punks and pretense

So a punk ass white boy wanders into an historic AME church in Charleston, South Carolina where a prayer meeting/bible study meeting is conducting its weekly business. The punk ass white boy spends an hour inside the gathering before this miserable and murderous freak commences to killing people. The kid was inside the church for an hour!

The feckless little prick was there to shoot black people and vomit epithets on the congregation.

Damn, is that about butch or what.

So what in the hell was Homeland Security/FBI doing to “prevent” the cold-blooded murder of black people? Amerika’s crack federales are gung-ho rounding up disgruntled Muslim wanna-be jihadis or in the very least, entrapping the disgruntled Muslim wanna-be jihadis. But the white supremacists? Evidently white supremacists are happy to plan and commit murder in the Amerika completely under the radar of Amerika’s crack national security team.


The feckless feds willingly ignore this crap as entrapping the cracker dummies might rankle the politically well-connected. Like South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Haley is quoted as saying, “black people were killed and we feel their pain.” Another South Carolina politician maintained that “black people were shot at random.” That gem came from Sen. Lindsey ‘swish’ Graham. Graham is a Republicon candidate running for the Office of President of these here United States of Murder.

You know, there comes a time when non-violent resistance invites brutality. Turn the other cheek might work once or maybe twice. But a third time?

Were an old school team of ninja Black Panthers to wander into John Hagee’s Jumpin Jebus Church of Wholly Ziongelical Pentecostalism and shoot all the white folk and burn Hagee’s church to the ground, well oh wholly conspiracy theory, all hell would break loose and Texas Governor Greg Abbott would call out the Texas National Guard and the Guard would proceed to gun down every black person in or around the state of Texas.

On an unrelated note – did you know that Greg Abbott is Tony Abbott’s second cousin? Damn, that about figures.

Anyway, I’m of the opinion that Dylann Storm Roof (the shooter) should be frog marched out to the town square Charleston and hung by a confederate flag acting as noose, until the punk cracker bitch is dead. After the appropriate due process has run it’s course, of course. Gosh, the people that freak punk killed didn’t get ‘due process’.

I’m just saying.

You see, Amerika has layers of justice. Sort of like how an onion has layers. There’s a layer of justice for cops that murder black people and that layer overlaps the layer of justice that allows for punk white boys to kill black people with impunity. There’s a layer for political crimes against humanity and war crimes and of course the impunity motif is at play. There’s a layer that allows the CIA to commit crimes like torture and worse and then destroy all evidence of CIA crimes and again, impunity. There’s a layer that allows Wall Street racketeers to defraud the Amerikan people and one more time, impunity.

That impunity motif becomes one stale and rotting layer of onion.


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