outsider demographics

I’m old and outside the “prime demographics” that media polling concerns use exclusively.

I one-day-at-a-timed myself right out of contention.

Damn I hate being excluded. Which is the reason for all the whining I’ve put up in the past few days.

You see, I inquired of CBSNews if I could be included in their polling of Americans about political bullshit.


I’m not a “prime demographic.”

Hell, I would have willingly conceded to CBSNews that I am indeed past prime. However, I’m still standing and I’m still standing with attitude.

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have told CBSNews that I thought Scott Pelley was more probable than not, sniffing little girls bicycle seats.

You see, I don’t have any boundaries and I tend to smart ass way more than is socially permissible. But hey, that’s just me. Being a world class smart ass is a life long ambition.

It isn’t my fault that Pelley is sniffing little girls bicycle seats. I’m not judging Pelley. Different strokes for peculiar folks. Of course and it is a given that CBSNews doesn’t want to hear differing points of view. CBSNews needs to keep the propaganda dogma pure and unchallenged.

Okay so, CBSNews polling indicates that Hillary Clinton leads all “other” Republicon potential candidates by a “wide margin.” Did CBSNews polling take into account Tubularsock’s candidacy? Did they?? No the fuckers did NOT!

You see Mr Tubularsock’s running for the ‘office of el Jefé USA’ does not fit into CBSNews polling parameters and confuses the screaming bejesus out of the pollsters. We should all take a moment and feel badly for the propaganda pollsters. Ahh, jeepers…

Fuck that. The media freaks have not a clue as to what the American people feel about anything or any issue. Point in case, I would not vote for Hillary Clinton if the sanctimonious twitchy bitch were up for dog catcher. The Democraps are seriously going to crown the Madame Clinton heir apparent? The stupid fucks can’t figure out why they lost the last national election cycle. Democraps. Republicons. Jesus H. Christ, America deserves better than the two-party screw job.

Oh gosh and sorry, my opinion is meaningless. I’m not a prime demographic.



One thought on “outsider demographics

  1. Don, Tubularsock knows exactly how you “feel”! And thanks for pushing through the massive wall of Maimed-Streamed-News bull shit and bring to the attention of the American public that Tubularsock is ahead in his Poles as well as his Czechoslovakians.

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