaganda at it’s bullshit best.

Here’s a non NYT link to the current hub-bub regarding Pope Francis and abu Mazen –

The bottomline real deal would be, the Vatican made treaty with the Palestinian Authority and that treaty pissed off Israel no end.

Pissed off Israelis, go figure.

Anyway, His Whollyness proceeded to provide a powerpoint presentation on exactly what kind of authority His Whollyness actually is in possession of.

In St. Peter’s Square to be quite specific.

See the photag and draw your own conclusions. Be circumspect of course –


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