black is the new black?

Rachel Dolezal is no longer the chapter president of the NAACP Spokane, Washington. Dolezal might have continued to be chapter president of NAACP Spokane had the dummy not been working fraud. Dolezal is facing criminal investigation and might wind up in prison. Pity that.

The Dolezal episode is just another distraction in Amerika’s long running episodic series of distractions.

“Lookit at the loopy white lady in black face. She’s a fraud!”

“Olympic gold medalist transgenders to a woman?”

Distraction here and another distraction over there…

There is a real black lady that cherishes her very existence on distraction. Condoleeza Rice. The Condo prefers that her contributions to Amerikan war criminality remain far from prosecutorial investigation. War criminal investigation. Back when el Jefé the Obama took the Office of President, he could have had the Condo prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. el Jefé did the limpdick duck and cover and feigned off to Eric ‘lickspittle’ Holder. Holder stalled, kvetched, wheedled, whined, stalled even still more, and eventually was replaced as AG.  Holder got his stupid ass caught up in scandal for running guns to drug lords in Mexico that got a Border Patrol officer killed and spent the remainder of his days as AG doing nothing. Well, Holder did spend considerable time looking for the exit.

Rachel Dolezal is a minor distraction at best. Stupid for the most part and confused like nobody’s business. Dolezal didn’t commit war crimes and she can probably hold her head high on that note. Dolezal should have simply been straight up. Coulda woulda shoulda…

Rachel Dolezal’s life is more than likely ruined. For the foreseeable future anyway. She’s more than likely going to lose her teaching position at Eastern Washington University. She was teaching “Black Studies.” There’s some serious damn irony there boy. The really bad part in the Dolezal saga is that she lied to the Spokane PD. That will cost the dummy big time.

Note – I did some checking and yes indeed, Dolezal no longer works for EWU.

Condoleeza Rice lied to Amerika, the international community, and has blood on her hands courtesy of the Bushco genocidal war of naked aggression on Iraq. Condo lives la vida loca with impunity! Good lord, I find that impunity notion more than annoying and wholly amoral.

Get yourself some professional help Ms. Dolezal and thank God you didn’t take up with the Bushco bunch.




6 thoughts on “black is the new black?

  1. You get busted if you fake that you’re Black, You get shot if you ARE Black. You get a free ride when you’re a White-Whore-Nigger like Condo. She also lied when she said she hadn’t given the CIA permission to torture. She did give the go ahead! And she is out there free and teaching the youth rather than facing a firing squad!


    • The Condo lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. She lied about the US having “credible intel” and Iraq’s WMD’s. She lied about the US “not torturing” innocents. She lied about who was responsible for 9/11/01. Anytime the Condo’s lips are moving, she’s lying.

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