political kabuki

Please don’t be confused by the inaction on Patriot Act and ancillary trappings of state security surveillance by Congress. It’s all for show. Typical dog and pony sleight-of-hand. Rand Paul will blather while Ted Cruz counter-obfuscates and John McCain will bluster in pro forma fits of histrionic subterfuge.

The NSA is NOT powering down and policestate Amerika will reenforce it’s stranglehold on America’s delusions of “freedom.”

el Jefé the Obama is weeping crocodile tears of worry and concern that Amerika will be in the dark, unable to maintain that ‘cutting edge intel’ over jihadi terroristas.

Obama is trapped in the circle-jerk mentality of inside the Beltway.

Wait, “trapped” would be a disingenuous description. Obama is inside the Beltway by choice.

Damn, that would mean el Jefé’s machinations are willful and by design.

If anyone “willfully” murders innocents wherever they might be, isn’t that murder in the first?

Anyway, come about next Sunday night the Congress will have mysteriously and wondrously passed any and all legislation pertinent to NSA and Patriot Act sedition. Come next Monday morning praises will ring across Babylon-On-The-Potomac and existing NSA and Patriot Act niceties will remain intact.

Or possibly el Jefé will re-authorize all the necessary NSA and Patriot Act crap-o-la by “executive action” and members of Congress will praise the precedent as ‘good for Amerika’.

So don’t believe the bullshit kids, it’s a trick.


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