clueless in carolina or wherever

Republicans don’t get it. Democrats don’t get it. Media pundits don’t get it and never did.

After the halcyon days of post 9/11/01 America’s flirtation with tyranny, here we are having made little progress toward a ‘more perfect union’.

America has made failure the new norm and innocents die. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston, and shouldn’t all that human carnage be a clarion call to action? To get a freaking grip…

America and Americans have been paddling around the insanity end of the global pool for so long, no one knows any better. It’s almost like our national political mind has AIDS. Of course AIDS would be ‘American Impunity Dissociative Syndrome’. No one responsible for crimes against humanity, torture, and that interminable Bushco genocide on Iraq have been held to account. Not one of the heinous war criminals. It’s almost like the Bushco cabal unleashed a terminal cancer on America’s body politic and no one has balls enough to perform the required surgery to excise that cancer. Or ‘AIDS’, whatever.

The immoral and gutless contingent of Republicans running for the Office of President of these United States of America can’t bring themselves to denounce racist terrorism. The immoral and gutless contingent of Republicans running for the Office of POTUS are making serious bank off of fear, racism, terrorism, and feckless pandering. Democrats are an afterthought.

America’s current voyeuristic dance with amoral indifference portends an ugly demise for the “Homeland.” However, there are times when karma is a vengeful bitch and there ain’t about squat anyone can do to make the changes necessary to dissuade the inevitable. Kind of like a moth’s hypnotic dance with a candle’s flame. Dumb ass moth will incinerate itself sooner or later. Probably sooner…


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