slam drunk

Congress is in a tizzy.


The silly freaks are facing the expiration of the ‘Patriot Act’ and all the ancillary legislation that borders on tyranny if not open treason on the American people.

All the unconstitutional hysteria that was jammed down the American throat post 9/11/01 is set to expire the last day of May 2015. There are members of Congress that are ready if not willing to let all that crap die on the vine.

It should be noted here that Congress is in some surreal waters and there are pressures being exerted to insure that the status quo remains the status quo.

In other words, any number of congress creepers are getting under-the-table payment to look the other way anytime the ‘Patriot Act’ comes up for renewal.

Members of Congress are easily distracted. Especially so when envelopes of cash are waved under their noses.

In ‘other’ news –

Did you know that Congress is considering giving DoD $585 billion dollars for fiscal year 2016?

In numbers that looks like – $585,000,000,000.00 and yes that is USD.

So when the taxman comes around and nails your share of American largesse to your door, don’t be surprised.

Holy Mary Mother of the God of War…

You know, it would be nice IF Jesus were to come back and drive the moneychangers out of America’s Congress.

Of course were Jesus to come back, the dumb asses in American government would consider that a “threat to national security” and commence to nuke Jesus. I’d bet the ziongelicals couldn’t have seen that coming.


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