strange days

Oil spill off the Santa Barbara coast. It seems the ruptured oil pipeline runs directly along the coast highway. Well that was a well thought out plan.

Or not.

The Santa Barbara coast is some pricey real estate. The Santa Barbarians are going to be really pissy about that oil spill. So would the wildlife affected.

I wonder if anyone’s going to jail?

It turns out that the ISIL/ISIS jihadi crazy fuckers really didn’t want a slice of Syria. Nope. Turns out that the ISIL/ISIS jihadi crazy fuckers want Iraq. Wow, is that about a shocker or what.


There are actual Americans that are ever so concerned that Iraq is being picked clean. Evidently there is a current of American thought that figures “we” bought Iraq.


It certainly seems like the biker dust up in Waco, Texas doesn’t quite pass critical examination. I mean a biker rumble in broad daylight at a restaurant? Hmmm, there seems to be a failed scratch-and-sniff test. There is an odoriferous aroma of set up hanging heavy over Waco, Texas.

Bikers, whatever colors they happen to wear, are not stupid. For the most part, any biker is a decent enough American. Well as ‘decent enough’ might apply to any American these days. However, one is well advised to NOT piss off any biker. Pissing off any biker follows the same motif as don’t be poking sticks inside a hornet’s nest.

One thing would be for certain, the inside of any Waco jail would be really really tense.

America will never know what is the real deal behind biker dust up in Waco.

Waco, Texas…

Isn’t that where Janet Reno ordered the FBI to burn all those Branch Davidians alive? I believe that is the case.

Well, a biker dust up is probably no big deal after all.


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