“We are in fact losing this war.”

Thus spake former Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Jack Keane. Here comes the link –


Former General Jack was testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Guess who “chairs” the Armed Services Committee?

Now I think that I am not mistaken in that Buckaroo Bush told America and the world a way back when, it was “mission accomplished” in Iraq. Hang on while I pull up the exact date of Bushit…

Got it…

May 1, 2003. Holy disingenuous hubris, that’s like a snidge more than 12 years ago.

You see I did NOT know that America was still at war in Iraq. I am fully aware that America is still getting that old American clock cleaned in the Afghaniscam. That bullshit has been costing blood since October of 2001. Almost 14 years.

Now why in hell Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘boy’ McCain would be hearing testimony from a “former” Army general and a straight up loser at that, is pure speculation and political theater of kabuki absurd. Uncle Cranky also had Freddy ‘fat frog’ Kagan “testify” before his ‘committee’. Fat frog Freddy is brother to Bobby Kagan and Bobby is married to Victoria ‘fuck the EU’ Nuland.

Can you say duplicitous conspiracy?

The warmongers are trying ever so hard to reignite a war in Iraq. Or Ukraine or Syria or Somalia with their ultimate target being Iran. These war criminal fuckers had their chance and came up crapper. With the son-of-a-bitch aspect being, not a one of the war criminal freaks have been held to account for their crimes against humanity. That failure to hold the bastards to account is going to come back and haunt el Jefé the Obama and so it begins.

I’m of the opinion that Keane and the Kagans along with the bitches they’re married to and the Cheneys, Rummys, John Yoo, Berty Gonzales, Soaring Eagle Ashcroft, Condo, Colon Powell, Geo Tenet, and all the Bushco minions named and remaining anonymous to this very day, be perp marched out on the National Mall and shot in the head with proper media coverage to send the message all across our horribly suffering Planet Earth, those executions are not an end all but certainly a fair beginning. Oh yeah and that vacuous if not tedious bitch Monica Goodling. What a retarded twat. Of course all the firing squad stuff would be after due process and a war crimes tribunal.

I’m fully aware any listing of Bushco minions that should be posted in front of a firing squad becomes problematic requiring enormous page space. I think I hit the highlights anyway.

I am open to additional suggestions…


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