norwegian negro

I am of Norwegian extraction. Genetics.

I have always been labeled as “the black sheep of the family.” Familial contempt.

Ergo and therefore, I am Norwegian negro. Social conscription.

Mostly disconnected – Spokane, Washington is a homogeneous Berg. So much so that the “leader” of Spokane’s NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Confused People) is a white lady.

Still more disconnected – I am a refugee from Spokane, Washington. A climatic corollary.

The weekend’s distraction is in play. I’m just saying…




5 thoughts on “norwegian negro

    • Thank you Rajiv. I ladled on the sarcasm, maybe a bit to heavily, so as to highlight how ridiculous the story is in actual fact. However much of Amerika and Amerikan antics are beyond ridiculous. At least this time no one was being bombed or tortured. Just some pathetic fraud and Amerikans are easily defrauded.


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