national salvation :}

Ding dong the bitch is dead. Which old bitch? The ‘Patriot Act’ bitch.

Huzzah Amerika, we is saved! Saved I tells ya…

The ‘Patriot Act’ is now dead and gone. Sure is and you can trust our sacrosanct Congress’s word on that.

President el Jefé Barack Hussein Obama (Oh-Bomb-Ah) signed the demise of ‘Patriot Act’ on Tuesday the 2nd day of June 2015. Oh yes he did.

What Amerika is yoked to now is lovingly called the “USA Freedom Act.” Signally sealed and delivered by Amerika’s Congress unto el Jefé the Obama. Obama signed the “USA Freedom Act” with a quickness that is usually reserved for one of Obama’s drone attacks on Mooselims ensconced in Outbackistan.

Free at last, free at last, thank God Ahmighty we’re free at last.

Or not.

I’d bet Joe Amerika never thought that he’d need el Jefé to guarantee “freedom” for Amerika.

We the Amerikan people were NOT free prior to June 2, 2015 BUT, we’re free now.

Sure we are.

You see, there hasn’t been an actual reading of what is entailed in the “USA Freedom Act” and considering that el Jefé hadn’t read the legislation nor did anyone of the standing members of Congress that passed “USA Freedom Act”, well, we are once again in uncharted waters. Darkly murky waters.

But we’re saved and Congress wouldn’t have passed a “USA Freedom Act” if Amerikan salvation weren’t first and foremost.

Yeah yeah, sure sure.


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