drapeaux partie deux

Pills Limbaugh is apoplectic. Livid. Enraged. Although Pills is NOT engorged.

And now a brief commercial break –

Slinky blonde on couch wearing very little cautions “men” about not being able to ‘get it up’ when the time is right. “Try Viagra and you’ll be able to stick it to the love of your life.”

Remember back when Pills Limbaugh got caught red-handed with Percocets and Viagra while trying to parade into the Dominican Republic?

Anyway, Pills is literally rancorous about the confederate flag taking heat on account of punk bitch Cracker Root murdering 9 black people in an AME church in Charleston, South Carolina.

South Carolina is the land that time forgot.

Here’s a link to Pills going ballistic –


According to Pills Limbaugh, “it’s a vast left-wing conspiracy to discredit racism and white terrorism on blacks.”

Limbaugh is of course, an anachronism.

All of a sudden confederate ‘monuments’ all over antebellum Amerika are being vandalized. Wow, go figure. I find it surprising the confederate ‘monuments’ haven’t been torn down with extreme prejudice.

Black Americans have several hundred years of rage to vent and it’s about high time.

Republican candidate for the Office of POTUS, one Mike Huckleberry, thinks that Amerika needs “conversion to Jebus” and not worry about any confederate flag or white terrorism on black Americans as “God already solved racism.” Here’s a link to Huckleberry’s dementia –


God solved the racism problem? Problem is, God didn’t bother to inform the crackers and other ‘southern freaks’ that racism is so passé.

Isn’t that just so like “God” to not bother to email His solution. Well except to Huckleberry.



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