confused? get reassigned

Bruce Jenner is older than I am. That is of course, irrelevant.

Turns out Jenner spent most of his/her life confused.

Damn Mr. Wheaties, we’re all confused.

I get confused trying to figure out what in the fuck our “glorious” government is doing. Daily. All that war and torture for obviously no reason is confusing.

I really do try to be sympathetic to LGBT issues. I confess that I don’t understand their issues. I don’t have to. I don’t care to. It’s not my thing. But I am fully of the opinion that if gays and lesbians want to marry, well, do so without restrictions. Equal rights for every last Amerikan regardless of their preferred ‘orientation’.

“Orientation” a curious term.

orientation (ôrēənˈtāSHən) noun 

1- the determination of the relative position of something or someone (esp. oneself)

2- the relative physical position or direction of something

So sexual orientation is determined by relative position? Missionary position? Dog jiggy position?

I like being on top but that could simply be a psycho-sexual ‘man’ thing. Or a control issue. I don’t know. I don’t really care.

I’m not about to waste any time making value judgments on sexual preferences.

Wait –

I find that whole Duggar incest thing way over any moral line one might care to draw in the sand or dirt or sanctimonious mud. The kid felt up his sisters…

Damn there are people in this here Amerika that are really REALLY screwed up.

Oh crappies, I digress. Sorry.

So Bruce Jenner of the decathlon gold medal performance way back in the day has made the gender switch. Go figure. What was Jenner thinking back when he was issuing fruit from his loins? Conflicted?

Yes it is one complicated issue and there is no doubt about that.

Jesus Bruce, what were you waiting for? Waiting on? Waiting around the water cooler for Dianne Sawyer’s interview?

I think crap like this should be dealt with in the privacy of somewhere private.

That’s just me and I don’t get it.


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