orwellian synchronicity

I was born January 20, 1950. Yeah, I am an old fart.

Eric Arthur Blair, who used the pen name George Orwell, died January 21, 1950.

Wholly synchronicity, I did not know that fact until just a brief moment in time ago. I googled it. George Orwell that is.

It is a well established social paradigm that Orwell’s ‘1984’ was NOT written to be an user’s guide.

However it turns out that our postmodern 9/11/01 global war of terror world is eerily 1984-ish.

Turns out that Mr. Blair (George Orwell) was more prophetic than Nostradamus.

Did you know that Nostradamus, was a French apothecary? Did you know that Nostradamus’ buddies liked to call him ‘Stoney’? Nosty liked to play with the pharmaceuticals. A way back when, pharmaceuticals were anyone’s game. A way back when, the village blacksmith served as the neighborhood orthopedic surgeon.

Hammer and tong baby every time.

With Nostradamus being an “apothecary” it’s no wonder that he had ‘visions’. Dude was tinkering with mushrooms. The purple mushrooms served up quite nicely in the French style.

Julia Child was hip to those ‘French’ mushrooms.

Sorry, I digress.

So I got here and the very next day Orwell left this plane of existential convolution. I’m almost certain that I shouldn’t personalize that. It is curious though. It’s almost prophetically serendipitous.

Ewww, is that deep or what. “Prophetically serendipitous.”

HAH! Some days I really crack me up…


3 thoughts on “orwellian synchronicity

  1. Tubularsock likes Peter’s take on this better than his own. Peter, you are so positive. Tubularsock just had one of those “feelings” that Don killed Blair and took his place.

    Sure, Tubularsock is more sinister than Peter’s cosmic position or just maybe Tubularsock’s mushroom supply is tainted.


  2. Actually, I believer there’s real good possibility you may in fact be Orwell incarnate. I sense a similarity in style. Generally speaking it takes about a day to process the necessary paperwork, so there you have it.

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