bat screaming insane

Just another day in the Amerika.

White ladies posing as black ladies. Fraud has, evidently, become socially acceptable.

eBay is selling armored vehicles and you too can exercise your 2nd amendment right, pony up some cash, and have yourself a whiz-bang if not spiffy armored vehicle. Replete with ‘gun ports’.

I wonder if eBay has started to sell nukes…

One particularly edgy Texas Amerikan, James Boulware, did exactly that. Bought himself an armored car off of eBay and proceeded to “assault” the Dallas, Texas police headquarters. Oh yeah, drove right up to police HQ and opened fire.

After all, Boulware was simply “exercising” his 2nd Amendment rights.

It turns out the Dallas, Texas PD has a distinctly “different” understanding regarding 2nd Amendment rights. Go figure.

The entire grisly episode left me wondering why in hell is eBay selling armored vehicles online. Of course eBay admits no culpability. eBay merely facilitates “market transactions.”

How much is a ‘nuke’ going for on eBay? Would that ‘nuke’ include a “delivery system?” eBay has gone mysteriously dummy up.

However this is Amerika and if you’re about the business of acquiring weapons of mass destruction, well, the market is wide open. Just about any model or implement of imminent death is yours to be had IF the price is right. Why you can even take you kids to a firing range so they can fire an Uzi and kill the ‘instructor’.

Armored cars sold on eBay. Delusional white girls passing themselves off as ‘black’. Olympic heroes switching gender. Jebby Bush is throwing his hat into the Republicon circular cluster fuckage and damn, we’re having us some fun for sure.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m out on the front porch for a brief tobacco break and there’s this lizard perched on the cyprus tree fanning himself. This happened Sunday just about high noon. Now it’s getting to be roasty freaking hot season out here in the Sonora and oh yes, the heat is on. Anyway, lizard is heat related listless and doing the fanning drill. So lizard looks over at me, nods politely, and asks me “might I be kind enough to fetch him a cool mint julep?”

I had to apologize to the lizard. I don’t have any mint julep. I did offer lizard dude a clean shot of mescal. Lizard waved me off. Jeepers, who waves off a clean shot of mescal?


One thought on “bat screaming insane

  1. Don, you made Tubularsock’s day. Tubularsock had a great sleep for a change and had just a hint of optimism and then this …….. ahhhh, home again. Crazy has always made Tubularsock know he’s on earth.

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