men with nets

The warlord sheriff of Maricopastan, one Joe Arpaio, needs cash.

You see the warlord sheriff of Maricopastan, one Joe Arpaio, has run up a considerable lawyers tab having to defend his warlordiness in state and federal courts for any number of illegal transgressions. You see one more time the warlord sheriff of Maricopastan, one Joe Arpaio, figures he is a law unto himself and he gets confused when brought to heel by the legal process.

Yes, Arizona actually has a legal process.

Yes Arizona’s legal process is a bit draconian, more than a little unjust, mostly geared to white justice, confused, contradictory, outrageous, and flamingly stupid. But, Arizona’s legal process requires that even a dickwad like sheriff Joe pay his own tab.

Sidestep and take a breath…

The drought in Texas is officially over. The rice cake state of California is making plans to “sue Texas” over water that obviously must have been meant for California and not Texas. All that water falling on Texas will wind up in the Gulf of Mexico and we all know how California and Texas feel about Mexicans.

Arizona holds some festering ill will towards Mexico but hell, it’s not raining in Arizona. Not yet anyway. However, monsoon hasn’t actually cranked up yet and this year’s monsoon might just be a doozer. A wet doozer of course.

El Niño is being forecast by NOAA as potentially record setting.


It rains, it doesn’t rain. What the hell is anyone supposed to do about the rain?

I think if it rains, well, bless the rain. If it doesn’t rain…

bottled water?

Backtrack to original stream –

Anyway, the warlord sheriff of Maricopastan, one Joe Arpaio, would really appreciate it if “folk” would send money. To sheriff Joe. He’s having some trouble staying afloat and keeping his salivating legal beagles from slapping liens on sheriff Joe’s way spiffy Fountain Hills homestead. For non payment of legal bills.

Did you know that sheriff Joe named his way spiffy Fountain Hills homestead, el Casa del Gulag?

Poor warlord sheriff of Maricopastan Joe Arpaio.

Fuck off and die Joe. Sooner would be appreciably better than later.

🎶 Hey Joe, where you going with that civil contempt citation in your hand?


One thought on “men with nets

  1. Thank the gods, Don. Tubularsock thinks you have covered ALL the things he has been so worried about. Having Tubularsock’s mind free now could create problems. Oh well, like you say so authoritatively … whatever.


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