political clowns

Amerika’s el Jefé is (was?) in Germany for a G8 summit. Meeting?


Except the G8 isn’t the G8 anymore. Nope. The G8 is now the G7. Evidently there was some manner of dust up over the US coup d’état Ukraine and the Russian response to that coup d’état and so Russia isn’t invited to G8. You see Russia was supposed to play nice with the US coup d’état Ukraine and when the Russians would have none of that, well, bad Russia.

According to anonymous diplomatic sources, the Russians offered a big yawn to the G7 and any future invitations to G anything would be summarily ignored.

The G8, oh crap, G7 is a governmental forum of leading advanced economies in the world.

So the G7 is an all exclusive club of aristocrats that have a grandiose delusion that their governmental forum on advanced economies is pure self-aggrandizing bullshit.

Anyway, el Jefé is having a “beer breakfast” with Fräu Merkel and it turns out that el Jefé is snuggly tight with the Fräu Merkel AS Fräu Merkel has long ago forgotten about all that sneaky ass US spy shit on Germany as revealed by Mr. Snowden. Obama thinks that German beer is “good.” Oh yeah and “they” ate bratwurst. Bratwurst and beer for breakfast sounds like a win-win to me. Now el Jefé was drinking German beer and had two sips and that was that. Proper beer etiquette dictates that one does NOT two sip any German beer. Proper beer etiquette DEMANDS that once that glass of beer hits the old lips, well, one downs that glass of German beer to it’s last drop. Then politely burp as a token of gratitude to German brewers.

You see, Amerika’s el Jefé is a clueless political clown. With a murderous mean streak. However, the stupid freak doesn’t know shit about drinking German beer nor the proper German beer etiquette that dates back to about the fifteenth century.

Lord, Obama is an embarrassment on the international stage. Well and then there’s all that murdering brown people and torture and covering for the Bushco war crimes and his galling arrogance that is utterly insufferable. Yeah and the Obama is quite the prick to boot.

Did you know that the controllers of the G7 shit-to-ding wouldn’t allow Canada’s Stephy Harper to address any international mic? No they would not. It turns out that Harper can’t get past his being an honorary “zionist and Netanyahu kiss ass” therefore Harper’s incessant Israel firsting becomes a major distraction for the G7.

How in hell is Canada a member of the G7 and Australia isn’t? Canada isn’t even it’s own continent. Australia is it’s own continent. However, PM Tony Abbot is a bigger clown than Stephy Harper and that might explain Australia’s not being invited to G.


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