SecState Kerry has reinforced the notion that he can’t bike and chew gum at the same time.

Kerry broke his leg. In Switzerlandia. Kerry rides a bike about as well as he does diplomacy.

It’s probably a good thing that SecState Doofus wasn’t riding a motorcycle.

In almost really important news –

The Imperial US Senate failed to extend the provisions of Patriot Act and NSA authorization to spy on Americans. However and this part is extremely I told you so, the “failure” is temporary. The lamestream blowhard senators that are closeted warmongers, McCain and his little liplock buddy Lindsey and Itchy McConnell are politically livid that Rand Paul blocked passage of an extension.

el Jefé the Obama issued an immediate veiled threat that he would “executive order” an extension and thereby make Patriot Act histrionics a permanent part of American hypocrisy. Imperial Senate Reichsführer Itchy McConnell insists that the Senate will enact passage or extension of the hysterical legislation by Tuesday next.

Hmmm… the three ‘H’s’ of American political life. Histrionics, hypocrisy, and hysteria. Nothing says American senatorial shock-and-awe than the senatorial mongers running around in circles waving fear flags.

Golly, the political clowns embedded deep inside Beltway Babylon are putting up one terrific show. Why there’s spitting and vilification and slander and shouts of “unAmerican” and vague innuendo and backroom dealings and Original Gansta Hatch was actually seen performing fellatio on Hairy Reed. Oh lord, that’s just icky. In Chambers no less. Shameful.

However and how all this bullshit affects regular Americans, it doesn’t. The NSA is hoovering up your phone calls and your emails and texts and whatever. If Congress passed legislation that prohibited the NSA from doing what they do, they would simply ignore that legislation, claim “executive privilege”, and not another word would be said. The NSA is solely the property of the Executive Branch. They can do whatever el Jefé wants them to.

The Amerikan Sheeple actually believe they are “free.”

Ah – ha ha ha ha HAH!



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