flags is flags

For the Republicon contingent of presidential wanna-bees, the confederate flag is no big deal. Not what that flag represents nor what that flag actually means.

Putting all the ridiculous bullshit aside, the confederate flag is about a “state’s right” to own and subjugate to slavery another human being. Amerikan slavery being where any black person is actually only three-fifths human. Enshrined in the US Constitution. You see a way back in the early days and our founding fathers were hammering out our “Constitution”, well, the southerners wanted their “niggers” counted as one person while the northerners wanted ‘blacks’ counted as only partially. The census being a numbers game. The northerners did NOT want to give the southerners any numerical advantage.

Yes, that is a reader’s digest condensed version.

The confederate flag is about slavery pain plain and simply put.

So when a punk bitch like Cracker Roof shoots up a black church and kills a number of prominent black Americans and the disgraceful freaks ensconced in South Carolina can’t pull down a confederate flag out of respect for murdered black South Carolinians, well, there is something seriously wrong in cracker South Carolina.

There is something seriously wrong with Republicon posers that fail to understand that the confederate flag is consigned to the dustbin of historical immorality.

There is something seriously wrong with Amerika when a terrorist act of racist murder is allowed to be portrayed as something less than a national moral failure.

Every last one of the ‘declared’ Repub freaks will not now nor will they ever speak contrary to the ‘rebel cause’. Here’s a link to one of the more egregious statements made by the “Republican candidates” –



If the confederate flag is perfectly acceptable to fly freely in anywhere Amerika and South Carolina, why not the Nazi swastika flag? I mean, the Nazi swastika flag certainly holds historical relevance. The Nazi swastika flag certainly shares many of the same “ideals” worshipped by South Carolinians and other ‘supremacists’. There’s not a lot of substantive difference between confederate flag jingoism in a side-by-side comparison with a Nazi swastika flag or Nazi dogma.

That Republicon “candidates” are unwilling to distance themselves from overt racism and domestic terrorism speaks volumes about how morally bankrupt they very much in fact are.



7 thoughts on “flags is flags

    • Hi Tubularsock :
      Teddy ‘canadian’ Cruz submitted a “bill” today that calls for that very thing. ‘Swastika-Over-The-Senate’ legislation and slightly more than half of our Imperial US Senate signed on as co-authors.

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