The Shawshank 2 are still on the run. New York prison “authorities” think the escapees are hiding out in close proximity to the prison they escaped from.

Damn, the New York prison “authorities” are incapable of thinking outside the box.

Amerika’s el Jefé is “considering” sending military bodies back to Iraq. Of course those military bodies are living breathing sacrificial dummies.

Go gits ’em you sacrificial dummies!

Did you know that Amerikan dummies are still floundering around the Afghaniscam?

Come on all you children of the boredom, Uncle Sam needs you to sign up and sign on to ‘war without end’.

Come to find out, Dr. Death Rumsfeld has had an epiphany of a sorts and thinks that Buckaroo Bush was deluded to think that “he” (Bush) could bring “democracy” to Iraq.

No shit, Rummy actually said that.

Would it be too late to crucify Rumsfeld on the National Mall? A public crucifixion would make for some riveting primetime TV viewing.

I’ve read that it takes a damn long time to die when crucified.

Rumsfeld could be crucified with Dark Cheney and Condoleeza Rice.

I think that I’d pay to watch that.

It’s okay everybody, Amerika is not about to crucify Rummy or any of the Bushco war criminals. Amerika’s el Jefé the Obama has taken pains to insure that the Bushco war criminals are safe in their beds.

Did you know that there is something seriously wrong with el Jefé the Obama?

Postmodern existential limpdick presidency. I consulted with Dr. Bob and that is, word for word, his diagnosis.

There you go…


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