staggeringly so

According to a report on PressTV, our world wasted $14.3 trillion dollars on war for the year 2014. Here’s the link –

I have no reason to dispute PressTV’s article. The report is authored by the Institute for Economics and Peace. The IEP is housed in Australia. Australia has always struck me as totally cool. Well and of course, Australiaphiles tend to discount Tony Abbott. Abbott is a clueless clown and I use the G. Bush metrics for measuring PM Abbott. It should be noted that Tony Abbott hasn’t wrought genocide on any nation that we know of. I think that Abbott likes to participate in genocide BUT, he hasn’t started a genocide on his own.

$14.3 trillion dollars…

Jesus H. Christ…


Staggeringly so.

Mr. hazy memory, Brian Williams, is set to return to NBC. Williams will not be returning to the news desk. Here’s a link for anyone interested –

Williams fell victim to Bush Syndrome. Bush Syndrome is a recently disclosed mental disorder and according to the AMA – those infected with Bush Syndrome tend to obfuscate, bloviate, exaggerate, hyperventilate, twist slowly in the wind, projectile flatulate, straight up pontificate bullshit, and then smile all cutesy like for the camera. That’d be our boy Brian.

Lester Holt inherits the now vacant Williams’ desk. Good luck Lester.

It’s flooding down in Texas. Again. The telephone lines are down.

In the single most bizarre news item for the day, Jebby Bush promised to “kick the Pope’s ass regarding climate change.” Here’s a link –

You see, the Pope is to issue an ‘Encyclical’ probably and about today. His Holy See-ness maintains that our Earth is not an oyster ripe for corporate exploitation. I tend to agree with Pope Francis. I’m actually looking forward to reading what Francis has to say. If Pope Francis has got Jebby twitching and grabbing his twig, well, good on Pope Francis.

Jebby is only surpassed on the ‘asshole scale’ by Donald Frump.

Actually, I think that Donald Frump is the candidate that Republicons deserve.

What a clown.



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