screwed up in reverse

Senator Teddy ‘canadian’ Cruz was forced to make public apology to Vice President Joe Biden. Cruz was pandering to his base, making jokes about Biden, and generally being crass. Cruz missed the memo that Mr. Biden was mourning the death of his son. Cruz is an aberration.

Cruz also maintains that he is “christian.” Point being, what passes as “christian” these days is NOT the same as what Jesus commanded of his disciples. Jesus told His disciples to “pick up your cross and follow Me.” See Biblical link –

Matthew 16:24 American Standard Version (ASV)

American Standard Version of Bible is according to one of my seminary mentors way back in the day, the “official” word of God.

Postmodern 9/11/01 global war of terror christianity is a far cry from what the New Testament posits for theological consideration. Postmodern 9/11/01 global war of terror christianity is a farce if not an abject fraud. Consider the obscenities that are Joel Osteen, Junior Graham Billy’s kid, Hagee, Huckabee, and the pages are filled with buffoons making serious bank preaching the Jebus. Jebus and not Jesus.

Okay and I have no point here. Just rambling about a very rude Teddy the canadian. Cruz is an asshole and his daddy is some manner of ziongelical fundamentalist super bigot and preacher. Not that anyone should care. Demagogues seem to have the attention of media concerns these days.

Oh well. We are certainly living in dangerously apocalyptic times.

Thus endeth the pointless sermon for Thursday the 4th day of June 2015.


5 thoughts on “screwed up in reverse

  1. Wonderful post, Don. Seems to Tubularsock that the Bible can say so many things to so many people in so many ways that it is difficult which “standard” one is reading from ……..

    One version fits all and all version fit whatever way one sees their projection. It’s not that we people are wrong it is just that “our movie” is fucked up. And because “JC and his dad” didn’t write the script but left it to others to transcribe, well … even Woody Allen figured out early, control the script control the film! “Free will” given freely can cause fuck-ups to fuck-up.

    Next time “JC and his dad” should seek advice from Tubularsock. It is not that their film was bad it’s their “projectors”.

    Thanks for another stellar post.

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    • Thank you Tubularsock and I agree that ‘daddy and his boy’ SHOULD seek advice from you.
      I tend to write about the christians because that is what I know. Or thought I knew. From a way back in the day when I was very young, naive, a shade incurious, gullible, and thoroughly enamored with the shapely young ladies that frequented church in the park. I got way older and possibly a bit wiser. Or wise-assier. I think that’s a word – wise-assier – if it isn’t, well, it is now.

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      • Tubularsock too had a christian period but it was based on the free large glazed donuts in the church recreation hall after the service. The girls were pretty but I went for what I was sure I could “get”.

        Tubularsock could pop down three large glazed donuts faster than the pastor could lay his secretary! Amen.

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  2. It’s not even funny that there can be such a thing as ‘Postmodern 9/11/01 global war of terror christianity’ – it’s plain-as-day crazy. Not loopy crazy. Insane crazy.
    There used to be just good-old-fashioned vanilla christianity, with its weird fears and inquisitions and paedo activities, and it’s backward-ass conservatism and its wars and its puppet governments and its…
    And now there’s the P9/11GWOT christians as well, where even the basic stuff like the commandments and what Jebus was supposed to be, are just completely ignored for the sake of monetary expedience and bringing on the Rapture. Sometimes both versions of Xtians are the same Xtian at the same time.
    That you can have a foot in each version of what your supposed christianity is, and march forward as if that’s completely normal, AND be supported in that by legions of dumbass sycophant gesticulating f*#ktards, is an abomination; and a pox be unto all who allow it.

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