non controversial – possibly

Art is…


I had to pay a visit to the doctor on Friday.

I’m feeling… human?

Turns out the warranty has expired,

Comforting news no doubt.  The news left me circumspect.

After all, you can only play the hand you’re dealt.


2 thoughts on “non controversial – possibly

  1. Ever think of cheating? Lucky for you Tubularsock has a stack of extended warranties just sitting on his bunker desk.

    I do hope you can beat this rap ……. Tubularsock tends to not believe doctors. It’s the fucking white coat ….. just turns me off.

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    • I’ve been cheating for a long while. I agree about those fucking white coats. They put me off no end. I’m going to need to make some life choices and I’m going to take my time making those choices.

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